National Dress Up Your Pet Day Party Ideas for January 14

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National Dress Up Your Pet Day Party Ideas for January 14

    National Dress Up Your Pet Day is here! January 14th is the day for pet parents to get their doggies dressed and ready to strut their stuff. So fun! And we’ve got party ideas. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This also serves a greater purpose which is to create awareness and encourage pet adoptions everywhere. Imagine adopting your pet AND the cute outfit is free! Well, I am dreaming there just a little bit but it could happen…right? Of course! [special bonus at the end of the article!]


    How Should You Go About Celebrating National Dress Up Your Pet Day?

    First, you are going to need an outfit. A naked pet will never do for January 14. Set out for pre-holiday shopping festivities a few days ahead of the date. Start now! Or If you are a seamstress or perhaps you know a seamstress, go ahead a get the creative juices flowing. I keep it simple with choices from chewy.com and Amazon.com. Both vendors deliver pretty quickly and assist in avoiding the crowds at local area stores.  

    Remember that this is a National Pet Day Holiday. Don’t just stop with the dogs and cats. Dress up the pigs, chickens, iguanas, or whatever pet you’ve got! And be sure to make it something that they’ll like. 

    The outfit should be nothing too restrictive, nothing that fits too sloppily, and for certain make it comfy. 

    Second, pictures! Take lots of them. Most pets enjoy this limelight and will even smile for you during their photoshoot. If your pet is squirming a lot or adjusting their outfit, remove it and don’t force them into wearing it. If your pet isn’t comfortable, it could be dangerous. Just know that forcing things could lead to mishaps. Instead, make different choices and then celebrate via social media. 

    I have never been one to be all matchy-matchy with Sophia. ….until Christmas Season 2021. Oh, I could not help myself! Coordinating lamb textured jackets! Too cute and soooooooo bougie. I will say this for the record. We look good. 

    Third, you’ll need places to show up and show off. If you haven’t been invited to any parties yet, see if you can finagle an invite OR BE THE HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTEST and throw the party yourself! 



    The Rules for Hosts: Do not admit any pets who are not dressed for the party. Give party favors to dressed-up pet parents. Prepare certificates and prizes for winners and runners ups. And please give every dog a piece of ‘flair’ for showing up. Collar and Dog Tag accouterments rock and deliver a ‘You Are Special” feeling to each pet. The tails will be wagging about you until next year’s party. [special bonus at the end of the article!]

    You could have a complimentary ‘best-dressed pet parent’ competition too! Wouldn’t it be fun to judge these categories?



    Pet Parents

    Teams [ 3-5 dogs]

    Couples[ 1, dog 1 pet parent]

    Pairs [ 2 dogs]

    Cross-Species [example: 1 cat 1 pig] whatever works!


    The Rules for Guests: Where are the places displaying these fabulously dressed pets for January 14? Is there a showcase somewhere in town? Show up and then enter! Get your registrations in and your outfits in order. What do you have to lose? If you enter AND win, now you’ve got bragging rights!  


    Hey, you choose! 🙂 In addition to dressing up your pet family, consider growing your pet family. Do you have room for 1 more? If not, how about giving your time? Help dress up the shelter animals and also donate any essential supplies where you can. Being a do-gooder feels great. 

    How else are you able to contribute to the festivities? Share with us here at https://thedoggyperspective.com comments section and inspire our audience with your ideas for National Dress Up Your Pet Day. [special bonus at the end of the article!]


    From Our Table


    Well, we gotta eat! Only the dogs with the bibs may get away clean with their meals, am I right? Today’s featured dog food is PARTY ANIMAL ORGANIC DOG FOOD LUCIOUS LAMB RECIPE.

    Isn’t that cute? 

    Set the table for the party with several cans of Party Animal Organic Dog Food and let the fun begin. This food is healthy for the dogs and tasty too. Party Animal Organic Dog Food contains no grain ingredients, no gluten ingredients, and no artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, corn wheat, or soy.




    With all of this goodness, Party Animal Organic Dog Food does not fall into the category of Natural dog food though. It still contains synthetic additives. The list of additives is fairly long and for the most part, these additives are there to preserve the dog food and to improve upon the palatability, textures, and appearance of the dog food. That’s pretty normal, however, if right now you and your dog are on the ‘natural dog food’ kick, you may want to abstain. What you are going to get is 


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    Organic Dried Apple

    Sodium Selenite


    Also, there are lots of calories in one can of food. You will top out at about 1533kcals per can. Adjust your dog’s feed accordingly, please.

    It used to be that you could get it at chewy.com Sadly, that is no longer true for wet food But you may still obtain the dry version in Original Chicken & Oats Formula. And Amazon.com is out of wet stock too. My friends at Instacart know where to knab

    it for me. So, in just 2 hours you can have it delivered and on the party platter. What do you think? Is a party dip bowl full of delicious Party Animal Canned food served on a traditional milk bone, spread as a pate [that’s polite] preferred, or do we just go for it, football helmet chips and dip style? Or we could also go about it in this way……do you set up the dry food version as samples in festive plastic shot cups? Who knows? Let’s try it both ways. Guests? You be the judge! Let’s hang a whiteboard and dry erase marker near the door and have the guests vote on their favorite version of the food. Done this way, guests will no doubt try both the wet and the dry versions. Dry should definitely be less messy for those outfits. 

    Oh my goodness, that’s about it. Have a fabulous time for National Dress Up Your Pet Day and I will see you back at the Blog real soon. Toodles.

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    1. I’m loving it. What an inspiring post! Pets, like dogs and cats, are cute and unique. I never thought about having such parties. Unfortunately, the pandemic may prevent the enjoyment of having a huge one. However, having such thing in the neighborhood is really a nice thing to try. Thanks for the post!

    2. Celebrating national dress-up your pet is a fun celebration. I had a ton of fun looking for costumes for my furry baby. I finally ended up making a costume myself and it was even better than what I had seen in the shops. I took so many pictures. It’s really exciting!

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