Sleeping With Your Dog Is So Good!

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But I Like Sleeping With You

Pets promote feelings of calm and relief, helping to counteract anxious thoughts associated with sleep-onset insomnia. Just touching them raises the level of oxytocin in our brains and makes us feel good. They are a reassuring presence that helps reduce stress. (tuck.com )

Well, gosh. It feels just right when the dog jumps onto the bed. Professional snuggler and emotional manipulator, at work. I mean, did you really even ever know how to actually relax until you saw your dog lounge across the bed? I had no idea that I did not know what I was doing! According to Sophia’s repose, I was not ever once relaxed and comfortable on that gosh darned thing. Lol! C’mon….you all know what I am speaking about here. Bellies exposed, snoring, with a FULL stretchout. Pillow hogging, blanket pulling, barking, and talking in your sleep type of night. Get down! [not a chance] and can’t wait for you to join me too kind of experience. Am I right? Now I know that there is no such thing as MY SIDE of the bed. And oh! Yes! The sheets turned down a la Sophia? Priceless. Each evening at least 2 of the six pillows wind up on the floor, blankets a mess…but those sheets though….exposed and pillows fluffed to her liking, plus, she’s already comfy in there, looking back at me alluringly…am I getting in? Lol. I can’t be the only one experiencing doggy bedtime rituals.

Let’s chat!

Who knew?

Who knew sleeping with your dog is so good? When the dog was adopted, I never guessed that the dog would take over my home and my heart. As it stands today, I am currently ‘allowed’ to live with her, you see. I am experiencing total doggie domination and, I like it. This won’t be true for everyone, but the dog has free rein all over the house. Generally well behaved and hardly ever in need of correction, I allow the dog total freedom. Just an infrequent ‘no no!’ to keep her safe from herself, she’s really taken over. She has her own bed. Her own bedding. Toys to keep her company, too. But she is having none of that when it’s time for bed. Only my bed will do.

Well, never have I ever, slept so well. And, it is simply because I am crazy about the dog. Or is it? There is scientific proof that she’s good for us. Check this out.

Reasons To Sleep With Your Doggy


13 Researched-Back Reasons To Sleep With Your Dog

1. Sleeping with Dogs Reduces Depression

Contact with dogs increases the flow of oxytocin, the love chemical.

2. Promotes Theta Brainwaves

The release of oxytocin from theta brainwaves, which occur during REM sleep.

3. Sleeping with Dogs Increases Sense of Security

Having a pet in the bed improved sleep quality for women in one study.

4. Sleeping with Pets Eases Insomnia

Sleeping with a dog mitigates anxiety and reduces hyperarousal.

5. Maximizes Comfort

Support animals diminished nightmares in PTSD patients.

6. Decreases Loneliness

41% of pet owners say sleeping with their pet provides companionship.

7. Sleeping with Dogs Improves Sleep Quality

Sleeping with your dog result in a higher sleep efficiency score.

8. Sleeping with a Dog Reduces Stress

74% of pet owners report improvement in their mental health from pet contact.

9. Lowers Blood Pressure

Human-dog interaction led to lower pressure readings when tested.

10. Strengthen Bond with Your Dog During Nap Time

Sleeping together helps with socialization and makes training easier.

11. Promotes a Healthy Heart

The American Heart Association found a link between pet interaction and decreased hypertension.

12. Reduces Allergies Later in Life

One study found infants who slept with their pets were less likely to develop allergies.

13. Get Better Overall Health by Sleeping with Dogs

Close contact with pets has an array of benefits like lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

When Co-Sleeping with Your Pup Doesn’t Make Sense

• If they aren’t house trained

• If you have severe allergies

• If you are a light sleeper

• If you have a new dog

• If you or your dog have health issues



This one will cost you just $24.08 at chewy.com. Now listen, just because I went with 12lbs of cuteness, does not mean you did. So, Just in case your fur baby is 6’2, 160 lbs, and has B.O., you may not be a fan of them sleeping in your bed. And plus, there’s a slew of reasons the dog should NOT sleep in your bed. I was over there at vetstreet.com the other day, and they said that YOU COULD GET BUBONIC PLAGUE. And then they said that you can SAY HELLO TO PARASITES.





Did you know that just over half of the dog-owning population sleep with their pets? This makes bed hogging a big deal for pet lovers who choose to share the mattress with their furry friends. And it’s not only small dogs that get to sleep in people beds — in one study, 41 percent of dogs sleeping with their owners were medium-sized, and then one out of every three were large breeds. The bigger the dog, the more bed space she takes up, although small dogs can stretch out surprisingly far for their compact size (my instance). Add another human to the equation and multiple canines sharing the sheets, and it’s no surprise that pet parents end up with only a sliver of the bed to sleep on.


