Storytime – Abandoned In The Dog Park

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Hello readers! Man, what a beautiful time of year to be out in the park with your dog. Once again, Sophia and I set off to the dog park to take in a bit of fresh air and sunshine. Well…we also began our journey today for more practical and utilitarian purposes. You see, Sophia has become quite particular about exactly where she eliminates and is rather bored with the golf course. For some reason, no blade of grass on the 18 hole course is acceptable for a good poo. Before she costs me a small Christmas fortune in veterinary fees because she won’t let it go, a big deal visit to the dog park is in order. I mean, that ALWAYS does the trick.

Red Alert

Once at the dog park, I find a great parking space, get a good grip on the leash and swing open the door. Sophia is super excited to see the one dog present in the park. This is going to be a great play date! Just look at all of that space and plus this dog is huge. A good run up and down the fences should loosen the stool and help it slip right out. Let’s go. Now that the barking and romping have begun I feel at ease. It’s hard watching her waddle that way. I wonder if she feels ‘good’ in some way by enjoying her meals and then holding back the urge to eliminate. I’ve thought about this at length. Is this some sort of control issue? Are we arguing? Am I letting her out for her relief and then – depending on her mood, she’s telling me ‘No, I don’t wanna…no matter what your schedule is, and not only that, but you can’t make me do it!” I am not the only one. If your dog has ever done this to you in a rainstorm leave a comment.

Anyway, about the time that she would be ready to poo, one of the regular pet parents alerts me that there is a puppy abandoned in the park. I immediately take a look around. Because I am the only pet parent in the small dog park AND this is where the puppies usually are too, I question him. There aren’t any other dogs in here. And Sophia hasn’t pooped yet. He says “No, not here. Way back there near the shelterhouse. My two dogs and I discovered it while exploring the creek, but I was unable to catch it. It’s pretty scared and won’t come to me, Jacquelyn”. Lordy. I can’t do nothing. I must do something. So, Sophia and I set off on foot to walk the distance between the small dog park and the shelterhouse. What I am going to do when I reach it I don’t know. But I do know that this area is wild. There are coyotes out there. I have arrived at this park at times to find deer dead on the lawn post-attack by the coyotes. It isn’t pretty. A puppy has no chance out here.

Finding The Puppy

There she is. A bully breed female. There are 4 or 5 types of pit bulls. I do know that pit bulls are a mix of bully and terrier. She is brindle gray in color and has softer rounder features. I am guessing American Pit Bull Terrier.  But she is meaty and muscular and already approximately 40 to 45 pounds. I want to gauge this correctly. If I guess her age, maybe 4 – 6 months. Growth charts indicate that she should be 30 or 35 pounds at this age. Thank goodness for guidelines. But she is big and heavy for sure. She’s cowering in between two large green dumpsters. For security, she is wedged under a small 4-inch ledge on the side of one dumpster. I call out to her but there is no way she is walking towards me. I reach her and make first contact. She is sweating and is fully damp everywhere. The bees and flies are all over her, plus the mosquitos and the gnats.

She is allowing me to handle her though. I am assessing her skin and eyes to see if anything critical is happening right now. She has a few ‘pock marks’ in her pelt but nothing that I could call an open wound. Wait! There’s a small one on her back. It looks to me that this was a scab, and that scab was removed, rubbed off or scratched off. It’s a bit oozy. Oh no. She has fleas too. I see worms on her eye. What do we do? I didn’t drive and cannot access the gear in my SUV. Luckily, the pet parent that sounded the alarm followed me in his truck as well as the woman frolicking in the park with her giant poodle. It took no more than 15 minutes to discuss the greater good for this abandoned animal and then take action. Here’s what made me happy in all of this. The willingness of others to help.

Overall, she seems healthy but most certainly

is in danger if we leave her alone and unattended. Between the three of us pet parents…she’ll make it. In fact, she seemed well taken care of up until this point. I do wonder what happened. How did she get here?

