Build Your Dog’s Winter Basket

Build Your Dog's Winter Basket

        Build Your Dog’s Winter Basket   Hello, friends, and welcome back. January was interesting and busy! Filled with Preparation activities for Winter Season and unfortunately, failed travel plans due to COVID restrictions. Sigh…but…oh well!  I went… Continue Reading


How You Can Help Stop Holiday Pet Mishaps

  Hello and Happy Holiday Pet Parents! Thanks again for stopping by the blog. Today I have a quick reminder for all pet parents on some of the holiday dangers facing your pets. We want to share foods with them… Continue Reading


International Day Of Veterinary Medicine

International Day of Veterinary Medicine

Today’s article is dedicated to a special day of the year and it’s also dedicated to a unique group of people that help us to enjoy healthy lives with our domesticated animal friends. Now… quick question… You have a pet,… Continue Reading


Holiday Travel Season And Dognapping Is A Thing + Farmhouse Naturals Simply Six Dry Dog Food Review


HOLIDAY TRAVEL SEASON It Is Holiday Travel Season… Hey guys! Today it feels like somebody blew the whistle and I’ve got a seat on the 50-yard line inside of a sold-out football stadium overflowing with fans. I am serious…it does!… Continue Reading


Fairview Pet Crate Product Review

Fairview Pet Crate Review

Hello, blog post visitors. Today I am reviewing the Fairview Pet Crate. I love it. This piece is substantial and should not be mistaken for an end table. This pet crate is much larger than an end table and will… Continue Reading