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Hi and welcome back! You know, things are getting tight. My dog is … well, she’s demanding. Pawdicures, haircuts, stylish grooming, and gourmet food demands are adding a bit of stress to our loving relationship. This constant back and forth of bickering with me about snacks, and choice of doggy gear is beginning to take its toll. So folks … I said it. Yes. The “J” word. I am putting my foot down on this one. No matter how hard this may seem, my dear dog … get a job! Stay with us here at thedoggyperspective.com as we explore Dogs and Money next. Let’s go.

Get A Job

You can thank your lucky stars, or your inbox, for providing harmonious solutions to covering the cost of irresistible doggy demands. I mean, in this economy, everyone in the household must do their best to contribute to the budget. Am I right? It’s hard but it’s fair. If the dog wants the upgrades on grooming and supplies, this month it’s on her. Man!! Luckily, there is an ad in our shared inbox for a new job, pretty close to home. It should suit her perfectly.

Food Taste Tester

Mmm hmm. That’s right. I got it from grimsbytelegraph.co.uk that the successful canine-didate will receive a year’s worth of food and in return will need to send a video review or blog every month.

I will certainly help her. She can have use of my computer for blogging. But I do expect her to chip in for internet service. I am not THAT nice. Okay?

I also got that previous experience is not essential. They are instead, looking for dogs with a can-do attitude, outgoing personality and love for food. We are going to work on her attitude [she had better get over this. I sent her to her room 5 minutes ago. She’ll be alright], and brush up on her social skills. Mmm hmmm.

Now, if any of you pet parents understand where I am with this, and also need work for your furbaby, this company is interested in Rescue and assistance dogs, dogs who have overcome challenges and adversity, and those who have made a significant impact on their owner’s life. All are encouraged to apply. Before you get too excited, be certain to read the Terms and Conditions.

Applications open on the 24th of February 2020 and close on the 24th of March.




Pet Food Truck

Once she gets her paycheck, she is allowed a frugal outing or two. I know just the place to allow her a bit of fun. Guess what? We are going to Washington! Because she enjoys trying new things, a little road trip is in order. Check this out. In D.C., there is a veteran-owned food truck which serves healthy fast food for dogs. It’s true. I am not making this up. The good folks at abc6onyourside.com say Woofbowl, the food truck, is really all that. If you can’t believe Channel 6, I don’t know what to tell you. Let’s take a look-see…..

The food truck serves everything from hamburgers, tacos, donuts, and even dog beer. Dogs Only. And hey, they cater. Mannn! I’ll take that 9 inch donut cake, for real.

Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me

Onward and upward. On a much heavier note, I share with you, news of seriously hungry dogs. No road trips. No job applications. Heck, these dogs didn’t even do their customary ‘free’ work. The good folks at somethingwaggin.com provided a great list of awesome and free jobs for dogs. I have a few… They are as follows:

1. Hide and Seek (RS) – If your dog is trustworthy off-leash, wait until she’s occupied with a smell and duck behind a tree. If she doesn’t come looking for your right away, make a sound. The side benefit of this job is that it will reinforce your dog’s recall.

Or do it in the house by hiding in a closet or behind a door.

2. Toss and Run (R) – Get your dog interested in a toy or ball by making a big fuss over it with loud, happy sounds. Toss it away and as soon as your dog grabs the object, take off running away so he feels compelled to chase you.

3. Doga (C) – Your companion wants to be with you. That makes him a natural to join your yoga practice.

4. Tug (P) – Does your puller like to play tug? Sit on a towel while she grabs a soft tug in her mouth. Hold on tight while she pulls you across the floor.

The side benefit of your dog doing this job is that you won’t have to dust mop your floors.

5. Find It (S, R, G) – While the dog is out of the room take her favorite toy and hide is somewhere in the room partly hidden. Tell your dog to find the toy.

If she doesn’t understand, squeak the toy to draw her attention. As she gets better, make the hides tougher.

Anyway, the story goes …

Body of woman who ran dog shelter in Egypt found partially eaten.