Remembering Our Conversation

Once upon a time, I used to fuss at this pet parent. Religiously. Until his behavior changed. It got hot at times! Why? Because he has two large dogs that he doesn’t clean up after while he is in the park. And mostly because whenever I arrived at the dog park with my 12-pound Mini Schnauzer, I could not enter the small dog park directly. Why? Because he is in there with those 65 pound brutes stinking up the joint! I swear, I lost it on more than one occasion. Which brings me to today. I am proud of his development and for recognizing me as someone who would care and take steps to assist an animal in distress. But more than that, the woman with the Giant Poodle did remark that this was one of the topics he had been recently discussing on a not so long ago visit to the park. She goes” You were just saying how you hate people that bring dogs to this park and then dump them here.” Well, I smiled inwardly. Good to hear that he too has a dog park pet peeve. Who would’ve guessed that?

Join The Party

Two more pet parents join us as I secure the animal with an extra leash handed to me. The dog won’t walk. She’s scared and refuses to leave the safety of the dumpsters. Thank you for the leash! I work with her a little. She’s so quiet. No whimpering or anything. Just shivers. Then she yelps. There you go! One pet parent present gave a metal doggy dish and a bottle of water. A minute or two and the puppy accepted. Thank you for the water! Another pet parent gave me a beach towel. Thank you for the towel! After a short discussion, it was clear that the puppy would have to be carried to one of the vehicles. All right… lots of petting and switching over from me to another pet parent. And the last set of pet parents were checking their trunk for a bit of dog food they remembered they were carrying for their medium-sized dog.

This freed me up to place calls to the authorities from my iPhone. The thing is, answer bots can take up so much precious time that this forces people into action. It’s frustrating but effective on the parts of the animal shelters, the county dog catchers, and animal control offices. Even in a remote area if a person has a smartphone and internet access, those addresses, and directions are readily available. In the meantime, the other pet parents wrapped the puppy in the beach towel and carried her over to one of the SUV’s and placed her into the cargo area. She sat there like a baby, not whining or crying or shivering. Just comforted by the rescue effort. Happy to be away from the flies and mosquitoes and bees.

You know what? By the time Sophia and I consumed lunch this day, the little rescue puppy was already fed and watered, bathed, cuddled, vaccinated, and examined by professionals. It is my opinion that it is more loving to surrender the animal to a no-kill shelter than to leave it there unprotected. At the shelter, the medicines needed to cure parasite infections are available. There are beds and temperature-controlled rooms. There are vitamins, and there are other healthy dogs to mix with while waiting for adoption. Bless you bully girl!

Thank You

Sophia says ‘And we want to thank everyone for all the hard work that they did to save this bully breed girl. Because we gave her and we cared, today she is safe and on her way to a new home with a loving family.’ Amen.

From Our Table

Hey! Who is in the mood for something new? Walking the aisles of the pet food store was daunting today. What haven’t we had? What would you like Sophia? Are you in the mood for chicken? Would you like fish or turkey? How about beef? No? If you like, I can explore new brands. Your favorites are here but there’s a new brand that I’ve been studying and you can get it in Lamb. How’s that? She woofed…I reached out.

Today’s review is on Diamond Naturals Lamb Dinner For Adult Dogs. I prefer 4.0 stars or better for Sophia so my girl lives a good long time with the best nutrition possible. This for sure has a star rating of 5.0 stars. Perfect! It’s available in dry and canned food versions. I went for the can and copped it in person at Petland. This food has prebiotic fiber to aid digestion. That’s important because Sophia can be stubborn at elimination time. And, I myself enjoy superfoods but I do not share them with Sophia. It isn’t practical. Diamond Naturals has enhanced the dog food with superfoods, with vitamins and with minerals. I like that. Here is what she got.

