Pet Plans Make Sense

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It’s Just That Time Of Year

It’s just that time of year. Everything is in bloom and the weather is wonderful. The dog park provides a nice getaway for me and my dog. But there are a few perils.

She fights. She bites unexpectedly. Socializing is a bummer because invariably I have to separate her from the other Littles. That’s what I call the other doggies in the small dog park. Littles.

Sophia is one of the Littles with a huge attitude problem. This time, it wasn’t her fault. On her best behavior, she set out to complete her A.M. poop while wearing the new scent and rhinestone collar I had just adorned her with.

The Fight

But today an adult 4LB long-haired toy chihuahua interrupted her after warnings from his mom, and me, and much growling from Sophia … who graciously relocated to a fresh grass patch twice before clipping that dookie stick short and dealing with his freaky butt-sniffing as I go self.

The squealing is the worst part.

And at 4 LBS guess what? Homeboy can fight! His mom said that he had been fighting just moments before Sophia’s arrival at the park. Mmmm hmm.

They are both fine. He’s wearing saliva where she bit into him but didn’t tear his fur and flesh. She’s pissed. And she stinks now. He stuck his nose into the poop as it left her body and during the squabble, he bit her on the back near the ribs.

He bit her where the harness ends. She has a poop nose print on her harness! Yuck!…and a chocolate-colored dot on her beautiful white fur made of her own poop RIGHT THERE ON HER BACK…plus his filthy slobber.

Pet Plans Make Sense

Anyhow, because I think with insurance a visit to the hospital wasn’t warranted. Both dogs were fine SO we didn’t exchange insurance information. And, once Sophia and I were home, I made a dash for the Doggy first aid kit and then the pet bath facility…in that order.

You know what? This could’ve been catastrophic for me. I do not want to incur any unexpected expenses on the front end of this month. Or any month.

I love Sophia and I want her to be happy. But there is a direct correlation between HER health and MY wealth. Depending on my bank balance she could be post-fight patched up with gauze, Neosporin, and Band-Aids.

Thank goodness discounts and coverages level the playing for me. Yep. I am a REAL BOSS PET PARENT with those Membership ID cards in my purse and in her Doggy Fanny Pak.

All I am saying is, it’s best to be prepared.

Planning What To Eat

Now that she’s all clean, with a fresh collar, harness, and lead, it’s time to eat. Let’s head over to the table where something good waits for us…

From Our Tablepurina smartblend

Alrighty. To make this meal simple today, I am reaching for the canned food. I do my best to select the very best products for Sophia and to provide her with variety. I have been buzzing around the Purina display frequently these days. The packaging has become interesting and attracts me to a familiar brand name.

To be honest, Sophia’s sense of adventure is endless and she is willing to try just about anything once. I am grabbing this can of Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Classic Ground Beef & Brown Rice Entree Adult Dog Food. This happens to be the 13 oz can. I’ve ordered a similar product from Purina before but the formula was a tad bit different. A dog can order just about anything it pleases over the internet and invest in subscription services too to get it there with regularity.

Anywho, I removed it from the can, placed it into a plastic container with a lid, and refrigerated it. To serve it I cut it into chunks. I personally prefer to cut the contents in 4 equal squares, and then, I cut just one of those sections up into chunks. After a walk on a warm morning, when it’s time to eat, I surprise her with the succulent taste experience of Purina and the cooler temperature. Yep. For me, a Coldcut sandwich on a hot day just fits the bill. But we aren’t talking about me here! Lol!!

What she got is a natural food with added vitamins and minerals and nutrients to promote good health. Here’s what I like about this food. The texture has a good look to it, the aroma is not overbearing, and the food looks the same throughout the contents of the can.

Also, Sophia gobbles this food. Every time. For that, I will give it a 5 on Sophia’s taste-o-meter. This makes me happy because it means I made a great choice while standing on the canned foods aisle shopping for dog foods.

She got the standard formula made with brown rice and oatmeal. If you are interested, there is a hyped-up version of this dog food labeled BRIGHT MINDS. You know that keeping the dog’s mind sharp is important but Purina is in the game with a new and improved version to aid pet parents with their concerns.

There’s a lot of calories in this food. It’d be 1155kcal/kg if she were to consume the entire can in one sitting. The normal daily calorie intake of a dog Sophia’s weight is actually 840kcal. I am glad that I cut this up into chunks. The remainder of the food keeps in the refrigerator until the next mealtime.

For vitamins, all of the major players are at the table. Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, B12, B7, and B9, Vitamin A, and Choline. There’s too many to list here but this gives you a great idea of what your doggy will intake. And this food is not super wet. It comes in with a max moisture level of 78%. Looking for gravy? Go away.

This is also available in dry food. Just ask for Purina ONE SmartBlend Small Bites and/or Purina ONE +Plus Small Breed Adult Formula.

Ok now. Most of the pet parents that have tried this food say ‘YES’ most of the time. The rating is 4.6/5.0. Nearly perfect!

At the end of the day, I’d buy this choice again. For this afternoon, Sophia is well-fed and tucked into her plaid doggy bed beneath the desk, and snoring happily, while I work on this article. Cheers everyone!

Pet Insurance Plan

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  1. Thanks for sharing this article, Jacquelyn. I’m glad that both you and Sophia are okay. Some dogs just don’t take to socializing with other animals and people very well, and it’s hard to explain that to other owners. I’ve been thinking about getting pet insurance for my two cats, but it’s a bit on the expensive side and it’s honestly just cheaper for me to pay for their yearly checkups.

    • Thank you, Rachel. It is hard to explain that to other pet owners. It’s like suggesting a better way of parenting to someone. Folks become offended! And so…who wants that confrontation too? 

      For your kitties, I recommend the pet plans so that you’ll save on those visits. In case you missed it here’s the link. 


      See you next time!


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