I know. Hold on to your coffee. It’s the nypost.com .

A British woman who ran a shelter for stray dogs in Egypt has been found partially eaten by the pooches she cared for — dying just days after she admitted running out of food for them, according to reports.

Animal lover Janet Johnstone, 61, was found on Friday in her animal sanctuary in Wadi al-Qamar with bite wounds to her head, face, neck and legs, the Times of London said.

Police believe the dogs had been hungry and turned on her, the UK Times said, citing local media. A post-mortem examination gave the cause of death as shock due to blood loss, the paper said.

At least three of the hundreds of dogs she cared for had blood — which is now being tested — on their mouths, the paper said.

It turns out Johnstone — who had lived in Egypt for 16 years to care for the animals — had admitted in a frustrated Facebook post [READ THIS] late last month that she had failed to raise enough money for dog food.

“So the dogs couldn’t be fed today,” she wrote at the time.

So sorry to hear about this one. It’s really sad. Be careful of hungry dogs. I am thinking Hungry Like The Wolf, Duran Duran. It’s important to take advantage of local resources, gofundme pages, and/or the veterinarians’ office. Do something. Let me encourage everyone within our reach here at thedoggyperspective.com to be proactive. Food shortage is not a joke. Talk to people. Communicate and do not stop before you’ve reached resolution. Here is a perfect example … The Pongo Fund, Pet Food Bank. Please, read on.


K9 Advantix is a spot-on preventive that combats efficiently against multiple parasites including fleas and ticks.

From Our Table


Barker’s Complete Adult Dog Food

This product is a whopping $0.74 at PetValu. No Joke. It is budget-friendly and comes in sensible packaging. I grabbed one of each flavor offering. There were five flavors to choose from. Filet Mignon? Things went well. Our expert taste tester, Sophia, asked for seconds. Seriously though. Breakfast was over in 60 seconds. Hey … Gone In 60 Seconds … did you see that one?

There’s a gelatinous gravy for moisture surrounding a pate style meal. There is no odor or aroma to speak of. This does meet the AAFCO requirements for nutrition. I am a stickler for moisture content (82% on this), though. This helps me to gauge whether there may be any surprises or if more frequent breaks are necessary during the day. Now, if you are seeking top-quality foods, you may make a different choice. This is water sufficient for processing, meat by-products, and poultry by-products. Those ingredients are your top three before the list of ingredients becomes complicated.

If you’re interested, I grabbed mine at PetValu .


This is a new product! Check with your local store to confirm availability.

Or you can find this online right here [PETSUPERMARKET.COM]. Star rating? 4.0 out of 5 stars

Okay Now, Time For A Walk

Yawn…stretch. Before Sophia and I head out this morning, I get 5 minutes of Doga. I am well versed in Sun Salutations. Since the time now is 6:30 am exactly, I begin my series. Sophia sufficiently increases the difficulty of the upward facing dog by jumping on to my back, rather than assuming this pose with me. 10 minutes later we are outside and traveling at a good pace. Today, the poo bags are in Sophia’s jacket pocket. That Barker’s Complete Adult Dog Food is quite the outbound freight train! Down 3 bags when we reach the front door again, I am ready for breakfast. That’s it for Dogs and Money. Namaste.


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  2. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort put into making this great website and writing this article so as to help us. My dog, in recent times, has demanded a lot of attention but I guess that is what you get when you have a pet. I am glad I could get some help with your story. But where does one start from?

    • Hello Smoochi. I am happy to hear the article is of use to you. Thanks! As far as where to start, how about 
      finding an 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦office that will let you take your pooch to work? It’s a start. Bye now.✔️

  3. This is a great site for doggie lovers! You approach them the same as myself lol, they are ridiculous characters! Your humor just fits nicely when you talk of them!

    I have a little shit-tzu lol and already many wouldn’t have them anywhere near the top of helpful/therapeutic dogs, I have to say they are so in tune with people’s feelings,

    Thanks for your post. It was thoroughly enjoyed!

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