The first four ingredients are Lamb, Lamb Broth, Lamb liver, then rice flour. So yes, there is lots of meat in this product. Now for the vitamins what she got is D3, B12, riboflavin, vitamin A, and vitamin E. Now folks, there’s other stuff in there that makes good sense. Blueberries, dried kelp, and quinoa. Quinoa! As much of that stuff as I prepare she never gets any from me so it’s good to see it listed there amongst the superfoods. Now, I served this under ⅛ cup of Purina One Smartblend dry dog food. It’s a good transition for her and kept her with the ‘Lamb’ theme we were on for September. With the moisture level maxing out at 78% I was surprised that this was more of a loaf than a ‘pudding’. In other words, this does not pour out of the packaging. In fact, I recommend opening both ends of the can and then pressing the food out of one end so that you end up with the loaf to section. It’s really dense for a dog food with that much moisture. To serve this lamb dinner to Sophia initially, I loosened the loaf with a bit of water warmed in the microwave, stirred in, and then served in the dish, topped with the Purina. You don’t have to but because we are only taking our meal once daily we put up a bit of a fuss. So what happened after Sophia ate?

Her eyes have never been brighter! The brand promises a few things and of course AAFCO approves. They promise that they are choosing high-quality ingredients and bringing us high-quality food. So far so good. The packaging is clean and neat. For me, it has the feeling of ‘clinically clean’. Inside of the can I found a sort of clay colored gray in harmony with the black and white grayscale image on the label. The size offered where I shop is 13.2 oz. In our home, this lasts 2 ½ days. Shelf life is good too, in case you are purchasing now but not feeding this to your dog for a while. The expiration date on ours is SEP 03 23. So no worries, it’ll keep a while if you buy now and try much later.


Diamond Naturals is owned by Diamond Pet Foods and, yes, they have been recalled before. Have you ever heard of Taste of The Wild? That is also one of the brands owned by Diamond Pet Foods. This company actually used to make cattle feed and hog feed before expanding their dog food line. They had a dog chow that they were cooking in iron kettles and they were producing enough of the dog chow to churn out 4 tons food in 10 hours. Wow.

Diamond Brand Pet Food

March 2013: Recall of Diamond Naturals Cat Food

April/May 2012: Large Recall => Diamond and Diamond Naturals => tested positive for salmonella. This recall was responsible for the recall of other brands produced at Diamond’s plant in Gaston, South Carolina too. Those were Taste of the Wild and Natural Balance.

That’s what I know. Since 2012 and the potential for salmonella poisoning, there hasn’t been any more trouble.

Click on that link up there for more information on lawsuits and monies awarded due to the recall.

Whew! This is a long review but I want to ensure a thorough review of the product. This review isn’t sponsored and I paid for the product with my own money. My overall impression of this food after 2 ½ days of serving this one can and one week of exercise and elimination? It’s a good deal for the price. It isn’t what I call cheap so you’ll need to bring three dollars with you to cover the food and taxes, Sophia enjoyed it. Zero regurgitation. Zero diarrhea. Zero constipation. Stinky breath? Nope. Belching? Nope. Farting? Not at all.

Get yours here at  Amazon https://amzn.to/3oUHb4j

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story! I have a similar story too. I tried buying a dog online but I was scammed. I had paid for the dog and when it was time to deliver, they just ghosted me. I tried tracking them down only to find out that I wasn’t the only one who got scammed. Until today, it still breaks my heart 

  2. Good Morning Jacquelyn! 

    You had quite an experience in the dog park with finding that abandoned pup! It’s sad that some people will abandon their animals and simply leave them to fend for themselves. I don’t know if that is the story here or if the dog ran away, but she is very fortunate and blessed to have you rescue her! 

    As this comment is a few months removed from the day you wrote this article, what has become of this pup? Have you kept her? Or did you find a home for her?

    • Thanks for asking Larry. My friends and I arranged her safe arrival at a dog shelter we knew to be reputable where she could receive vaccines, petting, water, clean foods, bathing, grooming and most of all a new loving family. 

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