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That’s it. We are going out and I will not leave you at home. Why can’t you tag along for a leisurely outing? I mean, there must be someplace that will accept our unique friendship and allow your majestic presence, right? So many days you’ve waited patiently whilst I dash to the market, the pharmacy, the office, and for a bite to eat. I have been filled with angst just thinking of your scowl of disapproval as I leave you, yet again. Sorry, babe! Let me make it up to you. It’s about time that I took you out for luxury dinners. There are new roads to travel, and people to see as we explore fine dining for dogs next on my FOOD – The Doggy Perspective page. Welcome back.


What Should We Eat?

What constitutes ‘luxury’ dining? Ingredients? Atmosphere? My ensemble? Or the price paid for the meal? My guess is a combination of two or more of these choices. With a little help from Webster’s Dictionary, I’ve found fine dining described this way:

What does Fine Dining Mean? … As opposed to casual eateries, cafes or family-style restaurants, fine dining caters to an upscale clientele and provides the highest quality of food. A fine dining restaurant has a formal atmosphere, is almost always a sit-down restaurant, and has a fancier menu than most restaurants.


So, I was right. The quality of the food must be impeccable and unlike any bite we’ve previously shared. Well, I’m in the mood for fish, but, can my dog enjoy fish?

The experts at Purina.com explain that, in general, tuna, salmon, whitefish, cod and whiting are all good fish for dogs to eat. Purina uses fish in their foods because it is a good source of many of the nutrients dogs need. But, don’t stop there. Be specific. Be breed specific. Because not all dogs are made alike, be certain there is no harm in fish consumption for them, specifically.  Armed with plenty of information on DANGEROUS FOODS for my dog’s breed… I am getting dressed. Find your dog’s dietary don’ts here…CLICK!


Ahh Luxury

I begin with a little restaurant sleuthing in our area. Dog-friendly restaurants number 20 or so in our zip code within a twenty-five-mile radius.  I finally settle on a cute place to dine with my pet companion and retrieve 1 pearl and rose adorned collar we’ve been saving for a special occasion. I debate over whether or not the tiniest rhinestone hair bow would be too over the top for her right temple, then decide yes … she should have it. Dazzle and shine is her middle name this evening. Thank you. A bit of sophistication is called for. I couldn’t feel guiltier for leaving her alone for one more quick outing.

Enough said. I’d like to give you a clear idea of what we are experiencing here.



Fine Dining At It’s Best

From Our Table

Wellness CORE Simply Shreds Grain-Free Chicken, Beef & Carrots Wet Dog Food Topper

Dang! back at home from the restaurant. This is a tough act to follow. But, I’ve got your back. Budget-friendly Wellness Core Simply Shreds 100% Natural TastyTopper for Dogs is a great follow up. This paired well with my dog’s dry kibble. How so? There is enough broth in the envelope to adequately handle 1/3 cup of dry meal. From there you see white meat chicken, finely shredded into beyond bite-sized pieces. It’s very civilized, actually. And truly aromatic. Carrots, diced just so. And what do we have here?  47 calories? 5 Simple Ingredients? Well done. If your dog is really teeny, you should get a full meal from there. Otherwise, stick with the label INFORMATION: This is a complementary food intended to be fed with a complete and balanced dog food diet. You’ll receive 2.8 oz of food in your envelope (79g). Trust me, this is plenty.

Holding comments and questions until the end of the meal, our resident taste tester and expert, Sophia says ‘This was delicious!’ [she really did SAY that 🙂 ]. Everyone, The Doggy Perspective page will definitely repurchase. I leave you with this … the product rates 4.5 out of 5 Stars.


Okay Now, Time For A Walk


Man … we’re full. Luckily, the poo bags are in Sophia’s satchel. Why drive? This evening, she is a city dog. No more Golf Course. It isn’t super late, and all of the retail stores are open Downtown. There are 2 pet stores and one 1 high-end doggie boutique. You should see the Giant Black Poodle over there, and the Yorkie Twins down yonder. Busy streets have an amazing effect on Sophia, and she is rather ‘conversational’. She is sniffing about, and I  barely make it 10 feet before she stops me again. The lack of grasses puzzles her a bit. There is no place to, you know. Taking her lead from the Chow Chow … she figures it out. I am proud of her. She’s listening to commands, mindful at the curbs, and isn’t lurching at passersby. We have discovered a small grassy paradise! Well, okay, it’s a potted plant in the doorway of a retail space, but, hey! She made that work. With the bright lights and polished wood floors of the doggie boutique for inspiration, I do a bit of shopping. Since I am making it up to her for being too absent, there is not one practical purchase in the sack. It’s all nonsense, and she is completely in love with me, again. For extra spoilage, I pick her up and carry her near the gallery windows. Today’s display is blown glass. The colors and textures are truly beautiful. Up the block, the newest painted works from local artists are on display. I could just window shop forever.

About one hour later, she and I summon an Uber [did you know Uber is dog-friendly?] and head home satisfied. There was simply no need to open the window on the ride back. She’s already asleep in my lap. What a day.

Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. I work in the restaurant industry, and I think that Chef Jeff Haskell has a great idea! Definitely not something to be done at every restaurant, but I think there are plenty of people that would enjoy this type of thing. I thought it would be just a bowl of water on the ground, but this is awesome! I don’t think that I could afford getting my dog a $42 ribeye, but if you can then put that rhinestone collar on and have fun!

  2. Wao! This is cool! Taking our puppy out for an elegant dinner. I like it!

    There are aspects of going out that we, humans enjoy very much! And being able to treat our dog too as a member of the family and go out with him, is super exciting. My daughter will be equally excited as I am when I tell her we’re taking Bruno out for dinner. Thanks!

  3. Hi! I wish my town would have dog-friendly restaurants like that, but my country is far from that. It is great though, that you have a blog space like that – I don’t have a dog, but I often walk my neighbour’s dog, and it is good to read a blog like this – you really love your dog right?

    • Yes Primoz, our little doggy is quite the VIP. We truly adore🥰 her. Thanks for commenting.

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