Holiday Season Is Here. Is Getting A Christmas Puppy A Good Idea?

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Is Getting A Christmas Puppy A Good Idea?

Hi there! It’s Jacquelyn. The holiday season is here. Yes! It’s Christmas! Who’s ready for the shopping and traveling frenzy? I am recently returned from a trip including Sophia and we are both happy to be back at home where we can relax. This holiday season includes a few opportunities to recognize our doggies. Let’s talk about that.

But first, is getting a Christmas puppy a good idea? When should you begin to shop? And where? The month of December is known as Cat Lover’s Month, nationally. Why is this important here at thedoggyperspective.com? Well, there’s lots of other good stuff happening for the doggies within the month of December. For example, December 2 is National Mutt Day. December 5 is Celebrate Shelter Pets Day.

I’d like to be among the first to hop on the bandwagon and begin celebrating shelter pets.

Sophia Is A Shelter Pet

Sophia is a shelter pet. After I had done my research and was armed with the knowledge of the exact type of dog that would be a best fit for me, I set off to find my pet. Breeders were my first stop along the way to finding my dog. I had heard so many horror stories as I progressed that I became doubtful that I would ever find my pet.

The first stumbling block became the money. Yes, the money! The breeders wanted anywhere from $800 to $5000 for a puppy. Sigh. Count me out. And then there were the breeders who advertised prices within my comfort zone but did not have the best reputations. My coaching materials warned that I should watch out for the following signs when communicating with a dog breeder.

Bad Breeders

Here are the top 10 biggest warning signs you’re dealing with a bad breeder.

  • They are selling the dogs for less than they are worth. …
  • They don’t make you sign a contract. …
  • They do not provide you with health and pedigree papers. …
  • They breed dogs who are too young or, too old or, they breed a female too many times
  • Lack of knowledge about the breed. …
  • Ignorance or denial of genetic defects. …
  • No involvement in dog sports. …
  • Not letting you observe the litter, meet the mother or other dogs, or see where the puppies were raised. …
  • No documentation.


The first breeder I visited gave me the chills. I know that there are multiple animals there. I expected there to be a scent. But this is not a scent. I’d describe the scent as more of a stench. That was tough to get past. However, I really wanted to adopt a pet so I pushed past the stench and took a look around. Maybe, there was one pet there for me. Trusting my intuition, I turned tail and then got out of there. The second location on my list was a small animal shelter. They were lesser-known but they had a longstanding reputation in their township. More people trusted them than did not trust them per their organization’s reviews. 35 minutes later, I was there. I pulled into the parking space before the modest building with sparse signage. I felt more at ease. I gathered myself and headed on in. I was faced with extreme disorganization and good intentions! This was not a bad thing. You could sense the care there, but also the negligence. Too many dogs managed by a short staff on a limited budget can lead to negligence. Still, I took a peek around. Maybe, there was one pet there for me. By the time I could work my way back to the kennels, I was obsessed by the sheer number of blankets and magazines stacked from the floor to about waist high. To walk thru the ‘aisle’ you had to turn to the side mostly. Sigh. I am leaving. If I could get to a pet back there, I probably wasn’t making a particularly rational decision.

Covered in fur from brushing against the blankets, I climbed back into my vehicle. I was certain. No dog of mine would ever be inside there. Two locations were visited and I hadn’t petted any doggies yet. Next on my list was a well-known shelter. Let’s go!

This shelter is highly visible in the community, has lots of resources for pet owners, offers medical histories, and the pets are already vaccinated. I pulled into the property which is blacktopped, modern, and maintained. That’s good. A big marquis. That’s good. Well, manicured lawns and landscaping. Company vans with signage out front, and a fenced-in dog park protruding from the right side of the building. And there were doggies playing in the park. Let’s go in.

You know what? I was greeted by bright lights and uniformed reception desk staff with a count of 5 people. I was greeted warmly and chatted with to find out why I had arrived at their facility. I was given a brief tour then allowed to roam through the kennels area where doggies waited to be adopted. Do you know what mattered? My experience. How the dog was being treated there was second to how this shelter made the potential pet parent feel. Incredible.

About the dogs:

washed and clean                        haircut

nails clipped                                 medical records

free collar                                      free lead

microchipped                                dog license

I was getting all of that for 1/8 of what I was prepared to pay at the breeder’s place. Hey, I even got to test drive Sophia by walking with her in the dog park and along the trails. This is my dog!

Now let’s get back to Christmas puppies and tie all of this thinking together. You simply must give great consideration to your adoption timeline. How much time will adoption completion require? What standards will you be held to as prospective pet parents? If I want the puppies for Christmas when should I begin my process? When is the latest I can begin and still achieve a desirable outcome? I do not have all of the answers! Depending upon what breed you want, the variables to the answers are endless, so do your research and begin early. One more thing. Let’s really think on this.

So let’s ask ourselves once more if getting a Christmas puppy is a good idea? It is! But it is largely an emotional decision. The bright lights, holiday cheer, and competitive gift-giving can blow rational thinking out of the window. Remember to be logical in your approach to breed selection and be mindful of care and maintenance responsibilities. A puppy is a huge responsibility. It is a life and it should not become a remorse return because you didn’t think things through.

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    That’s it for today. Thanks for stopping by the blog. Remember to check us out on YouTube and don’t forget your Holiday poo bags! See you next time.

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    1. This is a very good question and at first, I thought that you meant it as a present for someone (a child or friend) which I’m definitely against but I enjoyed your story about finding Sophie and it was quite a journey. You did the right thing by leaving those other two places and finding a reputable kennel.

      It sounded wonderful the place that you found, a perfect experience. Wishing you well with Sophie and thanks for the great advice about what to look for in my next pet.

      • Thanks Lilly. Sophia was a rare find. A purebred white mini schnauzer in a shelter? Man! Be sure to trust your intuition about these places even after you’ve gathered facts. It helps. Happy Holidays to you.

    2. I have been trying to get a puppy for the longest of time. I think this is a sign that I become more serious and actually go get that puppy so I will be sure to do that. The last time I tried getting a puppy, I got scammed so I am still a bit scared of that happening again 

      • With any luck you will find a reputable breeder and/or shelter from which to adopt your dog Daniel. I agree with you that scammers are the worst! How awful to take advantage of someone sincerely searching for a puppy to invest in. Thanks for your comment. All the best and Happy Holidays!

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