From Christmas To New Year With Your Dog

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From Christmas To New Year With Your Dog

Whew! I am glad that’s over. The noise from the sirens on Christmas Eve has me completely rattled. No more Christmas sweaters! Just my fur to think of. And the kids. From giggles to piercing screams in no time flat!. Oh, my Gawd. The CBD chews are the only thing that got me thru Christmas. Soooo embarrassed. I totally tossed my cookies in the car on the way to MeMaw’s place. For that, I was reassigned to the cargo area all the way in the back. It was not my fault! The baby gave me her fried chicken. Man! It’s warm and greasy, salty and juicy. I got the crunchy kind with the bone in and everything. It went down smooth but the rumble strips on the road were terrible! Sigh. And for 3 days I slept on the pallet in the laundry room away from the kids and stuff because Me Maw doesn’t care for dogs on the beds. “Those are for people,” she said. Well. At least there were several really good play sessions during the day. When Boo Boo fell down the basement stairs while everyone played chase, Dad blamed me!. Says my tail wacked Boo Boo, tripping him, sending him tumbling down the stairs. Hmph!

Admittedly, I am offended and have been sulking for hours on end. You would too. Boo Boo was screaming and they rushed him off into the garage. I heard the car start then leave. When MeMaw, Dad, And Boo Boo came back they had this really cool piece of artwork installed over Boo Boo’s arm. It’s kinda crunchy but not like fried chicken. It’s harder. Mom exclaimed that I was too close to the kids and yelled ‘not again!’ She startled me and I ran. My tail is kinda long but not really. long. It’s not a problem I don’t think.

At our house, everything smells good. At MeMaw’s my feet ‘click clack’ on the floor which is weird. And I smell disinfectant everywhere. the laundry room isn’t so bad. It smells normal like but it’s cold and far away from everyone. I am glad that’s over.

Man! MeMaw put me out of the kitchen, off of the beds, and was afraid I would get too excited and hurt the kids. It feels like punishment. Now, we’re back at home, and Mom’s having friends over for something called eggnog. The music is much louder than usual and my head feels bad because now that we are home, babygirl wonks me with her dolly pretty hard. She’s stronger than they believe. Sigh.

Guess what? I had waffles and syrup today. I found them near the can at the park. My family didn’t say I could but they didn’t say I couldn’t…so………gulp!  hehh hehh hehh!

The phone’s ringing a lot. And there are a lot more people here today. Mom didn’t want to cook this evening and she ordered pizza. I really enjoy pizza with meatballs. I always get my own slice on pizza day. Anyhow, there’s a lot of lights. More than usual but every time I begin to sniff around Mom yells at me. What did I do wrong? Don’t they love me anymore? Hey, what’s a countdown? What’s a count down anyway?


Who thinks this dog might bolt and run at the first opportunity? Me! I do? Poor baby feels neglected and alone even though the house is full of people. Without a designated partner and caretaker this little life is disrupted completely. How do we avoid alienating our pets during the holiday season from Christmas to New Year?

A few suggestions:

Happy New Year!


Designate Pooch Personnel

The same way that you select a member of your party to drive for your group on New Year’s Eve, select a pooch watcher to ensure your dog is having as much fun as you do on purpose.

Does that make sense?  Someone in the house has to become the designated keeper of the pooch and be in charge of keeping the family pet out of mischief.

That person officially becomes responsible for maintaining happiness levels. They are overseeing pooch potty breaks and exercise sessions. And of course, they must feed and water the pooch on a schedule. This person must regularly check in on the pooch or pooches to confirm the animals have access to fresh food and water. And please! Designate someone who cares and will not be neglectful due to the party activities.

Now you may be asking yourself “Jacquelyn? What if every person present is essential to the party? What if right now we just can’t be bothered?”  I hear you. I hear you. How about this?….

Bye Mom!

The Doggie Hotels

“I just feel that it’d be better if you go your way and I go my way for now”. <== If dogs could talk. Why should your pooch suffer through festivities when you know that no one can really be there? That’s just too much time to gloat and to mope. Think of all the wonderful people who will be working to spread comfort and happiness for them at the pet hotels for New Year’s Eve! Think of the staff as helpers, an extension of yourself.

There to play and romp

One on one interaction via scheduled petting sessions

Time to play and socialize with the group

A special suite of their own with toys and treats

And enough stimulation to keep them busy and engaged. They’ll love you for it! Plus they get to stay for New Years Day too. This will give you the time to hang out all night, recover from the night out and keep the guilt pangs away that comes with ignoring and neglecting your pooch. See? Now that’s a good idea.

If They Just Gotta Stay Home

Keep them secure and away from any life-threatening items, please.

Since it is the holiday Poochie could get into more bizarre situations than usual. Items that aren’t typically on display or within their reach may be readily available for approach.

Remember your list of toxic substances and have emergency numbers on standby should anything go awry. You got this!! Remember to love them all year long and bring them across the New Year threshold Clean. Warm, Safe, Dry, and Happy!

Protect Your Dog From These

  • Fireworks
  • Chocolate
  • Drugs
  • High Toxicity Houseplants
  • Bones

It’s common sense really when you give it any thought. Help them to stay away from festive activities that may startle them or cause them to bolt unexpectedly. Fireworks tend to have that effect on pooches. Help them avoid getting hurt or worse…poisoned. I am asking you to NOT allow your animal to consume any of the alcoholic beverages around, nor any of the foods you are serving during the party. The meat with the bones is the worst when it comes to stomach or intestinal punctures and/or asphyxiation. Oh yeah. Don’t give them any recreational drugs either. It’s bad for them and bad for their health. Don’t do it.

Instead of enjoying the celebration, you may find yourself in crisis at the veterinary emergency room. That’s no way to begin the year.

Pet Insurance Plan


Happy New Year pet parents!




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  1. Yes, it is really hard during the last week of the year for our furry friend. I was wondering what I could do for next year so he was not so frightened. Thank you very much for these tips. I will start working on them. This was my first year with a dog of my own and there were a lot of things I didn’t know.

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