Storytime – Abandoned In The Dog Park

Abandoned In The Dog Park

      ABANDONED IN THE DOG PARK Storytime Hello readers! Man, what a beautiful time of year to be out in the park with your dog. Once again, Sophia and I set off to the dog park to take… Continue Reading


Fairview Pet Crate Product Review

Fairview Pet Crate Review

Hello, blog post visitors. Today I am reviewing the Fairview Pet Crate. I love it. This piece is substantial and should not be mistaken for an end table. This pet crate is much larger than an end table and will… Continue Reading


Self-Service Pet Parenting

self-service Pet Parenting

Ahh…puppy love. I am back from a snuggling session just now from Sophia’s chambers…i.e. my armchair, and let me tell you that I, for the record, having had a rough day, feel better after several arm nudges [you know the… Continue Reading


Sun Protection For Both of Us!

Sun Protection And You Hello! Welcome back. It is hot out there today, isn’t it? It’s just way too warm for leggings and a long-sleeved tee [my usual choice]. Adjusting my wardrobe for the warmer weather is always fun. Because… Continue Reading