How You Can Help Stop Holiday Pet Mishaps

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Hello and Happy Holiday Pet Parents!

Thanks again for stopping by the blog. Today I have a quick reminder for all pet parents on some of the holiday dangers facing your pets. We want to share foods with them but be strong! There are definite don’ts to sharing holiday foods with your pets. And of course, it isn’t just food that can put your pet into danger this season. Let’s cover a few areas of concern to ensure a holiday season with as few Veterinary mishaps as possible.

How You Can Help Stop Holiday Pet Mishaps

Do not feed your pet grapes, raisins, milk, or alcohol. Also, they should not receive chocolate, onions, nutmeg, and most varieties of nuts. This can be tricky for some pet parents because we believe that if we are not directly feeding that particular food to the dog or cat that we are not making a mistake. But do remember that these foods hide as ingredients within our favorite dishes. You may forget that spice cake is full of nutmeg and milk! That is a horrible mishap for your pet at any time of the year.

Consider Other Household Holiday Hazards

  • Be certain that your holiday guests are not responsible for causing your pet stress.
  • When it comes to Christmas tree ornaments, leaving lower branches barer is safer for pets.
  • Plants. Mistletoe can be harmful.
  • Tinsel and Ribbon may cause intestinal blockage if consumed.
  • Anti-freeze is deadly. Please keep this out of your pet’s reach.
  • Secure the Christmas Trees! You don’t want them to fall. Pick up shedding from the trees. If ingested, Evergreen needles can become lodged in your dog’s intestine and may require surgical removal.
  • Watch out for lights and wires. If your dog chews any electrical cords it may end in serious injuries [oral burns and/or electric shock]

PS …. Don’t forget to leave off fat trimmings and bones … both can lead to pancreatitis. And those bones? Specifically? They can splinter and they have the ability to puncture your dog’s stomach or intestines.

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    1. Hi Jacquelyn,
      Your site is well planned and a beautiful Niche you have picked. I love the settings and very appealing to the reader. I love dogs but only to a certain extent. I have clients who love pets and mostly dogs. I love to give them a pat on the back as I enter my client’s home. They are a very good company and brings joy to each individual Clients. You will go far with your Niche and wishing you all the best in the coming years. Cheers!

    2. Great tips, Glitter Ornaments should also be avoided as pets can accidentally lick and ingest the glitter. That Christmas dinner canned dog food looks great, as to not leave out our furry friends when we’re having Christmas dinner. Do they make one for cats? Looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂

      • Purina is one of my favorites for pet food recommends. This brand has an entire menu for your kitty which is to be enjoyed all year round. Begin with Fancy Feast Festivities 2021 Advent Calendar in the 24 count. It encompasses each of the major holidays and includes a unique nutritionally balanced gourmet selection for your kitty. 

        Unfortunately, Merrick does not offer a wet or dry Christmas Dinner option for cats. Oh no! But Purina has your back and these foods are super affordable. Also try Fancy Feast Festive Edition Recipes Stocking Stuffer 4-Pack.  Flavors are real turkey and real salmon. The holiday flair flavors blend in pumpkin and spinach, sweet potatoes and tomatoes. With any luck your kitty cat will fall in love with these flavors. I tell you what. My affiliate links will lead you to Chewy.com where you can select the 4 pack stocking stuffers. Those are already presented in holiday packaging so pet lovers may gift give with just the swoop of a pen or the addition of a pretty bow. 

        PS… You may also find these two items inside of your local area Target Stores Pet Boutique. Thanks for your comment and Happy Holidays Champ!  🎄 Affiliate link ==> https://prf.hn/l/6Ppe3oe 

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