Pet Peeves and Pet Food Shortages?

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How could you be angry with me? Look at this face! It’s not that bad … is it? C’mon now…take it easy.

Oh my gosh. Sophia has exercised the adorability option lots of times with me after toppling something, ruining something, or her personal favorite…panty thievery! Mannnnn! She knows she deserves some form of chastisement but I swear to you she is a master manipulator. Her round brown eyes get me every time and I’ve had to learn to cope.

Coping techniques were easy to adopt because I think of her more like a child than a dog. Using this perspective allows me to operate from compassion and understanding. So much of what children do is inspired by calamity isn’t it? And through those activities, they learn and grow. Well so have I.

But the question is – what is your pet peeve? Just what is it that your dog does that frustrates you? Not just a little bit – but a lot? Sophia has challenged me to the point where I have asked myself – what am I doing wrong here? All of this love and car rides, grooming and spoiling —- and you give me this behavior back? No ma’am. This time I am the one who needs to go for a walk and right now my darling house pet, you are not invited. Gee Whiz!

The Ultimate

Top on my list of Pet Peeves is paw prints. Have you ever witnessed your dog being facetious? Just deliberately outwitting you and or being difficult? On purpose? Sophia just smears the front door. It’s white and flat, and a perfect canvas for mischief. After I’ve given the door a good cleaning and disinfecting it is as if she thanks me very much for the clean slate and then begins the next Picasso as soon as possible! Aaargh!!! lol


Any way you look at this relationship dynamic, it’s led me to be more innovative. What do I mean? By finding pet-friendly cleaning products which are also good for the environment and accomplish the task of cleaning up unsightly messes, I keep harmony in the house. Ever tried this? Lysol Pet Solutions Disinfecting Cleaner? Thank you, Lysol! This is absolutely a trusted brand when it comes to caring for our families and our households, our vehicles and businesses too. Now Lysol has stepped into the ring with its line of Pet Solutions and I couldn’t be happier.

This product cleans and disinfects pet messes in under 10 minutes. A quick spray is all it takes to clean up messes left behind by your fur baby. The longer you leave the product on, the more disinfecting power it has. For tougher messes just spray, wait 10 minutes, and see the difference for yourself after wiping the affected area clean with a damp cloth. It’s that simple. With help from this product, that area of the house looks great and actually triggers a ‘spillover’ of cleaning in other areas of the home such Sophia’s bowls and dishes, and Sophia’s dinner mat and pet crate.

See Pet Peeves and Shortages at YouTube

The surfaces throughout your home may vary greatly but Lysol has already taken this into consideration. This Pet Solutions Disinfecting Cleaner compliments all of these surfaces:

Floors: Finished wood – Glazed Ceramic/Porcelain Tile – Laminate – Linoleum – Vinyl

Household: Washable Walls – Garbage Pails – Countertops – Pet Crate

Bathroom: Glazed Ceramic Tile – Cabinets – Sinks – Fiberglass Fixtures

In fact, go see the Lysol Store ===> https://amzn.to/3Pc6E3P

Lysol Pet Solutions Disinfecting Cleaner can be used every day – which is great because Sophia’s artistic streak has been inspired from birth and continues at a healthy pace today!

See Pet Peeves and Shortages at YouTube

PS – She also decorates the car windows and windshield and dashboard too! Lol! It never stops. And I love her for it.

If you haven’t already tried this product, order yours at https://amzn.to/3ux4bbGLysol Pet Solutions Disinfecting Cleaner

You’ll be glad you did! Now it’s time for From Our Table.

From Our Table

Well, today’s dog food review is of great concern for all pet parents. I cannot be the only pet parent that has noticed that there is a shortage of dog food this year. Now – I do not mean that there is no dog food anywhere but there are certain conditions that have caused pet food shortages. It’s worse in some places than others of course but nevertheless, this is happening.

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, then you know that I tend to remain on the sunny side of things with my dog food reviews. If it’s negative I shy away. But there have been interruptions in supply chains that have begun pet food shortages everywhere. I don’t want to beat a dead horse here but COVID – 19 continues to cause issues for us all. Just look at the Baby formula shortage, the Tampon shortage, the Popcorn shortage, and YESSSSSSSSSSSS…the pet food shortage.

