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Pet Assure Review: My #1 Recommended Pet Insurance Pet Plan in the World!

Are you looking for an honest Pet Assure review? You have landed on the right place. I was surprised to see that some people had been searching on Bing or Google, “Is Pet Assure a scam?”. I can already answer that Pet Assure isn’t a scam and I am actively promoting Pet Assure membership.

In this review, I’ll explain how you can use Pet Assure to boost your Pet Insurance savings. Better savings will lead to more care. And naturally, more care leads to healthier pets.

Let me warn you before you start reading the review. If you use this Pet Plan effectively, it may revolutionize your whole pet care maintenance agenda. That’s why protection from unexpected perils and veterinary bill savings is one of the most important things you can master in the Pet Care world.

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Pet Assure homepage. It’s completely free to get started. (Click the picture to sign up to get your free quote.)

Pet Assure Review


Name: Pet Assure

Website: www.petassure.com

Founded: 1995

Cost: $0 Free Quote

Type: Family Plans, Single Plans

Short Review: Pet Assure is a highly effective alternative pet plan which helps you to find discounts on all in-house medical services in an instant. It also helps you to enroll all your pets for free in The Pet Tag’s 24/7 lost pet recovery service. This can definitely take your pet care to the next level.

I wasn’t convinced about Pet Assure because this is not a traditional pet insurance plan. And you’ll have to know what you are buying before you invest into it. For some owners, this type of plan will work out to be more valuable than a traditional plan that they never end up using because it only covers emergencies and accidents.

But after the latest updates, it has turned into my #1 recommended for pet plans on the Internet. All their savings, benefits and simplicity makes them superior to competitors.




Pet Assure Tutorial Video

I recorded you a comprehensive video on how to use petassure.com. I believe it will help you to understand Pet Assure Pet Plan even better.

After you have fully watched the video, you understand well how to use Pet Assure Pet Plan.


What Is Pet Assure?

Pet Assure is a neat alternative to pet insurance and is America’s top rated Veterinary plan. Participating Pet Assure veterinary practices will give you a 25% discount on ALL medical care provided in the office by the veterinary staff.

Simply show your Pet Assure card and the participating veterinary staff will reduce your entire medical services bill, no questions asked. It helps you to save more money on veterinary care and has no waiting period. Most of the Pet Assure clients locate their participating veterinarian by coming to the Pet Assure website because they find it simple. There is even a list of exclusions at the website to eliminate guesswork.

Here are a few things what you can do with it:

  • Enroll in the Pet Plan
  • Determine if Your Employer Offers the Pet Plan
  • Browse Veterinarians by State
  • Determine Exclusions With No Complications
  • + Finds discounts on related costs (Pet Assure members also receive 15% off of all purchases on PetCareRx)
  • Visit the Dog and Cat Health Library
  • Validate Your Membership -> especially convenient if you’ve left home without your pet’s ID card
  • Combine With Pet Insurance -> Your costs – Pet Assure discount = Final bill. Submit bill to Comprehensive Insurance.

If you don’t understand, what all those features and benefits mean, don’t worry because I’ll explain them in this article. In a nutshell, their purpose is to help you to achieve higher savings on Veterinary bills.


How Does Pet Assure Work?

Let’s have a look at their Veterinarian finder tool. Let’s say that you have a health issue with your dog whilst on vacation and you would like to locate a Veterinarian about the dogs’ condition. However, you don’t know exactly what type of problem you are managing and would like to target network Veterinary staff.

Pet Assure’s website, www.petassure.com, can do the heavy lifting for you. Write your current city location and or zip code

into the website search bar at www. petassure.com,and we’ll see what it gives.


Quick results for cost savings on Common Veterinary Procedures.

Let’s me explain what different numbers mean in plain terms.

  1. Avg. = The average amount of charges that Veterinarians collect per service.
  2. Veterinary Service = The exact service performed and appearing on the pet’s bill of lading.
  3. Your Savings = (Quoted Discount Amount) = Twenty-five percent of Quoted Veterinary Service.

So, what should you be looking at here? What is the most important metric?

Based on my personal and other people’s experiences Avg. cost is the most important metric. Here is a good guideline, it’s the so called 25 percent rule:

If you have a new bill, aim for Avg. cost minus 25 percent on all in-house medical services



The more knowledge your pet parent has, the easier you can also get financial assistance for higher Veterinary bills. In my opinion, Avg. cost is the most important single metric. When I started out I even aimed for Avg. cost under 50 or 30, which would be office visits and a plethora of vaccines. Then it was much easier to get these services paid. Of course, I still prefer combining comprehensive coverage with alternative pet plans for final Veterinary invoices that have the lowest billable total because it helps me to get out of debt easier.

