International Day Of Veterinary Medicine

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International Day Of Veterinary Medicine

Today’s article is dedicated to a special day of the year and it’s also dedicated to a unique group of people that help us to enjoy healthy lives with our domesticated animal friends.

Now… quick question… You have a pet, right? What would your day be like without the antics of your pet? I am taking a stand and saying my day is going to be a lot less special. Is this the case for you too?

The special day that I am speaking about is The International Day of Veterinary Medicine that’s coming up this month on December 9th, 2021.

The International Day of Veterinary Medicine is a day that has been dedicated to recognizing the entire field of Veterinary Medicine.

Veterinary Medicine aids us in keeping our pet friends safe and keeping our pet friends alive. Plus, The International Day of Veterinary Medicine also recognizes the people who practice this trade.




So, the International Day of Veterinary Medicine actually does have a history. This is a day that allows those companies and organizations that work hard every year to do some special tasks.

On this day especially, companies and organizations promote the development of Veterinary Medicine. The application of scientific principles towards the treatment of animals receives a spotlight. We love our furry friends and desire to be super close to them, sharing affection, treats, and laughs. But these professionals have seen to it that there is accuracy in diagnosis, accuracy in treatment, and accuracy within the prevention of transmission of any animal disease onto people. Which all makes safe snuggling possible.

They also help us with the food supply. These days the veterinarians and veterinarian nurses serve all over the world. We even celebrate International Veterinarian Day on April 30th, and we celebrate Vet Nurse Day annually on October 8.

Bottom line? The efforts of these professionals ensures that pamphlets, magazines, brochures, and pertinent pieces of information are made and available to us pet owners…like myself and like you too. This assists us in making the absolute best choices for them.

Now whether that is a notice about the contents of new dog food which sometimes leads foods to getting recalled or whether it’s a new medicine that a pet parent may be wanting to ask their Veterinarian about for their pooches, these organizations stay on the cutting technological edge of Veterinary Medicine. The International Day of Veterinary Medicine also celebrates those individuals who really do work hard to keep our animals safe. It’s these individuals who constantly go through continuing education to stay right at the nucleus of medicine that will keep our pets alive and keep our pets healthy for years and years to come.

Though we don’t typically speak about exotic animals here at the Blog, a holler goes to those in the field practicing Exotic Animal Medicine as well. They have taken the time to learn about animals rarely kept as pets, making our domestic pet choices even greater. Yup. It’s not just cats and dogs anymore, is it?



So we’re going to be celebrating. But how do we celebrate the International Day of Veterinary Medicine coming up here in the next few days on December 9th?


Fruit Baskets and Cards for your professional

Referrals/Sharing their business cards

Make an appointment for your pet

Your professional will appreciate knowing that their work means a lot to you!

And you can actually make this personal. To do our part, however small, we can make this be about our personal commitments to our pets and not just make this only about celebrating the wonderful organizations and the fantastic individuals within.

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  1. What a great idea to celebrate all the wonderful people who help us to keep our gorgeous pets healthy and happy. I never knew that some vets do extra study for our more exotic pets. They really do help us to stay ahead of what is in pet foods and all the extra meds that we need to keep our pets well.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I will send a card.

  2. People really love their pets hay. There is even a day for veterinary medicine. Quick question, is it expensive to purchase these medications and also, what is the purpose of this day? Will it be cheaper to purchase this medicine? It will actually make a lot of sense for the medicine to be cheaper 

    • Hello Daniel and welcome back. Good to hear from you my friend. Well yes, people really do love their dogs! And they look for ways to reduce medicinal costs all the time. See me at YouTube for cost savings examples that you and pet parents like you can employ regularly. Here’s the link 

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