National Love Your Pet Day

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National Love Your Pet Day

Hey! What a nice carryover from Valentines Day. I have the doggy mat all set up with new dishes, a couple of plush squeak toys and flowers for my girl. She is wearing rosettes on her collar…just because. She’s scented with berries from her new coat conditioning mist. And for flair, one big rhinestone tag. Happy National Love Your Pet Day.

I just love to celebrate these precious moments because Sophia has added tons of joy to our household. I do my best to include her in every activity as much as possible. Because I do, she is always at my feet, on my chair, or really nearby. So, for the most part she’s appreciated every day, and she knows it.

For National Love Your Pet Day, I want to get creative and come up with just a few ideas on how we pet parents could celebrate. Here goes….

Ways To Celebrate The Holiday

1. Show More Affection

* 10 minute tummy rub

. * 6 minutes intense playtime

. * Kisses. Even more kisses than usual

2. Change of Scenery

. * Take a trip to anyplace dog friendly

. * Go to the pet store. Allow them to select their own treat

* Try a new dog park. Try an indoor or rooftop dog park.

3. A Movie-Thon

. *White Fang

* Iron Will

* The Stray


PS …. A Dog’s Way Home is also awesome and ups your couch potatoe quotient another 1hr 37min. I am just saying!

Wrapping Up

This is not just for the dogs, am I right? Show your love on February 20 each year to your cherished family pet. Let them know they are loved. Let them know they are special. Take time to make them the center of attention. If you are reading this and you do not yet have a pet, consider becoming a Foster Parent. Your local animal shelter will supply and wrap up everything you need to foster an animal on their way to finding their forever home. Now, that’s love!

From Our Table

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Petco Treat Bar Duplex Sandwich Creme Dog Cookies

Sophia loves these!

“The Petco Treat Bar Duplex Sandwich Creme Dog Cookies allow you to reward your pup with a decadent blend of crunchy and creamy textures. You can split, break up or feed these biscuit dog treats whole.

  • – Duplex Sandwich Creme Dog Cookies from the Petco Treat Bar
  • – Crunchy and creamy snack option
  • – Goodness filled center
  • – Ideal for rewarding or treating your dog
  • – Each treat is 1.75″ in diameter and can be broken up into smaller bite-sized pieces
  • – Keep ’em Happy”


In this case, purchase as many or as few as you’d prefer your dog to consume. This is not the type of treat you’ll purchase because it’s good for them nutritionally. Of course, they are not all bad. Overall, they are put together well. Cute and crunchy and I typically break one cookie into several pieces to serve. It’s a sturdy cookie that you can carry out in a festive cellophane baggie from the Petco Treat Bar. It’s a fun treat to pickup, fresh from the bright lights of the treat bar.

The cookies have been enriched with wheat flour and you’ll find powdered sugar, and salt too. The sugar isn’t poisonous to dogs and plus there isn’t enough of it in there to cause a problem. But, if you are being cautious..there’s your heads up! My Sophia has never encountered a problem consuming these cookies. Try them now if you haven’t already. FYI…there’s a lot of good stuff on the Treat Bar, not just cookies.

Pet Insurance Plan

That’s it! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog. Make February spectacular for your fur baby and celebrate National Love Your Pet Day February 20 with us.







    1. Hello Jacquelyn,

      This is a great idea. Our pets are a part of our family, they are like our children. A day specially dedicated to them, making them feel special is a very nice idea. this 20th Feb, I will definitely dedicate the day to my dog. Moreover, I will also feed and play with other street dogs near my neighborhood (even though I feed them on a regular basis this will be a special treat like chicken).

    2. National Love Your Pet Day is a wonderful initiative. I have always felt upset about people that are cruel to animals. There are several causes of animal abuse. Although they are different, they have the same origin: human action. 

      One of the most popular ones is the lack of education. Little or no education on respect and animal conscience from a young age, can lead to malicious acts as part of morbidity or the feeling of superiority towards a defenseless creature that, due to its characteristics or conditions, cannot defend itself.

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