Find A Fun Routine To Do With Your Pet

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Find A Fun Routine To Do With Your Pet



It’s April and Spring is in the air. One thing I’ve learned is to take advantage of the Springtime. After a long hard winter it’s just plain nice to get outside without the encumberment of heavy clothing and walk vigorously. I actually feel like frolicking with Sophia and am curious more than usual with regard to what’s around the other side of the newly blooming 7 foot hedges. Ordinarily, toys aren’t a requirement for any of our walks but the sky is so clear today, and the grass on the golf course is firm and bright green so we are alternating between jogging and walking and tossing the weighted stick we play fetch indoors with during downtime adds an extra punch to our hour long walk. Which reminds me, just before she and I left the house, I glanced at the calendar. This month is Canine Fitness Month and I swore to find a fun routine to do with my Sophia every day of this month to help her stay trim. What about you? Welcome back to the blog! Let’s chat regarding a few of the routines we could do…

Workout Routines You Can Do With Your Pets

Working out with your pets is good for both of you. Almost half of all dogs in the U.S. are overweight, so team up to lose weight together. These are some ideas for working out with dogs and with other animals too.

Benefits of Working Out With Pets

  1. Get fit together! Depending on their age and other factors, most dogs need at least 45 minutes of exercise daily. Experts recommend that people engage in physical activity for a half hour or more at least 3 times a week. In general, you should feel better, and think clearer afterward.
  2. Exercise more consistently. Studies show that people were more likely to stick to an exercise program when their dog was involved. Think of it as having an accountability partner. The dog won’t flake out on you! And, your motivation will be stronger when you’re having fun.
  3. Increase bonding. Coordinate colorful walking gear. Spending time together with your pets improves your relationship. Remember to use technology: Fitbits, Sport watches, Dogwalking Apps too. Many activities also provide opportunities to reinforce training.
  4. Reduce unwanted behaviors. Boredom is often to blame when pets behave badly. Fetching a Frisbee will divert your dog from chewing up your furniture or digging up your garden.

Working Out With Dogs

  1. Check with your veterinarian. Schedule checkups with your doctor and your veterinarian before you get started. It’s especially important if you’ve been sedentary up until now or if either of you are seniors.
  2. Pick the right breed. Ensure your dog fits your lifestyle. Some breeds tolerate hot or cold weather better. Working breeds will relish keeping up with the most ardent fitness fanatic.
  3. Watch for overheating. Dogs cannot sweat, so watch for signs of heat exhaustion. If you see excessive panting and loss of balance, give them water and rest in a shady spot.
  4. Bike in safe areas. There are conflicting opinions about whether it’s safe to bike or rollerblade with a dog. Devices that tie a dog to a wheeled vehicle could be dangerous if you take a spill. Stick to soft surfaces and safe routes if you want to try it.
  5. Control the leash. Keeping a leash in your hand provides more security than tying it to your wrist or waist. Train your dog to obey voice commands too.
  6. Take a walk. Daily walks are an easy and effective way to strengthen your heart and bones and improve your overall well-being. Use them as the centerpiece of your program.
  7. Go running. Most dogs are better designed for short bursts of activity rather than long runs. If you want to jog, build up to longer distances gradually, include time for warming up and cooling down and watch for signs of over-exertion.
  8. Try cross-country skiing. Skijooring classes will teach you both to ski. Your dog will usually need to weigh at least 35 pounds so that he can pull you with a harness.
  9. Play games. Add variety with interactive toys and agility courses. Buy equipment or build your own hurdles and tunnels.

A more active lifestyle helps you and your furry loved ones live a longer and healthier life. Simple daily walks may be all you need to shape up or you can diversify your routine with other games and sports.

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  1. Many breeds of dogs were meant to be “working dogs”, they don’t handle boredom well and can become aggressive. By keeping them active you do, as you say, multiply a lot of positives into each others lives. 

    You have presented a good well thought out subject that is so often, not given much consideration by pet owners. 

    A good article, hopefully lots of pet owners find value in reading and perhaps implementing some of these tips. 

  2. Working out with your pet is the best, it doesn’t even feel like a workout. You’re just having fun and playing with your best friend. its a great way to get cardio without feeling like it’s a chore and something you have to do. Not to mention it’s really good for your dog too, they want to engage with you and play too.

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