Spoil Your Dog With Condiments

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Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by thedoggyperspective.com today. I want to share a bit of news with you on how you can absolutely spoil your fur babies.

Go Condiments!

Isn’t This Great?

Dog food toppers have been gaining in popularity recently. So when I spied these on the electronic dog food shelf online, I knew I had to share. Anyone that owns a dog and loves them is no stranger to spoiling them. And that means BELLY RUBS, NOOGIES, SQUEEKY TOYS, AND SNACKS!. Can you imagine sharing hot dogs at the family weenie roast with the dog? Now when everyone sits down to eat, you can dress the dog’s hot dog with doggy condiments! Wow! Way to go!!

Who thought of this?

Petchup Nutritional. The new champ in unique dog food toppers. The Petchup Nutritional Dog Food Gravy Topper Variety Pack says that they are the best gluten-free, high-protein, dry dog food topper with beef bone broth. And on top of that, you can freeze your dog’s favorite flavor in an ice tray.

I Found Out That ….

  • This treat breaks “Kibble Boredom”
  • Helps prevent joint pain and stiffness
  • Promotes a healthy and shiny coat
  • Has a prebiotic for digestive health
  • And Petchup has lots of flavors


Hey guys, go out and try everything.

Original (Beef)

Mutt-n-aise (Turkey)

Bark-B-Q (Pork).


It’s already reasonably priced BUT, here’s my Rakuten code. It’s free and it’ll save you all a few pennies!

Pet Insurance Plan

Bye now?



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