Fairview Pet Crate Product Review

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Hello, blog post visitors. Today I am reviewing the Fairview Pet Crate.

I love it. This piece is substantial and should not be mistaken for an end table. This pet crate is much larger than an end table and will serve as a standalone piece within your decor. Because the crate is cumbersome, I did choose to have it delivered to my home. It looks phenomenal and is performing superbly.

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If you would like to have a Fairview Pet Crate, I have left the link for you. Get it here at Amazon https://amzn.to/2XTe5Hm. Thank you.



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Fairview Pet Crate: https://amzn.to/2XTe5Hm     Take A Look At This In Black!!!!!   animated-arrow-image-0131“>animated-arrow-image-0131

Merry Products Fairview Triple Door Dog Crate – Large, Black





Review Snapshot

Why I do Recommend Fairview Pet Crate:


  • Refund Policy – Once you hit the 60-day mark it is too late for regrets. From there, I am sorry but there are no refunds past this point. Great policy…plenty of time.
  • Product Selection – Many people have trouble choosing a pet crate. Merry Products has a sufficient number of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from. All of the product parameters are displayed to help you identify the best sizes for your dog and environment.
  • Emphasis on quality and style – I like the fact that instead of helping you and guiding you toward just a pet crate that will work for you they instead simply steer you into luxury as well as functionality. Just check out the Google search results for reviews on Fairview Pet Crate.
  • A Lot Of Information – There is a lot happening on the Google search results page:  people chatting questions at Quora, questions being asked, and videos being posted, questions being answered…It is easy to get confused about what steps to take next especially if you don’t know how to select a pet crate to begin with. But you can definitely find what you need right here. 
  • Up To Date Competitive Pricing – Some of the seller’s information on this product is more than 6 years old. There is one thing that you can count on with Google and that is the change. The changes in price constantly vary, so they are a great help if the price is most important to your purchasing decision. It is also true that what was relevant to Google’s ranking system 6 years ago may not be as important today. For that reason, I recommend that you select whichever retailer fits your budget. Just make sure that you are getting the Fairview Pet Crate.
  • One-On-One help. Aside from the retailers carrying this product, you can still go to the source and communicate with Merry Products if there are real issues at hand. Here’s the Url: http://www.merryproducts.com





THREE DOORS. THAT’S RIGHT!! TRIPLE DOORSanimated-light-bulb-image-0020“>animated-light-bulb-image-0020 MORE THAN ONE ENTRY AND EXIT POINT FOR ADDED SAFETY.








Fairview Pet Crate Review

  • Dedicated Blogger/Vlogger to help you with Pet Crate Selection
  • Easy, step-by-step instructions for beginners.  Minimal Tools Needed
  • Constantly Updated Pricepoints On Google Shopping with Extended Warranties and Service Plans Available
  • Trusted Brand Name since 2002



Don’t forget the mat!  🙂

don't forget the mat




Jacquelyn assembled this pet crate in less than 3 hours after receiving product delivery



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Quality and Merry Products

‘Merry Products prides itself on providing superior quality products to millions of households around the world. During the new product development stage, all prototypes are sent to third-party laboratories for the most current performance and packaging standard testing before being introduced to the marketplace as a member of our Merry Pet Collections. Merry Products’ high-quality standard is also achieved by strictly following all quality assurance protocols set forth by our professional team of highly qualified and experienced engineers. These protocols include strategically placing checkpoints at various raw material preparation stages, material processing stages such as kiln drying and staining, component production stage, final assembly stage, and finished goods stage. World recognized to Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) inspection standard is also employed at the components and finished goods levels to further ensure the highest level of quality standard.’

-Merry Products[http://www.merryproducts.com/index.php/quality/]

This is all true. It’s really high quality. And for those customers rating the Fairview less than 4 stars, I say Home Depot here I come! A few screws to reinforce anything does the trick. Got a scratched surface? A little wood stain, scratch cover or paint does the job. Caring for this is easy. Just wipe this down with a soft cloth and/or include your favorite wood polish while you are in maintenance mode. And remember that customization is up to you. This will be your pet’s home for a very long while so take your time getting the details correct.



So Why Should I Purchase A Pet Crate Anyway?

Well, the obvious answer is safety. Veterinarians recommend holding your pet within a crate or kennel when they are recovering. I agree. After any type of trauma or surgery, this type of isolation is preferred in aiding the pet back to its healthiest state. While the pet is contained you are simply NOT going to trip over it, or spend your time petting it unnecessarily. Nor will you be shoving snacks at it or playing any games with your pet. During this time your pet has safety, comfort, and security…Yes! Even from you.

Another reason that you should purchase a crate is just so you don’t have to worry about what’s going on the remainder of the house if the pet is up and about in the middle of the night. Particularly if your dog is the type to get into mischief whenever you aren’t around. Your investment in the pet crate will keep the dog contained no matter what it’s dreaming of doing at the moment.

Now, I am a realist. There are times when a crate is not a great idea. A person should not keep the animal in the crate to the point of cruelty. This is an effective management system that will give you and the animal sufficient personal space but please don’t overdo it!. To each his own, right? But remember that your investment into the crate will not help you if you never use it. There are plenty of pet owners out there who feel crate containment is cruel and they cannot bring themselves to confine the animal, even it’s what’s required at the moment. The dogs’ natural instinct is to be in a den and they happily accept the crate as a safe space for sleeping.


The Fairview Pet Crate is gorgeous. So much so that I will not be covering mine. It is normal to cover the pet crate and provide additional security for the dog. A cover can block light, add warmth, and provide privacy. Give this a bit of consideration as well because the Fairview Pet Crate has a short privacy wall all the way around and it also has a 360-degree view too. So, if you will be covering the crate, remember that the cover should not be something that will unravel or catch a snag easily.




When you are ready to place your order, set aside money for shipping and handling. Unless there is a deal on shipping, it’s almost $1 per pound of product being shipped to you. At least it was for me at the time that I purchased this pet crate. The shipping and handling plus the taxes added another one hundred dollars to my total, bringing my cart to $450 approximately.


Regardless of this price, I am super happy with the result. Sophia has a huge amount of space to flee from the carpet and other environmental terrors, and I have peace of mind knowing that she’s safe and looking good too.

Pet Insurance Plan



Okay, that’s my honest review of the Fairview Pet Crate. Remember to please click the links that will lead you to the products. Thank you!











  1. The Fairview pet crate looks like a beautiful addition to a room that can double as a TV stand, rather than just being a pet crate. It can also be used for a dog bed, and not just when a pet is recovering. 

    How heavy is the crate, can a woman on her own assemble the crate and place it in position? Or would I need somebody to help me carry it? Does it come with a mat for the floor, or is that an additional purchase?

    • Exactly! The crate weighs approximately 60 pounds or so. If you can’t have the item delivered directly to your door, then I recommend enlisting the help of a friend. The box is exceptionally large and may be awkward to handle on your own. Now, I successfully assembled and placed the pet crate into position unassisted. I am proof that you can manage assembly as a team of one. 

      The crate does not come with a mat but does include a tray for the floor. A mat is a wonderful upgrade and will be a separate purchase from the Fairview Pet Crate. Please come back and share with us how delivery and setup went for you. 

      Thanks for your comment and Happy Holidays.

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