Without folks being able to get out there to work, there is a shortage of aluminum which is used to make the cans and there is a problem with manufacturers having a tough time of even getting raw materials to be able to produce the food. That’s the problem.

But more than that, the manufacturers have also been unable to get a hold of packaging materials too and problems with shipping across the United States have actually caused pet food companies to struggle to keep up with the demands of their customers. It does depend on where you live but the fact is that lots of pet parents have been faced with empty shelves while marketing, forcing them to make other decisions about the best formula foods for their dogs. Couple these shortages with increased pet adoption rates since the beginning of COVID – 19 in 2020 and it has become a problem. If you know like I know- several months ago it was not uncommon to visit 3 or more stores looking for a specific brand of dog food just to come up empty. I actually began paying a hefty premium to feed my dear Sophia as a result. Feeding Sophia … or any dog – just any old brand of food won’t do because that is harsh on their digestive systems and can lead to very expensive Veterinary care.

It’s good to know that in general dogs can eat proteins to survive. BEEF, CHICKEN, LAMB, GREEN BEANS, ASPARAGUS, CARROTS, AND KALE but you do have to spend a considerable amount of time at home preparing these foods for your fur babies when the stores are short on food and just plain out of stock of anything considered good.

Did you know that in June both Walmart and Target were pulling dog and cat food from their shelves? It’s true. Removing Freshpet Select potentially contaminated with Salmonella left gaping holes on the shelves.

Pet parents it is recommended that you have a backup plan just in case these shortages are becoming prevalent in your hometown. You can certainly seek out the Veterinarian’s office. They oftentimes will sell food right there in the front office as a means of extra income on top of the services that they normally provide. So be sure to check them out if the stores are low to no inventory. Also, – if your doggies require specialized diets try the delivery services on repeat delivery. I for one can attest to that. If nothing else, every 6 weeks the auto-shipped food staples hit the house right on time. If your regular size of the foods isn’t available due to this shortage just size up or size down so that your dog doesn’t have to do without. See my blog articles for recommendations on what’s good if you are faced with making new food choices. There’s a good chance that I have already reviewed that food for you. And there’s just one more thing – the food shortage is expected to last approximately 1 year.

I gotta go. And please let us know of food shortages in your community by leaving comments below this article.

Pet Insurance Plan

Until next time, Happy Pet Parenting.

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  1. Jacquelyn,

    I do sympathize with  pet owners for the pet food shortages. The problem has left owners on the hunt for most of the time.
    I want to believe that this situation has obviously been really stressed by COVID – whether it’s the ingredients, raw materials, processing or downtime at different facilities.

    I hope the current situation will be corrected soon.

    Thank for this information.

    • Kayamba you are right. COVID is placing great strain on the world. And for those pet parents living in the rural and remote areas of this country, they are facing empty shelves again and again. Manufacturers are racing against the clock to restock shelves and help support the lives of domestic dogs. Prayerfully the aluminum required will be supplied soon. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Hi, thank you for this article it was very informative. I personally as a dog owner myself agree with all of these pet peeves and it was helpful to read about ways in which to avoid and fix these problems. I imagine this site would be very helpful for a first time dog owner as well. 

  3. My pet peeve is definitely the shedding. Hair everywhere! At least paw prints are easier to clean. But all the joy that having your dog brings you is well worth all the little gripes and moans that we have. They are like our children and we learn to accept them flaws and all, as they make up for it in other ways.

    • We couldn’t agree with you more on the peeves Michel Maling. Lint rollers to the rescue for sprucing up appearances is how we and many pet parents manage this one. We don’t blame them for shedding and know that it is our response to the shedding that counts. 

      Whether it’s paw prints, shedding, or drooling we wouldn’t trade them for the world because of the love they radiate throughout our lives. Michel thank you for comment on our article. Happy pet parenting.

  4. Dogs are actually like little children. If you pet them too much they will be spoiled and naughty. But cute. They feel our every suffering or happiness and often we all have the impression that they are more sensitive beings than us humans. Therefore, they should be taught good behavior, especially if you keep them in the house.

    • Precisely Bojana. Spoiling them is our joy. They make for much better family members when they are trained to behave properly. Thank you for your comment on our article. Happy pet parenting!

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