Today Is Doggy Date Night – Make It A Day To Remember

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Hey guys, welcome back to the blog page. Today is a special one-day pet holiday. It is Doggy Date Night! How romantic! I love romance. Even though Spring isn’t in the air, love and giddiness are. There is certainly a big benefit to taking your dog out on a date. Can you think of any special reasons you might benefit from date night activities with your pooch?

Well, I can think of a few off of the top of my head. Let’s see:

  • More dependable than a lot of people
  • Cuddly on demand
  • Can reduce stress
  • Is not afraid of commitment
  • Wants to be seen in public with you
  • You’ll be sleeping better
  • Causes you to be more fun to be with
  • All of this makes you feel fabulous


Is Doggy Date Night A Tradition At Your House?

Hey, I am just asking! It isn’t at our house because I spoil Sophia ALL of the time but NOW that I’ve learned that Doggy Date Night is a real thing it will be from here on out. Now, a special selfie is in order, I do believe. I’ll snap a good one of us tonight and then really ham it up in a gaudy frame to display this for the month of February and be sure to mark it February 03 Doggy Date Night. I haven’t decided yet where we are going out. Petco? Petsmart? Pet People? Bentley’s went out of business in our area so that’s out. No! I know! Starbucks for Puppicino. And it’s snowing currently so walking around is a no no too. I do have pet candles for our home environment, great movies, snacks, and she has a few doggy friends she could invite over. That should be good! Company! Okay.

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Alrighty then. Give them some love today and treat them a little more special than usual, please. That’s it. And, I know you didn’t think that I had forgotten about the food, guys. Please! Let me get you a custom meal plan for your dogs. The plan is free, it’s on me. Just click here on this tab. Isn’t it nice to know that you can have your dog’s food personalized with supplements and proteins and whatever he or she needs? Check it out and have fun learning in the process. We’ll see ya’.===>

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  1. Hi,
    I always treat Bernie well but tonight I’ll treat  him a little more special than usual! I hope he doesn’t frown at me, LOL!
    And I would really love to start giving him some custom meal plan. I’ll order it! I’m excited about it! Thank you very much for this post.

    • Oh, how sweet! Does Bernie really give you a frown? How cute 😇 … and yes, enjoy  the meal  plan.  It is custom tailored just for him. Happy Doggy Date Date Night Ann. You and Bernie and are so  welcome. 

  2. Aww, this is adorable! I know that this month is a Valentine’s Day but I did not know that today is a Doggy Date night! HAHaHaH, you are right, they are more reliable and cuddly is definitely on demand! I have never made it a date night with my Shiro before but that is a good tradition that I can always give it a try. I think I am going to take my Shiro out to play in the snow, he loves snow, he is a Husky after all and that will be a date night for us! 

    • 🌼Nuttanee – Hail Shiro!💕💕A Husky is absolutely built for the snow. They are bred for the cold temperatures all the way down to minus sixty degrees or so. They have a really full and thick undercoat to trap warm air. Shiro will be ready to play and show off on any date night you choose to go out and play. I am pleased to share this special February celebration with you. Great hearing from you Nuttanee!

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