What In The World Is That?

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It happens to all of us. You are out there for your usual walk. And you are enjoying the day, the breeze, and the sunshine. Maybe you use the time to make phone calls and catch up with friends or listen to your favorite music through headphones in rich stereo sound. And sometimes, you walk with multiple people. You are engaged and you don’t notice right away. But, what is that? Is Fido eating? A little snack? Who tossed it? None of you? Then, what in the world is that thing?

How Did This Happen?

Garbage? I am so embarrassed. I have fed you. You are not hungry. Why is that maggot-infested chicken bone of any interest? Stop! No no, don’t eat the little birdie that has fallen from the nest. Gee whiz, drop it! Leave it! Is that poo in your mouth? Oh my gosh. To save my wallet from abuse, I rush to remove whatever it is from my dog’s mouth. Most of the time I am able to save my pet from these perils but, ah, not every time. Sadly, we wait it out and remember that this too shall pass.

Where Did You Get That?

I am not preachy, however, today I may be on my soapbox, just a little. One of my dog’s greatest enemies is the unconscientious pet owner. You know them. You encounter random dogs rushing towards you, no owner in sight. The owner’s who just open the door and let the dog out. No, I am not walking with you, I am not watching you. I did not attach your credentials to your collar, and, I did not attach your collar to you. You are free to run amuck and wreak havoc whilst you do business. Leave those streams and piles wherever you choose to. Aargh! I am frightened by those black, furry stools out there. My dog, however, seems to be on a shopping spree for a stool with just the right aroma, shape, and size to sample before taking a privileged squat. My point is, even with supervision, the dog gets into eating wrong things.

I learned a new word at the Canine Journal. Coprophagia. Coprophagia is the scientific term for consuming feces. Many animals have been noted for coprophagia, including dogs and mice. Regardless of how commonly we may encounter it with our domesticated dogs, there is no conditioning human beings to the horror we experience at that very moment that our beloved pet consumes poop.

It’s cute when the dog brings me a squirrel but I am horrified of a flea and tick infestation, or a bout of rabies. Who knows what that carcass has! But when that unwatched dog gets back…

What Was It?

Okay, I’ll say it. We don’t know what it was but, Fido looks bad. Really bad. And now we have to deal with it. First things first, are there signs of food poisoning?

From PetMD :

Generally, the symptoms of food poisoning in dogs include some combination of vomiting, diarrhea, reduced appetite, lethargy and dehydration. Some animals may show some neurological signs such as a lack of coordination, tremors and, in severe cases, even seizures and collapse.

It may take 3-4 days for any symptoms to show, which could be vomiting, shaking or seizures in more severe cases. Keep dangerous products out of the way and give your pooch plenty of water when they are recovering to keep them hydrated, as they will lose a lot of fluids from the illness.

As a rule, try fasting your dog for 24 hours when they start vomiting—offer water, but no food. If they continue to vomit during that period of time, they need to have a veterinary exam. If the dog doesn’t vomit in those 24 hours, but then begins to vomit again after the 24-hour fast, they need to see a veterinarian.

From Our Table

Today, for breakfast, I chose a single serving tray of GRREAT CHOICE DELECTABLE ENTREES WITH TURKEY IN SAVORY JUICES GOURMET DOG FOOD for my dog. The recommended adult serving amount is 4 trays per 10 lbs of body weight per day. According to my dog’s body weight, another tray will do it. However, the grunt made after GREEAT CHOICE had been served, coupled with poked out sides says chill right there and disallow overconsumption. Honestly, the dog smells as if just returning from the buffet. This choice is really simple. The packaging is very neat. It has an amazing price point. It’s in a plastic cup with a foil top. When I opened the food, I turned it upside down over the dish and gave the sides a squeeze. The little gourmet loaf exited it’s packaging in its entirety. No waste! No spatula required! I did read the label too. We’ve got Biotin, Vitamin B12, plus on the guaranteed analysis the moisture (MAX) is at 82.0%. Yep, this dog food is juicy. On this serving, there was no scarfing though. The dog took its time…sort of savoring the serving. There is no distinction in breed, age, or size of dog. Please adjust your dog’s feeding according to activity, age, environment, and breed. Feed at room temperature and refrigerate any leftovers please.

Okay Now, Time For A Walk

Walking gear? Check. Poo Bags? Check. Doggy? Check. For variety, we are hitting the road. Fido deserves a car ride. Once secure in the vehicle, down go those windows for fresh air intake. A good ten minutes away, I find an office park with a pond. It’s two miles around the entire office park, with little doggy competition for this walk. The nice thing about this is clean quality time with your doggy. No muddy paws, very few grass clippings, and a leisurely stroll is today’s treat. Also, because there are few dogs there, it’s clean and my dog is less particular. No searching endlessly for the perfect spot today. It’s all good. See look? There’s the can at the precise moment it’s needed. Plus, to stretch this walk out, I am taking a seat on the grass near the pond. 15 minutes of petting, affection, and people watching.

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