In this example of Cruciate Ligament Repair, there isn’t right away the single factor that hits Avg. cost under 50 or 30. However, I have chosen Cruciate Ligament Repair because CCL surgery is the most common orthopedic surgery performed in dogs and is said to make up 85% of all dog orthopedic surgeries performed every year.

Many breeds have a very low affinity for torn ligaments unless they are obese or engaging in strenuous exercise, but you do have certain breeds more prone to dog CCL injuries, including Labrador retrievers, Newfoundlands, German shepherds, rottweilers, and golden retrievers. $206.25 is a significant saving where this expense must be paid for out of pocket prior to comprehensive insurance reimbursal. When you submit invoices for reimbursal, keep in mind that breeds predetermined to be prone to this condition are not covered, depending upon the policy you’ve invested in, Pet Parent. Still, consider the auxiliary costs. Your dog will require bloodwork, anesthesia, pain medication, rehabilitation, and perhaps crating. More than you bargained for? You bet! When you add up the costs, Pet Assure will get you 25% off in house services and also provide you another 15% on medications at the same time which brings down your total cost even more significantly.

There are also tons of other benefits inside Pet Assure but were gonna have a look at them further.

Does Pet Assure Really Work? Does It Help You to Save on Veterinary Expenses?

I’ve heard many people asking, “Does Pet Assure really work? Can it really help me to get savings?”

Well, let these testimonials speak for themselves. I have used Consumer Affairs to locate these authentic testimonials but it uses the same qualifying information as the Pet Assure website. The key is to understand that there is a Network of Veterinarians and that you must seek services within this specified network, and to read the exclusions list for what is not able to be discounted by the Veterinary practice and its staff. The limitations are clearly listed at the Pet Assure website. I used to seek free Veterinary care before I discovered payroll deduction options because I thought it’s enough for me but now I have decided to take my dog’s healthcare seriously and go to the next level with Pet Assure.









Searching with “Is Pet Assure Worth it”









Searching with “What Are Pet Wellness Plans”








Searching with “Is Pet Assure A Scam”


All of these keywords and articles are driving interested customers regularly to Pet Assure’s website. There are also tons of other examples I could show you but I think this is enough for now. Many times you don’t even need to get multiple searches to locate top ranked #1 or #2 pet insurance plans to complete your buying decision. Sometimes even the lower rating 1 star customer experiences prove this plan highly competitive and high performing. These keyword searches have a high search volume, with over 1 million results.

I showed those 3 search results right from Google. But Pet Assure has also a cool feature that lets you check and track testimonials easily.

How to Check For Your Employer with Pet Assure?

Let me give you an example. In the paragraph before last, I mentioned to you the payroll deduction discovery. Let’s look for it inside Pet Assure:







Pet Assure shows that I’m at Click Here for the employer search. Pet Benefits Solutions page is where you’ll land after clicking the link and I search for “HOL”, the first 3 letters of my employer’s name.


In the picture above, you can see the section on the left called Trustpilot. This is your invitation to check out their 50 reviews at the time of this article. Above Trustpilot, automatically confirm their Better Business Bureau A+ Rating too. You can read the Terms & Conditions, and you can let Pet Assure check your pricing with a free quote. And afterward, quickly complete your enrollment into the plan.

You can choose plans for Single Cat, Single Dog, Family (*Most Popular Plan*), or Unlimited.









Select search result: Holiday Inn & Suites Across from Universal Orlando ( Performance Hospitality Management ), then click on “next” at the right margin to reveal your benefit.




Here are some prices that Pet Assure is actively tracking via this employer. And, you should notice an even deeper discount from the original free direct quote. Using zip code 32830, $8.25 for a single dog, and $16.58 for unlimited vs employer payroll deduction at $8.00 and $11.00 respectively.

In my opinion, this is a really cool feature. Pet Assure also includes a 24/7 Lost Pet Recovery Service tag from ThePetTag ($24.99 value). When you sign up on the Pet Assure website, the website provides you a link where you can immediately

print your Pet Assure card. If you provided your address during registration, a Pet Assure card is mailed to you within 1 – 10 business days.





I recommend using comprehensive coverage and Pet Assure together. If you already are covered via traditional pet insurance or wellness plans, begin comparing Pet Assure to insurance. Do this particularly if you have zero coverages and want to see how well do you get covered. I am going to set “Is Pet Assure Worth It” for tracking to see how well this post is being ranked and how it changes over time.

