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Hello readers! And welcome back to thedoggyperspective.com where we are all about that good food and the good news, with a splash of humor. Well, I’ve got a newsflash for you today. And I am certain that you will want an earful of this! So, please, settle in and allow me to give you ‘Tea” on what went down recently.

Have You Ever?

Have you ever been up for more than a stroll with your furry friend? Lots of us are that way! Instead of walking with Fido, you run, or roller skate. Perhaps you ride the bike while Fido trots and runs beside you. I even saw a woman once let her dog out of the vehicle at the front entrance of the dog park, and then drive the vehicle behind him down the entrance way while he ran as fast as he could over into the big dog park!

That is extreme and a lot to do just to get a bit of exercise, am I right? Of course. But what I look to every time in those situations, are the what ifs? What if the dog gets loose? What if the leash becomes tangled about my feet? Flying from a skateboard at 20 miles per hour is a no no!. The same goes for roller skates and bicycles! Man!

Those of you who are a little bit bolder may understand the pitfalls of falling from Bikes, Mopeds, Scooters, Sneakers with wheels, etc. Heck, Fido may have even fallen to his death just hanging out of the back of the pickup truck, off of the boat and over the rails, or out of the car window. Sigh…or vice versa…the dog nearly killed you with this brilliant idea for a walk.

(quick note: yes, I can and do fly)

Anyways, the truth is that some people will take things too far. I’ve mentioned several modes of transportation but this one is near and dear to my heart. A Golf Cart. I know. Now before we get too excited, allow me to explain why this is important.

You see, “Most courses allow only one dog: the superintendent’s. … The best golf dogs heel when players are hitting, never walk on greens or in bunkers, and even retrieve lost balls. Dogs-in-training are tethered to a golf bag, a pushcart or handed to a caddie”. And that’s the way it is. So, yes, sometimes you’ll see a pup out there on the green … but not usually.

The Tea


Who Is This And Why Are They Newsworthy?

The doggy community is upset with 79 year old Dean Woodyatt. Chilllddd, four months ago Dean Woodyatt was arrested for dragging a dog behind a golf cart until it was dead.

Get this, Dean chained the dog, a poor German Shepherd, to a golf cart and dragged it down the road. Well, the general public was shocked and outraged at what they were seeing, and so, the motorists began honking their horns to protest Dean Woodyatt’s behavior.

Dean Woodyatt continued driving the golf cart, ignoring all of the horns honking. And, y’all, it got so bad that one Samaritan chased Dean Woodyatt down to just get him to stop dragging the dog mercilessly down the road.

Now, on the day in question, the temperature in Northwest Florida, and more specifically Fort Walton Beach was a blazing 79 degrees with the humidity at 75%. You already know the dog was desperately in need of hydration.

Well, it gets worse, because apparently golf carts can reach a top speed of 8 – 15 mph. And this all depends upon whether or not the golf cart is going downhill. My gosh! In the dog’s defense, German Shepherds can run at a top speed of 30 mph. There is quite a differential here!.

But what if the driver drives erratically? The German Shepherd is toast. That’s right. I said it and I won’t take it back. The dog is done for.

What Happened After That?

Everybody heard about this one. I just wanted to let you know about it so that if you see this disturbed individual on your block, you’ll know what to do. Anyways, …the dog was laying on the ground in pain and struggling and everything. Struggling to just to breathe. That is when Dean Woodyatt got the beat down and arrest!

Dean Woodyatt was out cold that day. Bad attitude. Ridiculous. Dean Woodyatt was out of his mind when the Fort Walton Beach police officers showed up to take him down to the precinct. Instead of cooperating, this fool refused to let go of the dog leash and then resisted arrest by HOLDING ONTO THE GOLF CART. Stooooopidd.

And the poor German Shepherd was all messed up. Some of the details of the police report are out. According to everything that has been reported accurately, the poor German Shepherd had multiple injuries to all four of their feet too!

Mad About This!

All I know is how I feel at this moment. I’d like to club him several times about the head neck and shoulders with a 9 iron at 110 degrees in the shade. Who’s with me? Anyways…

The Whole Tea

The police took this fool down to Okaloosa County Jail. Meanwhile, the German shepherd died of heat-related injuries. This happened near Eglin Parkway and Highway Avenue according to the police report said. And just so you know, this intersection is at the very least, four and half miles from the nearest golf course, so you know Dean Woodyatt was trippin’!

Nobody knows how long that fool drove that Golf Cart with the dog attached before being chased down. There is no record of the drive time. All I am saying is that, in a car, at regular speeds, Fort Walton Beach Golf Course is an 11-minute trip from that particular intersection. This fool is in a Golf Cart. He just tortured the poor German Shepherd. This man is a monster!

The Police Department requested that Panhandle Animal Welfare Society Animal Control respond to the scene of the crime, and could they please transport the deceased to the PAWS veterinary clinic for a necropsy.

You already know that PAWS is pursuing all charges against this fool to the fullest extent of the law.

The basic feeling here is that what this fool did is cruel and unusual. It’s uncivilized!

Now, this fool is being tried before the court on August 18, 2020, for charges of felony cruelty to animals and misdemeanor resisting arrest.

It’s Unfortunate!

It’s unfortunate that Dean Woodyatt was released from prison. As luck would have it, this knucklehead landed back in jail August 1, 2020, after police arrested him for drenching a neighbor in paint when she caught him trying to use her garbage can to dispose of the hazardous materials. Loser!!!

Alright Alright!!

Pet Insurance Plan

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  1. This is really bad, I can’t even imagine how anyone would be so cruel to any living thing at all. This is the height of it all that I have seen so far online and I feel the offender should be ban from adopting a pet his whole life after serving long jail term for his bad behavior. It’s really sad that anyone can be that wicked to a dog who can’t even come to his own defence. 

  2. Jacquelyn, wow, this is serious Desk-News-Flash indeed! I love how you read the news with your skillful writing and command of English grammar. You presented the news so beautifully, that your readers, can visualize the crime scene, can imagine Mr. Dean’s reactions, and the pitiful image of the beautiful German Shepard dog. What a big loss. My condolences to the dog community, and to all that have been affected by the tragic death of this beautiful dog. In fact, this dog’s death reminds me of the tragic death of George Floyd 2 months ago, which caused a great uproar within the country and around the world.

    Animal or human cruelty should be condemned at all times regardless. I don’t want to pass any judgment on Mr. Dean, but looking at him, I will suspect that he needs some help. These days, a lot of people are suffering from all kinds of mental disturbances. Many are suffering from disappointment depression or clinical depression. And without getting the help they need, their life and other people’s lives can be in danger. I pray for God’s help upon all of us.

    Thanks for this News Flash! I don’t have a dog, but I’m touched.



  3. Thank you so much for sharing us an interesting and informative article. The main theme of this article is about Newsflash. It is really laudable that you have illustrated this topic so well in your article. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like A Golf Cart. But Truly it is very sad to drag a dog behind a golf cart. Dogs are helpless creatures, so if they are harmed, the creator will also step on them. So in my opinion the dog that did such a thing should be severely punished. We will not hurt these helpless dogs and we will love the Creator by loving them.

  4. I hadn’t heard about these news concerning Mr. Dean Woodyatt and I’m upset now that I have read them. There are several questions that I still have in my head, but I know that neither you nor I have all the facts. But based on what we know that happened, I believe he shouldn’t be let out from prison so quick. 

  5. Hello this made me laugh really hard and I like that you were able to put all this together because honestly, it is really hard to make a person smile at this time in the world especially with all the pain that is going on right now. It’s good to also learn a couple of things too. I’m glad I read this post.

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