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Well, you all, welcome back to thedoggyperspective.com. Today I was just thinking about how much I enjoy take out. There is just something about whipping up to the drive-thru window and solving the mystery of lunch. I am for certain that I am not the only one who enjoys the long line of freshly washed and very shiny cars, bumper to bumper. Or, how about the landscaping? I always, always, admire the landscaping. There is never so much as a gum wrapper in there or on the ground. Somedays, it’s twenty minutes in line before you can place your order. Plus, I get a kick out of the guy in the drive thru line without his vehicle! There he is, standing there, lone wolf, placing his order at the speaker, walking forward and waiting his turn, paying his money and grabbing his food. Amazing, right? Well, I never thought this would happen but I’ve got a new twist on drive thrus for you, and oh, wait until you hear about the good deeds going on down south. Stick around a bit to find out. And, yessss it is for your doggo…

Anyway. You’ve heard of the SPCA, right? That is the Society For Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals. Okay. They are everywhere. A person can do great things through giving at the website, shelters, and participating in Partner programs. My favorite is the Subaru / ASCPA Partner Program.

About Subaru…

Subaru is a long-standing partner of the ASPCA. These initials stand for American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals They are a leading animal welfare organization in North America whose goal is to help bring pets and people together. Since 2008, Subaru has donated nearly $24 million to the ASPCA and they have helped support over 1,500 adoption events, assisting more than 57,000 animals nationwide.

ASPCA and Subaru are celebrating a longstanding partnership in 2020. Did you know Subaru will donate $250 for every new Subaru vehicle purchased or leased? That money goes directly to the ASPCA. As a company, Subaru believes ‘it is important to do its part in making a contribution.’

But that is not what this is about. No. This is not about shiny new cars. This is about helping the community. If you go down to the Brandywine Valley SPCA, guess what? You’ll find a Drive-Thru Pet Pantry! Yep! Don’t even get out of the vehicle!. The dogs have got it made, I am telling you. If you drive thru there in your new Subaru, or whatever you’ve got on hand, you’ll find the pet pantry helping families out on Mondays.

Free dog and cat food will be available while supplies last. Isn’t that great? This all began on Sept 21 at the Wilmington Blue Rocks’ Frawley Stadium. This will be the 10th drive-thru-pantry held over across the state of Delaware and throughout southeastern Pennsylvania. And, every time they do this drive-thru-pantry, they feed 800 or more pets. Fabulous, right?! Yesss!

The drive-thru pet pantry format does require everyone to arrive in a vehicle. Everyone should remain in their vehicle while the BVSPCA staff requests information on the household pets from 6 feet away, and then loads the pet food into the trunk or hatchback.

The pantries are part of the BVSPCA’s ongoing commitment to help prevent families from needing to surrender their beloved pets to a shelter for economic reasons.

Applause, please!

I also learned that the Brandywine Valley SPCA has distributed more than 200,000 pounds of pet food to families in need and sent several truckloads of pet food to other shelters for their pantries since the start of the pandemic. To put this into perspective for you, 200,000 pounds of pet food weighs the same as 5 Greyhound Buses. And, it is not just that. Nope.

In addition to the drive-thru pantries, the BVSPCA has expanded it’s standard pet food pantry to be accessible anytime during shelter open hours: That’s Tuesday through Friday noon to 7 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you’d like to help out, donations to help the BVSPCA continue their efforts to supply pet food to families in need can be made at the shelters or via the Amazon Wish List: amzn.to/3hxjI1T. Get on over to Amazon!

Finally, I double-checked for announcements on when and where the next drive thru will take place to no avail. Neither the Stadium nor the BVSPCA had posted any new information regarding the next event. All we know is that this goes down on Mondays. Well, nevertheless, my hat is off to those teams of people volunteering and making this happen. With COVID-19 and everything else that is going on, it’s a wonderful effort and should be applauded. I encourage everyone to search for one in their local area and patronize and/or lend a hand, folks.

Moving On

Now, I love reading. Especially on a rainy day. Anyone who is anyone with a dog is most likely reading pet related materials at some point, if they’ve got a furry friend in the house. Well, did you hear about the new magazine, DROOL? It is available online and in print. Just place your order at the website.

I like this one. Especially the digital edition. It has pages that flip and everything.

