Is It Better To Feed Your Dog Dry Pet Food Or Wet Pet Food?

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At times dogs can be finicky. You’ve discovered a favorite dry brand for your dog and now your pet won’t eat. A hunger strike puts an owner in a precarious position. What do you try to encourage consumption now, and do you just pack up the dog and race to the Vet’s office? I think not. A bit of variety is something everyone enjoys. I am suggesting your dog is no different. In this article I will discuss the benefits of feeding dry vs. wet foods to your dogs.

Comparison: Wet vs. Dry

The dry dog food vs. wet dog food facts speak for themselves here. The shelf life and ease of use is the reason that I typically serve dry foods to my dog. They are affordable and contain all the vet recommended nutrients my dog needs. The problem is that over time, the dog simply will not consume the food. The dog is just bored with dinner. My dog’s dry food dinner sits there unhampered with while the firestorm of begging for treats has begun. A couple of really flavorful brands that I have found to break my dog from this habit are Beneful and Alpo dry dog foods. I’ve gotten better responses with these two than any others I’ve fed regularly. Alpo is a tried and true staple for dog owners and has been served for years. Beneful is a newer product and caters to the likes of smaller dogs. Again, an excellent choice for a dry feed when searching for variety and value.

Adding wet food to your dogs diet satisfies cravings and the need for a more savory bite. Increased moisture levels are excellent for bringing back Fido’s appetite and aid in ease of elimination. By all means, if you believe your dog is suffering from a serious malady, please do the right thing by your pet and provide them with professional care. There are some dry foods on the market today that cater to your dogs need for a softer meal. A great example of this? Gravy Train. Gravy Train can be served both wet and dry. Just add water. Most manufacturers offer both wet and dry versions of their products allowing owners to mix and match and further surprise and delight their pooches at meal time. For us, both styles of food should be fed for optimum health.


Nulo Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth


Now, I realize this may open up a new can of worms….the wide world of broth. However, I just wanted to let you know that this broth was received well and spiced up my dogs appetite today for the usual dry bowl of food. I served the Nulo pouch at room temperature over one half cup dry kibbles after allowing the broth to absorb for two minutes. This product travels well, is easily stored in the pantry, and has a great price.


It is raining out today, and well, I am not thrilled to have to do my duty. Where are those poo bags? I am starting out by preparing a post walk basket for the door. In today’s reception basket we have 1 thirsty towel. I tend to stock up on towels for the worst days at the local Goodwill. A dog brush for removing leaves, pine needles, burrs, and mud. 1 pair of tweezers for anything slightly more serious. 1 pair of flip-flops for me. 1 bottle of dog shampoo. 1 garbage bag to hold wet shoes and socks, the umbrella, the used dog towel, and the dog lead. There is no avoiding the splash the dog makes as it hurries through the puddles. The rain makes for unusually fun dog races with the other pooches. I have learned that an old coat that you don’t care about works best when calling the dog back once the fun is over. I am invariably jumped on, high fived, kissed and slobbered upon in appreciation for hanging in there. Even in the rain, I serve.

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  1. Many thanks to you for sharing such a wonderful article with us and I have a dog and he is a very good friend of mine .I think I need both dry pet food or wet pet food for my dog .The reason is that you highlight your article very nicely so I think it will be easy for everyone to understand .Dogs never like to eat dry food and never like to eat wet food so I think a combination of the two is needed. The Gravy Train serves both wet and dry and most manufacturers offer both wet and dry versions of their products that I can mix easily and the dog eats with great pleasure during the meal. Therefore, both styles should be fed for the best health of the dog. 

    Lastly I would like to say that this article will be helpful for those who have dogs and who are very worried about their food and they will follow these tips and share their new experiences with you soon.

    • Thank you for your comment. I do find combining both and dry foods useful for finicky canines. There is no perfect ratio for wet to dry but I  have found success with 2 parts wet to 1 part dry when this issue occurs. Please share this article with any individuals you know of who may be concerned their pet is under eating. All the best!

  2. My current dog, a former stray, has been entirely happy with just dry dog food (with added water, warm in winter) since we got him from the shelter three years ago. However, all our previous dogs had, especially with advancing age, become more and more fussy as they got older. With each of them we had either to switch to a mix of store bought wet and dry food or work out their favourite food (one loved salmon which is really expensive, the other some years later loved chicken which is much cheaper) and add a little to every meal, along with some fish stock/chicken stock to get them to eat. They all had long and happy lives so it was worth the effort and expense. So, I think as a dog owner you need to be sensitive to the needs of your dog and his/her changing tastes.

    • I agree. Keeping a watchful eye on your dog’s food intake is crucial at all times, but particularly as they age. You make a great point regarding the expense of feeding human grade foods to dogs as a regular dietary staple. The featured product,  Nulo Grass Fed Beef Broth is ready to go, and easy on the wallet. Since it already prepared, it should save you time too. I have only found this product at PetSmart. As your current dog’s need change, I highly recommend adding a package of Nulo broth to the dish. Thanks for your comment. All the best!

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