Whatever Happened To Gaines-Burgers?

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Hey! Do you remember Gaines-Burgers? Man, those patties were the bomb! Some people used to fry those bad boys purely for their pups enjoyment! LOL!


Anyway, I got to thinking that Sophia would like one of those as 1970s throwback. Not for nothing, nostalgia counts for something these days. In fact, Gaines-Burgers go real real good with vinyl records, 8 track tapes, bell bottoms, platform shoes, and ponchos too, friends.

Well, sliding into my espadrilles, I am on a new journey to locate a package for my best friend. After visiting three major pet supply houses …, nada, nothing, and zilch. Okay. This calls for ingenuity. That is, corner stores and qwik marts. Surely they will have Gaines-Burgers. Ahem….No luck. I did find CBD lip balms and CBD bath bombs though! But, I still had no Gaines-Burgers.

Then it dawned on me to do my research here. Oh, oh no! Gaines-Burgers has made it to Wikipedia y’all! According to Wikipedia:

Gaines-Burgers was a brand of dog food. It was introduced in 1961 by General Foods, and production ceased in the 1990s. The product consisted of individually wrapped patties of moisturized dog food that resembled a hamburger. Unlike hamburgers, the Gaines-Burgers could be stored at room temperature for long periods of time. The technique was later used for human foods.

The 1990s? It’s not fair. Sophia should experience this! So I….

Hunted for the closest thing. Kibbles and Bits did not let me down. Every now and again there is something in there like 1 piece of Gaines Burgers. It went over big too. She’s picky but these did the trick.

Descriptions And Labels

“Give your mini a big dose of taste and nutrition with the Kibbles ‘n Bits Small Breed Mini Bits Savory Beef & Chicken Flavors Dry Dog Food. This formula packs plenty of meaty flavor and nourishment into small-sized bits that are easy to chew and ideal for smaller breed dogs. It’s loaded with high-quality protein to help support strong muscles, plus vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so it’s a complete and balanced diet for all life stages. Plus, it’s proudly made in the USA so you can feel good about feeding it daily.”

Key Benefits

  • Specially formulated for smaller breeds with small-sized bits that are great for smaller mouths to chew.
  • Formulated with high-quality protein to help support strong muscles, and the meaty flavor dogs love.
  • Enhanced with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so it covers all the nutritional bases for your pal.
  • Provides a 100% complete and balanced diet for small breeds of all life stages like pugs, Yorkshire Terriers, Bichon Frise and more.
  • Every batch is proudly made in the USA with high-quality ingredients you can trust.

Okay guys. It sounds good.

This is factual stuff, right from the packaging. I am not making this up. It’ll be printed on your bag too, should you choose to purchase. And by the way, 96% say 5 stars. So 4.7 out of 5 stars Satisfaction Star Rating.???? This is definitely From Our Table Material.


I really want Sophia to experience Gaines-Burgers. To me, it’s the same as being a kid without knowing McDonalds. What’s up with that? Not satisfied with this, I forged ahead and found….

Purina Moist & Meaty Wet Dog Food, Chopped Burger – 36 ct. Pouch


One (1) 216-Ounce Box Of Purina Moist & Meaty Chopped Burger Dog Food

100% Complete & Balanced Nutrition For Adult Dogs

Serve Up The Smiles With Tender, Meaty Pieces Made With Real Meat

Enjoy Convenience And No Mess With Individual Stay Fresh Pouches In Every Box

Can Be Used As A Meal, Snack Or A Topper

This is the closest to Gaines-Burgers that I could find. Except, this is not formed into a patty. Which may or may not be important, because… you see, folks were breaking those in half, crumbling them, and pinching them into different shapes. Meatballs and SlimJims shapes ???????? were my PERSONAL FAVORITES.


And then it happened… A new flavor twist on the Purina Moist & Meaty!

RISE AND SHINE? BACON AAAAAND EGG? This is exciting stuff.


NOW, I AM A CHEF IN MY OWN BURGER JOINT. And, this is p’rolly waaayyy better than a Gaines-Burger anyhows.

For fun, I mixed it up a bit. A cheddar burger ball with a bacon and egg center. Sophia loves me. Mission accomplished.

Pet Insurance Plan

???????? Here’s the link. Click me. Or click the picture. It’s up to you.




  1. Hey there, I really enjoyed seeing my Lassie devouring her burgers. She loved them. And I loved Gaines Burgers too. But Lassie hasn’t been with us since 1993. So I see that Wikipedia post has been aligned with my experience.

    Thank for this post. It has revived a lot of good memories. They have made my day!

  2. Just get doggie a Mickey D’s hamburger. Our dog used to go nuts. We’d get her in the car with us and go to the drive through. Mickey was her name. She’s gone now but the trips to the drive through will never die in my mind’s eye. Yeah, I have wondered myself what became of gains burgers. Now I know. Chris

  3. Amazing website.  Love the Gaines Burgers piece and told a dog story about drive-through burgers and Mickey.  Dogs are an automatic engagement because most of us have had dogs we loved and remember.  

    Your book and video training are so well presented I almost got the credit card out and we don’t even have a dog since Mickey had to leave us.  The grandkids want us to get another one so that might be in the wind.  

    Bringing out your dog’s inner intelligence is a great way to put it.  In the long time ago, Penny showed up at our house.  I was four.  We, [actually mom and dad] had that dog until I was 29.  That’s a lot of dog years.  She was my second pet before having a 24 pound cat by the name Jigs.  He was bad.  

    But, Penny would dance for bits of chocolate chip cookies and she went crazy for onions.  I really enjoyed reading your site.  Thank you.  Chris.     

  4. Gaines-Burgers were introduced in 1961, and we were introduced to Nugget, the standard poodle, when we moved in next door in 1962. His owners eventually gave me and my brother keys to the house so we could take Nugget for a walk any time we wanted to (their boys were too young). They also gave us a supply of Gaines-Burgers. We’d break them in half, and Nugget made short work of each half. They eventually moved out of the neighborhood, and it would be ~20 years before I’d get our own black standard poodle. ‘Course, by then, Gaines-Burgers were history.

    • Hey there Ralph! Thank you for your comment. Gaines Burgers were lots of fun for pet parents plus delicious and nutritious for the dogs. I am happy you’ve found the article. Isn’t it amazing the memories a product can trigger? 20 years and one gorgeous black poodle later you can still recall the trendiness and utilitarianism of this particular dog food. Happy Pet Parenting. 🐶🐶🐩🐩🐩✔💗💗

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