It’s just issue one, but the look of this publication is sleek and friendly. And, they talk about all of the interesting things dogs are doing across the USA. They’ve even offered up artwork for their readers. $50 bucks and you can have something grand. This magazine is from Bixbi [Boulder Organics, LLC]. Bixbi is most well-known for it’s Louisville pet food company.

They offer Rawbble and Liberty Dry Dog Food, Rawbble Freeze Dried Dog Food and Rawbble Wet Dog Food. And, you know, the price is nice. A pet parent will not have to break the bank to get hold of a nutritious meal for their pet. So, If you are ready to try a new meal, thedoggyperspective.com would like to make it easy for you! Indecision is such a beast! With so many choices on those shelves, who knows what to grab for. Let’s all try a BIXBI Sample Box for $10.00. Here’s what’s inside guys and gals:

  • RAWBBLE Dry Chicken Recipe Sample
  • RAWBBLE Dry Lamb Recipe Sample
  • RAWBBLE Dry Wingatarian Sample
  • RAWBBLE Dry Landitarian Sample
  • RAWBBLE Freeze-Dried Chicken Sample
  • RAWBBLE Freeze-Dried Turkey Sample
  • RAWBBLE Freeze-Dried Pork Sample
  • Pocket Trainers
  • $10 Gift Certificate for BIXBIPet.com

Now, we are going into the holiday season so remember to think not with just trying something new, but with gift giving!? Ho Ho Ho! Try it for yourself, share a pouch or two, and give the Gift certificate to another. Anyway… check out the magazine here.


From Our Table

Wellness Complete Health Adult Dry Dog Food, Whitefish & Sweet Potato Recipe

I am all about this, as Sophia has white fur all over. No matter what I do, she produces tears. Luckily, with good nutrition and great care products, a little swipe with the cotton pad is all it usually takes. But, I rely on her food for full-time assistance. For tear stain prevention and for clearance, this bag from Wellness gets me consistently great results since I began feeding her this as a part of her tear stain regimen. It’s a great mixer. Give it a try. There is always a bit of Wellness in Sophia’s pantry to blend in or serve as a crunchy-munchy snack. How does it help? The food uses a single protein, which is adult whitefish. At the same time Wellness integrates sweet potatoes to help ease digestion for sensitive dogs.

Now, she isn’t sensitive, but I am not mad that this is taking it easy on her digestive system and tummy. The formula used in this high-quality dog food ensures that her digestive system functions at a normal level. Sweet potatoe is a great alternative to the materials normally found in dog food products. This food keeps her full longer.

Her skin and her coat are already pretty good. Again, she gets the added benefit of high levels of Omega Fatty Acids. This particular ingredient is crucial for maintaining clear skin and a healthy coat.

Sophia really likes the sweet potatoe. So, what happens when I put the food down is that she just wants more. I blend this with wet or dry foods and think of it more as a ‘treatment’ than a meal. Remember, I am trying to keep those tear stains at bay. And, after 2 5-lb bags, I did get the results I wanted.

PRIMARY BENEFIT FOR SOPHIA: Precise ingredients and vitamins to prevent the formation of tear stains and allergies.

You all can get a few different flavors for your fur babies when you go for it and it comes in 3 sizes. Here’s the link:

That’s A Wrap

Alrighty then. What have we learned? Drive thru pet food pantries exist and are helping families through the pandemic. A cool new pet magazine recently launched and how to snag a sampler box to share. And lastly, where to find dry dog food kibble for prevention of tear stains.

I gotta go. It’s time to unpack Sophia’s grooming supplies, as we’ve just returned from the dogwash. Bye guys! I sincerely hope that you enjoyed your journey with thedoggyperspective.com today. Visit the blog often for more news, shenanigans, and information. As always, remember to pick up after your doggo out there! Until next time…

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  6. It is funny when you shared your experience with the drive thru with us lol. I personally hate it because of the traffic that it caused. It is always much faster at the counter, just my opinion. Maybe you can get Sonic instead lol. Anyways, that is great! I had no idea that Subaru is donated so much for ASPCA, it is so refreshing to hear that. We have to protect those who can’t protect themselves. The drive thru pet pantry is genius. If there is a soup kitchen for us humans why not for the pets too! I definitely have to share your post to all my friends. 

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