Another great time to use this comparison feature is when you update your old employer or old comprehensive policy. I used to write the specific savings for each service and treatment rendered in a notebook and keep that notebook inside a medical file reserved for my dog. Now I don’t need to do it manually because Pet Assure does it automatically for you and me. Pet Assure does all heavy lifting for you.

Quick Note: When your dog has an emergency it gets expensive quickly. You can purchase Pet Assure on the fly in under 2 minutes, print your pet’s ID card, present that ID card to the Veterinarian immediately, and save money then and there.

Analyze Your Competition with Pet Assure

With Pet Assure you can also “spy” your competition and decide whether you’ll have a hard time getting covered or will it be a piece of cake.

Let’s say that you have an opportunity to begin a new job in a new state, and you will be bringing your dog with you. You want to know if employers with competing offers will offer you payroll deducted Pet Assure! Have a look at what kind of competition you’re going to face when considering offers. Will Pet Assure be included?







Competition for a job offer? Employer Includes “Payroll Deducted Pet Assure Pet Plan”

The search term I entered shows you top first page results on Google. And shows important details about those websites. You can see Pet Assure is among the top ten out of about 8,770,000 results. You could navigate straight to the employer search function from the first page of Google search.

This information will give you even more detailed information about your competing employers. In this case, we can see the Company Customer Invite. What does this mean? If the strongest offer is devoid of a Pet Assure option, you may invite them in.

Fill out the form below to generate a customizable e-mail to invite your company to offer pet benefits through Pet Benefit Solutions.

It can be hard to outdo this one. Then you can, of course, have a quick look at other employer names on the search page. As I mentioned above, you don’t need to look beyond the #1 search page to locate this Pet Benefit Solutions tool.

How to Make Money with Pet Assure?

I don’t like spending my money. On the other hand, I like investing money. I think that buying Pet Assure is an investment rather than spending money because it will pay itself back multiple times. Let me explain how.

First of all, Pet Assure is going to save you tons of time. And as we all know, time is money. Let’s have a simple example. The veterinarian earns on average $45 per Routine Wellness Exam and $475 per Dental Cleaning & X-Rays. Now you use 25 percent discount for figuring out out of pocket costs and how to get reimbursed through comprehensive pet insurance. What if you could cut that cost to 75%? $130.25 stays in your wallet on this transaction. Remember your single dog package price is $8.25. Multiply times 12 equals $99. Using this formula, Savings – Yearly cost billed monthly = Pays for itself

That is $130.25 – $99 = $31.25

Do you see why you would be making money with Pet Assure? You could say that dividing $31.25 by $8.25 equals 3.78 months coverage free.

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potty training



Let’s say that after buying Pet Assure you’ll use only Unlimited coverage. You enjoy the policy, have now given Pet Assure as gifts to several friends and relatives, and believe in this product. That’s impressive but it’s not the most important thing here. You are still spending a few dollars per month so you want some kind of income for that investment. What could Pet Assure give you?

Imagine if Pet Assure can help you to find $300 per month income. It equals to $3,600 income per year! Now it’s getting interesting. Become A Pet Assure Affiliate

Affiliates sell to individuals and sell directly to consumers. Affiliates generate commission based on their sales. Sign up as a Pet Assure Affiliate and earn commissions on revenue generated over the first two years of each signup. Pet Assure has the highest paying commissions in the industry.

Fill out the form which generates an affiliate ID and links you should use to offer Pet Assure. The links are attached to your affiliate ID, and any enrollments that occur from your those links will be attributed to your affiliate account.

So you see? Sign up and start generating commissions today.

And as you know, an online business can be scaled endlessly. You can write 10, 20 or even 50 sales monthly. Do you remember three Google pages that I showed you earlier? All those pages are making income. With a good product, you would not have a tough time to figure out how to get sales and make money online.

At the moment most of my online traffic comes from Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. It means that even though I wouldn’t work directly for Pet Assure, my affiliate sales and website traffic would still most likely grow or at least stay the same. That’s the power of Affiliate marketing.

=> Want to Generate More Income Online? Take Your Business to the Next Level with Pet Assure!

Pet Assure Reviews – Online Entrepreneurs Love to Use It

I usually take a look at other people’s experiences and reviews while writing my articles. Hearing from other people gives a wider perspective and helps me to understand whether other people enjoy using the item as well.

Many are actively liking Pet Assure and seeing great results. Imagine that many of them were recommending Pet Assure even before a big qualifying event. Now when Pet Assure partnered with PetplusRx, the discounts got even sweeter, making its presence for pet parents more powerful than ever.

The reason they like to use the PetPlusRx feature of Pet Assure is 15% savings on orders from PetCareRx.com: including

prescriptions, preventatives, supplies, food and more. Unlimited use.

