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Hello everyone and welcome back to thedoggyperspective.com. This is going to be a really short article today. I am on the campaign trail today for the slighted employees of Jim’s Restaurants. Did you hear about this one? Firing people by postcard? That is most definitely a ‘NO’ from us here at thedoggyperspective.com. Now what in the world does this have to do with dog food [which is where I come in] ? Read on, people.


In SAN ANTONIO, former employees of Jim’s Restaurants are saying they weren’t able to cash their last paycheck after being fired via postcard.

Now, they are stuck with dog gone overdraft fees.

Complaint: “They knew they didn’t have any money in there,” said former server Shelton Pellum. “They knew what time it was.”

Shelton Pellum is trying to make sense of why two of his bi-weekly paychecks from Jim’s Restaurant didn’t clear.

“That’s your responsibility as management,” Pellum said. “When you write a check to an employee for a service those funds are supposed to be there.”

Pellum says he’s worked for the company as a server for nearly seven years and would always deposit his checks at the bank next door.

When he tried to cash his most recent check for $21, the bank teller turned him away with a very telling explanation.

“That there were not cashing any of Jim’s Restaurant checks at all,” Pellum said. “They didn’t bother to run my name through the system, they already know what time it was.”

Here it is…

Last week, Frontier Enterprises, the company that owns Jim’s, sent post cards telling more than 1,000 furloughed employees that they had all been fired due to a slump in business related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The company’s CEO, Jimmy Hasslocher, said the following in a statement:

“In our determination to get employees checks out as quickly as possible, we encountered a computer glitch – which resulted in some of our managers receiving 15-percent less than their anticipated wages.”

Poor managers…that’s not right. But what about not getting any money at all?

Pellum said, “I blame it on leadership.”

Pellum says the first check returned was for $4.43 but he has a total of $70 in overdraft fees for both of his returned checks.

“Where my $20 at, I need all of my chips and my dips,” Pellum said. “No offense to anyone. I would like my money. My dog can use that $21 for a bag of dog food, that $21 can go for new socks, 12-pounds of ground beef or something.”

Okay? Everybody got that? That $20 was for the dawg!!!! That, I cannot take!! It is hard enough out there. Dog dad goes to work every day. The dog is patiently waiting and watching while Dog dad is away, because that is its job, and now… it can’t be paid in kibble? I am telling you, these companies have no regard for the ‘littles’. I am sorry, people. Everything cannot be explained away as a glitch.

The company says a total of 22 checks were returned as non-payable.

Pellum says he and others have not been able to reach anyone at the corporate office.

“At some point there needs to be some accountability,” Pellum said. “I’ve not got one letter from someone saying I’m sorry, I understand your situation. I’ve not gotten one email saying this is the number you need to be calling if your checks are returned.”

The CEO says he regrets what’s happened and as soon as he realized there was a problem with the checks his accounting team worked to clear things up.

He says the checks are now valid but made no mention of covering any of the overdraft fees.

Hey Shelton! Much love and support goes out to you and yours. We sincerely hope for a better outcome for you. The trickle down theory on bank fees is no joke. We feel that the first thing your former employer should do is to write a letter of explanation to all three credit bureaus on your behalf, then pay the fees down to the bank, and of course, fund the checks. And Shelton, if they don’t understand the crucialness of $20 and a hungry dawg, show ’em this link. That should do it!

(find more on this story at news4sanantonio.com)

From Our Table


This food is befitting of this article. There were six flavors to choose from in the DOGS IN THE KITCHEN, COLLECTION. I purchased all of them. FOWL BALL comes with Chicken Breast & Turkey Aus Jus. It does look oily. Yes, oily. I attribute this to the Sunflower Seed Oil ingredient. The Moisture Max is way up there at 86%, but,  a funny thing happened on the back end of this envelope of food. My dog produced a grainy, powdery-on-the-inside stool. Wait, what? She did not do well with the FUNK IN THE TRUNK pouch either. With FUNK IN THE TRUNK we were greeted with regurgitation during our car ride to the dog park. So, that is a ‘NO’ from us!! I rate this product 3 out of 5 stars (it’s too soft, too oily, and why did it turn grainy post consumption?) And, there is quite a bit of fat in this food too. I will tell you that this may be appropriate as a topper for a much larger dog. My dog’s little digestive system could not handle this particular pouch, and overall the stools were atypical. Make certain that you feed according to the dog’s weight and activity level. I did not feed a full pouch at one serving, and still, I got a poor outcome. The Variety Pack is $16.99 at Chewy.com .But hey! Here’s the link.

4.4 out of 5 Stars

Okay Now, Time For A Walk

Whew! She needs to get that food out of her system right? An hour in the dog park did just that. Running, frequent squatting, grass chewing, bark, sniff, & huff .. over with. This for certain is a confirmed 5 poop bag day. There is no tennis ball to throw, frisbee to catch, or even a rope with which to play tug as Spring shows us, full force today, the speed with which it blooms. For me? The earbuds, good music on my Spotify playlist, and lots of patience as I plan out my doggy’s 24 hour water fast from here.

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  1. I know the feeling of not getting your paycheck. Even a $5 note that you feel you worked hard for would be quite heartbreaking. I hope something comes up and these people get their money at the very least since they have already lost their jobs. I’m hoping Shelton will get the money he needs for the dog’s bag of food. After all, its getting quite hard to take care of our pets with all this going on but big up for all those that are still sticking up to it, we’ll get through it just fine.

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