Super Saturday Dog Walk

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What is Super Saturday Dog Walk?

Super Saturday Dog Walk

I plan ahead each week for quality time with my Mini Schnauzer. Think about the times your doggo waits patiently for you. The esteemed pet waits for your return home from work. The pet waits for your return from running household errands. And the pet waits for you to get dressed!!


It occurred to me some time ago, that Sophia is a Saint with a capital S. Her life with me is based on waiting. Because it is, I’ve experienced the occasional attack of consciousness that accompanies pet parenting. Why should she have to wait? When and where this cannot be helped, I’ve chosen to make up for it with scheduled ‘Sophia’ time. This is essentially a date and it’s all about the dog.

Super Saturdays sprang forth from this thought and each week like clockwork, her playtime and walk time is scheduled in. For my lifestyle four hours fits the bill.

Now during this time, I admit that Sophia is a ‘wild child’. I don’t do much in the way of correcting her behavior and I allow her to do as she pleases. So long as no one gets hurt she gets the thumbs on being terrible to the hilt.

Summer season is nice because the Metropolitan Parks System is wide open. The Parks system provides pamphlets of all of the parks and maps their layouts completely. Each of them has places where dogs are welcome. There are rules of course, but that tiny bit of restriction is well worth the planned trips. And while we are out there, there’s no waiting for anyone but me…while she chases the squirrels, thinks about whether or not to attack the raccoons, or crosses an entire field to sniff the roughage at the other end…I wait! I do not call her. I do not yell her name. I do course correct my dog to get her back onto the right path though. That’s for safety. Other than that, I just wait until she is ready and then we continue our journey.

A funny thing about this playtime is that it can include multiple parks. Last Saturday I began with an actual dog park where she could sniff, and interact off leash. It got pretty rough honestly, but most pet parents at the dog parks are on top of their animals. The dog parks is pretty much where I am policing Sophia’s behavior. Thataway, I won’t be liable for covering damages to someone else’s dog due to a Sophia-induced skirmish.  Our stay at this particular park lasted one hour. With benches for me and shaded grassy areas for my dog, goofing off a bit longer was easy.



This dog park in particular is equipped with a time out area. It’s basically a holding pen for aggressive dogs, or let’s say for a dog whose pet parent is no longer present in the park [it happens! They drive off after a day at the dog park and forget about Scruffy. Scruffy is the reason that they were in the park in the first place. But because pet parents can gather there to gossip, catch up , meet and make new friends, the dog and the dog park activities become secondary to why pet parents are showing up in the first place].


Yes. Dog Parks are to Pet Parents what nightclubs are to single adults. Hey!! I am just putting that out there if that’s your thing.


Are you just roaming around out there?

The thought had crossed my mind that you may be thinking that I am not actually, you know, doing anything out there.



  • P.E. Physical Exercise. I expect to exercise vigorously enough to break into a ‘funky sweat.’
  • Bonding. I expect to understand my dog way better as a result. We’re buds!
  • Sensory. I actually look forward to the sights and sounds of the nature trail. It’s way better than the sounds of the office.
  • Interaction. Working from home can get lonely. But out here, others like me gather to exchange stories. Nice.

Ahhh. Several hours later Sophia is royally spoiled and I am pooped. Before we go I must tell you that hours of play and frolick have had a fascinating effect on my calves. They burn but look sooooo good. Thanks Sophia!


From Our Table


Freshpet Dog Food, Multi-Protein Complete Meal, Chicken, Beef, Egg and Salmon Recipe, 3Lb

Ok! This is for all breeds and all sizes and preferred for those who are looking for an extra special means of caring for their doggy’s skins and coats. While I am typically a fan of Fish Oils for this purpose, it’s best sometimes to give it a go with a little something different. What a great find this is. I hate to over purchase. Especially when I am trying something new for the first time. I know that I can always give the food away to any of my neighbors or any of the local shelters if it doesn’t work out for Sophia. But since these purchases are not sponsored and I am purchasing with my own money here, frugality steps in in a big way.

Great! A three-pound bag. This is enough food to test and blend and serve a variety of ways. Freshpet has gained popularity quickly in the dog food industry. Positioning themselves as bringing the power of fresh, real food to pets. It seems clean. I like it. And the thought of refrigerating the food didn’t bother me at all. I mean, that is MY space. If I am going to share refrigeration space with the dogs…I want the good stuff.

This one was easy. I didn’t get stuck deciding which flavor is best to serve to my sweet girl because it’s all already in there. Good job Freshpet! What Sophia got is 100% natural.

  • Chicken, Beef, Salmon & Eggs
  • 2.2 pounds of farm-raised Chicken, Beef & Beef Liver
  • 3.5 ounces of Egg & Salmon
  • 3.5 ounces of Garden Vegetables

Her veggies are enhanced with essential vitamins and minerals. It just feels good knowing that her food is complete and balanced for wherever she is in her stage of life. Again, I felt no guilt there because I needed to select food for a ‘senior’ dog. We prefer not to think on her age too much. I am just saying. Anyway, since it keeps in the fridge for 7 days, I thought that’s correct. Give it a go.


For me, the best part of this food is that my eye can actually see real pieces of carrots and real pieces of potatoes. Sophia swings by during mealtime often to ask if she can share my meal. Carrots…organic carrots, have long since been a favorite of hers when it comes to morsels from my plate. It’s nice to see her with her own carrots and stuff. It turns out I am glad that I went with the 3-pound bag. It only cost just under $15 dollars but I did have the option of bringing home a 1.75-pound package of this food instead.

Star Rating: 4.6/5.0 stars

Pet Insurance Plan


Sophia had so much energy post-consumption that Freshpet is now a regular staple for her. And for me. Plus, the package looks cute in the Frigidaire. Toodles everyone. The link to the food is here for you. Have an awesome afternoon and leave us a comment. We love hearing from you. See you next time back at the blog!





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