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KONG HandiPOD Review

Name: KONG HandiPOD – Flashlight Dispenser – Dog Waste and Poop Bag Dispenser with Built-in Flashlight

Website: chewy.com
Price: $6.29 $10.79 $14.39
Owners: KONG
Overall Rank: 2.25 OUT OF 5.0 Stars
KONG HandiPOD, Product Overview

KONG HandiPOD Description

The KONG HandiPOD Interchangeable Starter Kit Dog Poop Bag Dispenser helps you keep the tools you need ready to go when your pooch is begging to head out the door. After her potty break, use the biodegradable waste bags for confident clean up. In the day, attach the hand sanitizer to the dispenser for cleanup after a slobbery playtime or potty pick up. At night,
attach the flashlight to the dispenser for illuminating walks. For hands-free holding, the carabiner clip attaches to your leash, bag or belt loop. Hang the HandiPOD by her leash and you’ll never be stuck without the dog-walking necessities.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 This kit includes waste bag dispenser with 3 rolls of 10 bags.

PRO #2 Comes with a hand sanitizer attachment.

PRO #3 Carabiner clip allows you to attach the kit to your belt loop, bag or dog’s leash for hands-free holding.

The Bad:

CON #1 Falls apart

CON #2 Only KONG branded replacement bags fit well into this dispenser

KONG HandiPOD is for all dog walkers.

This product is for all individuals interacting on a regular basis with a dog. Veterinarians, Trainers, Breeders, Shelters, Laboratories, Dog Walkers, Groomers, Dog owners and Dog enthusiasts. And Pet Hotels, Doggie Daycares, etc.too. All will benefit from this dog care product.

KongHandiPOD Tools & Training

There is no training required to use a KongHandiPOD. I will offer you this information from my own personal experience with this product. I purchased the deluxe kit with flashlight and with sanitizer to give myself all of the upgrade options. The flashlight will require replacement batteries, AAA. The dispenser will require replacement bags. Choose whatever you prefer. A word of caution here because the best fitting replacement rolls will be directly from KongHandiPod. I tried several brands to no avail. Most rolls contained too many bags for a fresh roll to fit properly. I tried removing several bags from the roll first, to give a proper slim profile. That worked for a moment, but then, removing one baggie from the dispenser when needed was terribly troublesome. I also tried carrying what I could guess the dog would need, loosely from the roll. This defeated the purpose of carrying a dispenser in the first place. And finally, because the cartridge of sanitizer and the flashlight may be disassembled for convenience, I found the product  flimsy and unstable once put back together. Ultimately, our KONG HandiPOD fell apart. The flashlight mechanism became completely unusable after the adjustable ring fell off. From there, the reflective surfaces and light bulb were like confetti. Falling.

Up until the product fell apart, I did enjoy it. Ours had a life span of approximately six months with daily usage.

KONG HandiPOD Support

The support offered with the product is standard. For primary issues, refer to the retailer where purchased. KONG does offer customers support directly at the link above.

Or, you can reach them at

The KONG Company

16191 Table Mountain Parkway
Golden, CO 80403-1670
PH: 303-216-2626

You won’t necessarily find a forum or other community support, just more reviews. The general consensus star rating is fairly low. 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 stars out of a possible five stars. Most likely due to falling apart [my personal opinion.] I do, however, support this product. My rating? 3.75 out of a possible 5.0 stars. It looks good, is sleek, and offered everything I was looking for. Even without the poo bags installed, the flashlight is extremely handy for dog walks. And, who doesn’t benefit from gel sanitizer? The refill options were the best at chewy.com. Two rolls of bags, and then again, a toy supplement if you were seeking a sanitizer refill. I could not score this a 5.0 because, for me the price was not the best. There were not enough bags on the roll to do the long term job. My recommendation? Don’t throw this product under the bus. Place this into your dog’s travel case so that you’ll be prepared for an emergency. That should increase the lifespan of this product significantly.

KONG HandiPOD Price

You will need $14.39 to obtain the kit, and then $6.29 for refills. If you’d like the mini dispenser simple version, you’ll spend only $10.79. Refills will be the same price as before, $6.29. That’s about it. I’ve done the research for you. Chewy.com has the best price and most comprehensive collection of this product. If you are considering investing into the KONG HandiPOD, Chewy.com will have everything you need.

My Final Opinion of KONG HandiPOD

I have to say that my experience with this product was more positive than negative. The design of the product is a winner. It is available in more than one style, which I like, and I could keep my hands clean as well as the dog’s environment. I had a hard time with replacement bags, though, and the product was on the hefty side, weight wise. The HandiPOD was most comfortably carried in a jacket pocket vs attached to the leash or attached to a belt loop. After using the product all the way to destruction, my final opinion is good, not great. While I enjoyed, the product, I would not repurchase.

KONG HandiPOD at a Glance…

WEBSITE NAME: https://www.kongcompany.com/
Owners: KONG
Price: $14.39
Overall Scam Rank: 0 out of 100


I vote LEGIT.



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  1. What a cool little gadget. I’ve never seen a “poop bag dispenser” (for lack of a better name) with a built-in flashlight. That would really be handy in my home, because we have to take the dog out on a leash every time – no fenced in yard and she’s a runner. Having that light handy and not easily forgotten would be useful for us at night. The dog would probably like it too, since she’s kind of a scaredy cat.

    • Hi Randy. Thanks for commenting. The Handipod will fully light your path during nighttime hours  and your doggy should appreciate the extra ‘security’ precaution you’re taking to add even more safety to it’s life. Remember, you will be able to attach the Kong Handipod directly to the leash using the Caribiner feature.  Chewy.com will ship directly to your door. 

      All the best to you🐾.

  2. Hello Jacquelyn. Thanks for helping with such a nice article. I am a dog lover, and I have two dogs who love to go around in my area for a walk. I have been very careful when taking them out to avoid situations where I’ll need to clean up because I don’t have the available tool. This Kong Handipod is a very nice kit to get, and I like the presence of the hand sanitizer in it. And plus, the price is very cool.

  3. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your product review and find it very useful for everyone. While reading I know that the KONG HandiPOD Interchangeable Starter Kit Dog Poop Bag Dispenser helps you keep the tools you need ready to go when your pooch is begging to head out the door. I had a hard time with replacement bags, though, and the product was on the hefty side, weight wise. Thanks for sharing such useful guide.

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