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  • March 30: Take a Walk in the Park Day. A great time for an exploratory walk in a new park with your dog!

Ever find yourself stuck? Stuck in a rut? You want to go out for a walk with Fluffy but even Fluffy is bored with the route. You both are. So what do we do? Since March 30 is Take a Walk in the Park Day, why not make it interesting and take it up a notch for your furry friend fluffy? Let’s do it!

Traditionally, this March 30 holiday wasn’t conceived to raise any awareness within the pet community. No. But rather, it is intended to get you moving towards new fitness goals and embracing the beautiful terrains of your local and distant parks. The trails are unbelievable at this time of year. Winter is on the way out and Spring is back and she’s wearing stilettos! lol!

Anyway, it’s high time to shake things up a bit and shed the doldrums of winter. Do you have any fresh ideas that will propel you off of the sofa and into action for even your daily dog walk? No? Well I do. And I am glad to share them with you because hey, March 30 comes once a year.

A New Adventure

1. Are you on foot? Just walk off in the other direction. I know, I know. Unheard of because you always walk this-a-way. Try it.

2. A car ride is useful here. There’s a lot of terrain to cover and you should plan to visit more than 1 park today. Try 2, possibly 3.

3. Break your own rules. Visit a park you have never been to before.

4. Join a group for the day via Meetup. There’s lots of hiking groups there and you can plan for it. 1 – 3 hours and you may make new friends.

5. Use an app to help you enjoy a different walking in the park experience.

Walk With Me Super Saturday

The Benefits of Take A Walk In The Park Day

First of all…walking is free. We can walk as an investment in ourselves and in our health and we can do this without spending any of our loot. What a relief! This is easy on the budget. Secondly, this is simply a cool and stress free way to unwind. Spend a little of your time de-stressing with the sounds of nature all about in a pleasant environment. Whether you walk alone with Fluffy or with your significant other, this downtime will be the exact opposite of your everyday stressors. So it’s free and you’ll feel better. While you out there exploring, take a break. Sit. Relax. Meditate. Stretch your body if you want to. Remember, Fluffy has to go for a walk. This isn’t an inconvenience. No. This is your chance to unwind, wear your earbuds and take in the fresh air too. I can’t speak for other pet parents but there are simply some days when Sophia walks me. I am the one who needed a break. I am the one who needed a change of scenery. I am the one who could use random polite and cheerful banter. Me. Okay? I am telling you. With any amount of consistency you should lose weight and see all of your health quantifiers fall into line. Or at least theoretically. My results are uncommon and do not guarantee your success. But hey…the parks we’ve visited are amazing and I have experienced them because I am willing to try different trails and events.

Where Do You Go From Here?

Don’t worry, because I thought about this long and hard. It is entirely possible that you have exhausted all of the hotspots to go to when it comes to walking your dog in the park. I got you. On the off chance that you’ve yet discover PRIVATE PARKS…Ta-dahhh! Here’s an app to help with that.

Have you ever heard of Sniffspot? Man! This has changed the game for me. No matter where you reside, there is this network of lovely people who will allow you to rent a bit of space for a time to enjoy with your dog. It’s incredible. It feels chic and exclusive and it’s super affordable. Here…look at this.

When you use the service you will

‘Rent safe and private dog parks hosted by locals’ – Sniffspot.com

And it’s true. You enter your location information to find these exclusive places to walk and explore. Book your reservation, pay your fees of course…then enjoy. Now, I know this isn’t free but the instant mini-vacation is well worth the investment of your choosing.

Go here ==> Sniffspot Locations

Sniffspot General Information

The Sniffspot website is my new ‘happy place’. I am totally in love with the fact that I can schedule play dates and that if I don’t want to, I never have to visit the same dog park twice. And hey guyzzzz…there’s an app for that! I am addicted to Sniffspot and with any luck, you too will become their next fan. Everything is controlled and everything is private. Thank me later.

And oh! One more thing. Just in case you are reading my blog, and you love dogs, and you yourself have lots of land to spare. Sniffspot could use your help. Go here if you have any interest in hosting a private dog park on your land. Begin earning right away.




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See? Now all of your excuses for the doldrums have flown the coup and you are ready as ever for Take A Walk In The Park Day. All you need now is a great attitude and remember to bring snacks. Enjoy your walk!!!


From Our Table

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I will allow the video to do the talking for me this time. You know, one of the perks of working with Sophia is that I have the distinct pleasure of observing her enjoy or sometimes reject these foods. What we feed our family is important. I am not too proud to say that I have become extremely picky with regard to ingredients, and to vitamin content. But like all parenting efforts there is no instruction manual. I am grateful for the reviews from other concerned and well-meaning pet parents who also record their mealtime findings and share those findings with the world. Thank you.

Pet Insurance Plan


Happy Pet Parenting.





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