A Few Tips…

Check With Your Vet First

Before you invite Fido into your bed, talk to your veterinarian; there can be risks involved with sharing sleeping spaces with pets. Zoonotic diseases, or those passed from pet to human, are more easily spread through close contact, such as sharing kisses or sleeping areas. Immunocompromised individuals, such as the elderly or small children, are especially vulnerable to these illnesses and should not sleep with a pet in their bed. Be sure to keep your pet on your veterinarian’s recommended schedule for all required vaccinations and parasite control, and follow up with any other medical care recommended by your veterinarian.

Control Bed Hogging

Once your canine has been cleared for co sleeping, the next step in stopping his bed hogging is to designate a small portion of the bed as your dog’s sleeping space, rather than allowing him to plop down and spread out wherever he pleases. The easiest way to do this is to clearly mark an area of your bed as his sleeping space by using a pet bed, towel or blanket. Teach your dog to “target” this area and lie down there by practicing with the designated blanket on the ground first.

Once your pet is readily targeting the mat, blanket or pet bed, and is lying down when asked, place his sleeping area on top of your bed. Bring your pet up on the bed and work with him on targeting this same area, just like you practiced on the floor. Keep in mind that when you first move the targeted sleeping area to a new place, your dog may need a little guidance. Toss treats onto the sleeping space to lead him to lay down, or reward him for small steps such as simply putting a paw on the sleeping area. Leave us a comment below and let us know how this works.

From Our Table

This is a cute little 3 oz can of goodness just for small dogs. It looks juicy and has shredded meat. I purchased the 12 can variety pack which weighs 2.25 pounds. I tried this brand a while back, using the dry food. That was approximately 2 years ago. I decided to revisit this brand after reading a product review. Did you know that 95% of dog owners trying this brand gave it a thumbs up? Well now, we do too. It is just so well done. Get your forks, spoons, and spatulas out there to help you dish this up for your doggy. And I give you fair warning….you may experience jubulence and a big burst of energy from your dog because that is what happened to me!

True story, I got one big ‘thanks mom!’ and lots of wags + one kiss and a woof 🙂 . Well worth the dough. Click the photo to learn more. I will leave you a link to the product. Purina Beneful.

4.6 out of 5 stars


Okay Now, Time For A Walk

Well, bye guys and girls. This is our last walk for the evening. The a.m. dog park run, and afternoon golf course sprint are behind us. This post dinner walk is most leisurely, as I have had it and am ready for bed. Sneakers laced, poo bags in pocket, and dog in my arms, she and I cross the threshold. It’s past sunset. That one was a beauty, by the way. Sigh. Winter just won’t let go. It’s chillier than it should be for this time of year. Anyways, we won’t be long. My post dinner stroll healthy pace is 2.5 mph at best. I am sticking to the clearly marked pathways and avoiding tall grasses and bushes. It is flea and tick season. The ticks let go of the foliage and grasp onto dog fur pretty quickly. Just keeping my girl safe.

20 oxygen filled minutes later we return home to bed down for the night. With freshly wiped paws and newly brushed coat, she is well on her way to my room. Thump thump! Pillows on the floor now and comforter ruffled, she is there on the bed waiting for me.

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  1. Jacquelyn, 

    I had no idea of all the benefits you can get from sleeping with your dog. I like the part of your post about controlling bed hogging. This will help my son for sure. That seventy-pound black lab takes all his covers. Thanks to your post I probably won’t care so much if Hank decides to sleep with the boy. 

    Thank you. 

    • You are welcome, Russ! Kids and dogs go hand in hand. Isn’t it nice to know that your boy is sleeping great, and feeling more secure? Building that bond with Hank during sleeping hours is actually even more  beneficial than you think. That is because children with pets might have higher levels of empathy and higher levels of self-esteem compared to those who do not have pets. And that’s good for everyone. 

      Thanks for commenting on Sleeping With Your Dog Is So Good! Be sure to show Hank extra love this season with a little luxury dinner. Goodbye now :).

  2. I can believe it! They give you the puppy eyes and you can’t resist it. I think it would be OK so long as they are a good sleeper and not up in the night jumping on you! Sometimes my wife and I have the cat sleeping over but we regret it in the morning. He can’t sleep through the night without purring in someone’s ear!

    • So cute! They do wake us up, don’t they? Lol! I’ve heard that having a kitty condo nearby is equally effective for giving them purr-fectly snuggly cubbies to rest in. Thanks for commenting on the article James. I am happy that you’ve enjoyed it. Have a great day :).

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