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Responsible Pet Owners Month

Welcome to Responsible Pet Owners Month with TheDoggyPerspective.Com. I was just thinking about something. Being responsible. I was thinking about being responsible for Sophia. And how being responsible for Sophia’s welfare has shaped me into the pet parent that I am today.

Did you ever give any real thought towards what it really takes to be a pet parent?

There’s a lot going on.

What triggered the thought? Now, this is just my opinion. It’s just me making an observation. So this one day last Summer 2021, I noticed a behavior displayed by my neighbor. It was what you’d refer to as ‘doggish’. What do I mean? It’s where the owner is more dog-like in their thinking and this thinking is outwardly displayed.

An example of this: So you know how most dogs will approach one another on the open ground? It usually isn’t friendly. You can tell. That without any leashes or pet parental control, there will be the full acting out of just the slightest inkling of hostility and aggression. Do you know what I mean? That glimmer in the eye at the first sight of another animal, The change in the stance. The get ready to run freight train style at the new animal and the ‘Bye Mom, I’ve already said my prayers’ aggression? The full indication that they may not be back from this confrontation and that they are A-OK with this? You get what I am saying here. Well, the neighbor, who has seen me walking with Sophia day after day for at least 2 years finally engaged in pet adoption. I personally know that their home is smallish and filled with a family. It’s a 2 bedroom home with a mom and dad, 5 children and now two dogs. okay.

This neighbor never ever ever used to acknowledge me. If I said hello directly, there was never a response. I am 100% certain that they can hear and speak. It must just be me then. But now that there is a dog to walk, surprise surprise. Anytime they see the dynamic duo that is Sophia and me, they spew hate, they spew hostility. They immediately begin to struggle for control of their animals.




There is a certain clumsiness that becomes obvious the moment they recognize me. They always behave in a manner that lets me know that they are not totally in control. Not in control of themselves or the dogs actually. In other words, this neighbor is an accident on purpose just waiting to happen. These dogs are terriers. somewhere between a mini pinscher and a dachshund blend. I have no idea how an adult could not be in control of 8 pounds of dog…but I’d like to let you know that if subconsciously, this pet parent is hateful and would like to see the negative interaction between dogs, well then, all there is to do is to feign struggle and let the grip on the lead slip. And there it is.

When I describe this person as doggish, I am more focused in on the fact that they are obdurate. The hostility of the animal is set firm into their mind and more than the dog, the neighbor has internalized the dog’s instinct there. Sadly, you can see their mind struggling for the balance between right and wrong behaviors and actions in the moment.




Anyway, within 3 months, they were expecting a litter of pups. I was immediately disgusted. After snooping to determine if they were breeders, or had been asked to breed the dogs, or had a new business venture in mind…I found out that the answer was a resounding no on all 3 fronts. Do you mean to tell me, you weren’t responsible enough to spay and neuter? Gee whiz. So now I am thinking with worse case scenarios ….if not spayed and neutered, why not skip the vaccinations too? I mean why wouldn’t they.

Then I am thinking about how did this happen? Did you and the family sit around and watch the dogs copulate? Hmmmm

After a short while, the litter was born and the house was even fuller with a total of eight dogs. After more time passed by, all of the pups were given away except one. I dunno. But now, whenever I see this not too careful, always on the verge of losing control, hostile pet parent now balancing three dogs single-handedly I just say to myself ‘Be careful’.

Irresponsible Pet Owners

There are lots and lots of examples of responsible pet owners whose dogs lead healthy happy lives. But this month for Responsible Pet Owner Month, I’d like to focus on the ramifications of being irresponsible. I mean, there are no shortcuts to responsible pet ownership. It’s a job. The tasks include:



Regular exercise and proper keeping

Annual Check-Ups and required vaccinations

Proper food and proper feeding

Safekeeping [leashes and housing, guards and restraints]

Dental care

Socialization For Your Pet

Formal Training



In other words, you cannot just walk around with the dog and look good or whatever. You actually have to care and take responsibility because you took ownership. It’s tied together and you cannot do one without the other.


An irresponsible pet owner is clearly defined as:

‘A person with more than two minor violations or more than one that’s major would be labeled irresponsible. An irresponsible pet owner would need to sterilize and microchip all their pets within 30 days. Those labeled as such would be unable to obtain any more animals for three years.’ … google.com

Well, I love that. But the thing is is that people go around the rules. Any pup picked up from the backyard of nowheresville is proof of this. Often times there’s no documentation of birth or lineage. There are no early medical records. And you just don’t know much about the Sire and the Dam dog’s health either. Purchasing sick puppies is a whole ‘nother article…I’ll get back to you on that.


There is a law for that. See the Irresponsible Dog Owner Law.

An “irresponsible dog owner law” is intended to identify and penalized chronically irresponsible dog owners. The penalties for such include losing their dogs and paying a substantial fine. This type of law is in accord with the general legal presumption that dogs are friendly to mankind. google.com


Remember to take pet ownership seriously.

So if you are reading this article, please know that I don’t want any of us to be penalized or found in this category. Remain diligent and observant within your community. Watch for infractions and if you see something, say something won’t you please?