Ultimately, the reviews, good or bad, are simple to access, add validity to purchase recommendations and support combining forces with other associated affiliate opportunities. It’s simple! That really helps them to achieve results on Google and track the progress effectively.

Pet Assure Price – Free Quote Available

Pet Assure has 4 membership options: Single Cat, Single Dog, Family*, Unlimited

I started out with a Single Dog because then I didn’t need to pay anything extravagant. I have comprehensive coverage but still was able to use Pet Assure sometimes [co-pet parenting]. However, now I have upgraded my account because I saw a clear benefit.

You can see the differences between Pet Assure pricing plans here. I recommend that you at least try Pet Assure Family or Single for one month to see how all their features can boost your pet’s care and protect your wallet. The price of a Family membership is like 1-2 cheap pizzas per month.

Pet Assure Features

Conclusion – Is Pet Assure Worth It?

Yes, Pet Assure is worth it. I am paying for pet care and their yearly membership helps. I’m excited about how this opportunity can take my online business to the next level. There are so many ways to benefit from this opportunity.

I can use it to make my own websites popular on Google but that’s not all. I can also prospect for clients and build marketing lists for future promotions. Did you know that many people are joining as affiliates and making good money?

Or I can create a website, become popular on Google, and partner up with some people who want to advertise their pet-related businesses on my site.

Therefore, there are numerous ways how Pet Assure can transform your business and bring you more income. Why wouldn’t you get a quote today for free?

=> Transform Your Business Today with Pet Assure!

How would you benefit from using Pet Assure? Would you use it to keep your pets healthy or give the gift of good health to a pet parent friend or family member?

Let me know in the comments below!


I hope you enjoyed my Pet Assure review and this answered all your questions including, “Is Pet Assure a scam?”

If you have any questions of Pet Assure, in general, don’t hesitate to leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Lots of Wags,


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  1. If you have a dog or any other pet it is imperative that you do all you can to care for your dog, that is by keeping them safe at home and when you are out and about exercising or enjoying your time together. That isn’t just maintaining a level of care for your dog in the immediate future. That means having relevant insurance or a means to pay for any veterinary treatment whether it is the treatment for injury due to an accident or your dog develops an illness that requires immediate short or long term treatment. For most people that means having pet insurance or a plan such as “Pet Assure”. As a dog owner, it is the only responsible course of action.

  2. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I just get my new dog and need to have insurance for my dog. My previous dog died of cancer without insurance, which costed me dearly.

    Your review on Pet Assure is comprehensive, which contains all I need to know. I particularly like your description on How to Make Money with Pet Assure? The insurance fee is only $99/year or $8.25/month. This is amazing price!

    What is more interesting is that there is affiliate program for Pet Assure. I know several of my friends ask for pet insurance and I could definitely recommend this to them. Otherwise, I may give this as gift for my friends, since I know that this could be a live-saving product. 

    • Anthony, that is what we enjoy hearing at the blog! Be certain to get covered quickly to give your furbaby every possible advantage. Just in case, here’s the link to get your pet covered.  I Want Coverage For My Pet

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this insightful article here, I really love this pet assured program, it is a very good and understandable one it’s always of good importance for use to get  offers like this for our pets as it allows them to enjoy some benefits like when they get lost and all. I’d love to look into this, it’s nice to read through.

  4. There were cases of pet owners leaving their dog behind somewhere in the forest and even in isolated street.  And one of the usual  identified reasons is because they cannot afford taking care of a pet anymore.  I saw a video of a woman leaving her dog in the road before speeding her car away.  It broke my heart for the dog.  But the reality is taking care of dog is really expensive.  

    I think Pet Assure would be a good dog insurance to be considered by every pet owner.  If one wanted to give all the health care and needs of his dog, it is good to invest in this kind of insurance.  Spending would not be that burdensome.  I also have my own dog.  Never heard of this Pet Assure before but I am starting to consider the possibility of getting it.  Thank you.

    • You are most certainly welcome! These are exactly the sort of instances that I have been talking about. People underestimate the cost of caring for and sharing with these animals. And that is mostly due to being uninformed. For example, the Humane Society is chuck full of dogs that have come out of the situations you describe. With one phone call, the animal could have been spared the traumatic experience of abandonment and gone into a proper temporary facility.

      Did you see ‘Why Did I Adopt A Dog Anyways?’ … I recommend it! Particularly for those who are speaking casually on the subject of adopting a dog. Please watch, then share the video. I believe it effectively delivers the message concerning the seriousness of the task of becoming a pet parent. Cuddles to you!

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