February Is

When I first began blogging, the month of Responsible Pet Ownership fascinated me. It still does. There is so much going on for dogs during February that I became completely involved in this niche.


February is dog training education month too. Do you wanna know what I love? I love the convenience of Dog Training Apps that will allow pet parents to train their dogs from home. It’s complete with ongoing coaching and train on your schedule options. Pricing? What are you comfortable with? I’ve found these apps to be competitively priced just right.


  • Add Spay/Neuter Awareness Month to February as well. What you should know:
    • Female dogs should be spayed before they are 5 months old.
    • Small, medium, and large breed male dogs should be neutered before they are 5 months old.
    • After that, if you have a giant breed, spay, and neuter at 12-15 months of age.



Price should not hinder new or vet pet parents from completing these tasks. Just ask! There is no shame. Get them what they need and feel good knowing that you’ve done the right things. There are tons of complimentary services out there in the community. You can do this!




If you find yourself sort of self-descript here, you can turn things around. Take small steps daily and ensure successful pet ownership. You don’t have to bite off more than can you can chew. I could never care for my Sophia in the same manner as a Sponsored Pet Owner. Or maybe I could take lessons from Paris Hilton on how to shelter a dog. Her dogs have their own climate-controlled doghouse. Wow!

I believe that educating pet parents is effective for improving the lives of companion dogs. Just a hint of concern and sincere instruction can change lives. If I can help increase your knowledge and create awareness with regard to behavior even a little bit, mission accomplished. Animal welfare is all of our responsibility. At the end of the day, it’s about the dogs.



Purina Pro Plan Adult Toy Breed Chicken & Rice Formula



  • Formerly Known As Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Toy Breed Chicken & Rice Formula
  • This preferred blend maintains strong bones and teeth
  • Natural prebiotic fiber nourishes specific intestinal bacteria for digestive health
  • The formula is highly digestible for optimal nutrient delivery
  • Omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin A to nourish skin and coat
  • No artificial colors or flavors



Okay! I love that this is a food that is easy for the doggies to chew. Sophia recently had her teeth cleaned. I was worried that the large size kibble pieces she is currently feeding on might add to her temporary discomfort so I switched up to a smaller kibble as a precautionary measure. These are perfect. I have to say that yes, these are dry kibbles but they hit different when they are served. They roll forward in the hopper quite a bit smoother, I noticed. And when I scoop them up, they seem moist in a way. But when they transfer from the scoop to the dish that’s where I can really sense the quality. You know what I mean. Sometimes, you go to serve the food and it isn’t appealing. It’s appalling. And because it is you refuse to serve it to your dog. But the quality is obvious as you handle the product. After 4 weeks of this feed, Sophia’s eyes are so bright. And her winter coat has become magnificent. Her teeth? Perfect. She is attracted to the scent of the food. I haven’t seen Miss Sophia truly excited about her new dish of dry food for months.

Keeping in mind that it is cold out there right now, I am feeding her a little less than is recommended strictly based on reduced activity levels due to snowstorms. And, Sophia is a Senior dog now. Currently 11 years of age, we are approaching a key 12th birthday this September. It feels good knowing that her bones and her teeth are supported with this formula and that her skin and coat are nourished well.

Managing her skin in the winter is a must because she is exposed daily to extreme weather conditions and she is playful! She sometimes just does not want to come back in from the snow. Even so, I do not want to see her with itchy dry skin. I pinky swear that you will see the change in your dog. Sophia’s winter coat is not just thick, it’s lustrous. And that comes from the inside out. This food, surprisingly has Garlic Oil included in its ingredients list.



In fact, a little amount of garlic in pet food is claimed to be able to assist in preventing blood clots, lowering cholesterol, and act as a flea and tick repellent (garlic in your dog builds up over the course of some weeks and seeps into the oil of her coat) – Jacquelyn



So that oil was an added caveat of this food. A nice surprise and well worth the price.


Do you know what? Sophia’s eating but I don’t hear any crunch and munching. The food has a ‘moist’ quality to it. I assure you it is dry but…you’ll just have to try it for yourself. It’s a 5-star food and perfect for feeding right now while it’s snowing out. If you recall, I had Sophia on Wag and Solimo for a while. I swear to you it took Miss Sophia 10 months… the better part of one year to do those bags in. Although to be honest, I interrupted her a lot with canned foods and toppers and other dry food samplers. I didn’t want her to be bored to tears with her daily dish.

But anyway, less is more sometimes with a shift in activity levels. A 10 -12 pound dog [she’s 11 pounds currently] gets 117 grams of the food. 3/4 cup works out better blending in toppers or tablespoon of wet food for variety.

I just adore these teeny-weeny pellet-sized morsels of food. I know Sophia is considered a small breed as opposed to a toy breed. But we are experimenting with bite. It’s working out well.

Pet Insurance Plan


Added Bonus


Thanks much for supporting the blog. Have a safe and happy Responsible Pet Owners Month. We’ll see you again at YouTube first, then back to the blog.






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