Dogs Dumped For Kids

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Dogs Dumped For Kids

So I found this really interesting article while reading the news. The article is about pet parents being crazy. What? I am a pet parent. I am not crazy. What is going on here? The author writes an interesting piece with regards to the state of being a pet parent vs having a child as an actual psychological disorder.



My Parents



That’s laughable when you consider the number of people jumping into parenthood without the first clue of how to go about it. I was only reading this article because I have been working on the thought that people dump their dogs for kids all of the time. This gets done without the slightest consideration for the trauma incurred by the dog. Once I got that out of my system I had the fleeting thought that I could just chuck blogging and get rich as a pet psychiatrist or pet behaviorist. Man! At the rate people are going I should reach what I feel is true wealth at warp speed. Someone I am very impressed with asks frequently ‘What problems can you solve?’.   That is a good question, isn’t it? The business of fixing the animal post pet parent dumping is way more lucrative than ‘creating awareness’.

Without good behaviors, these dogs are bound to experience longer shelter stays and may not even be considered adoptable. They just sit without a family and become ‘lifers’ of sorts. Prayerfully they have not been taken into an animal shelter without a no-kill policy.



New Kid On The Block


Why in the world would anyone make this comparison? There is no need for fingerpointing. If you have ever owned a fur baby then you know the sweetness and cuteness that goes with it. One cannot help but cuddle them and snuggle them, and dress them up. For those of us with the teacup, toy, and mini varieties that is the rule! The littlest ones need the picking up and the coddling no matter how adult they have grown to be. The bigger ones, being larger and more powerful, non the less have those sweet child-like tendencies too. I am sorry. People cannot help it.

One look at their cutesy ways and you fall apart. Yes, they may have car seats. Yes, they may have T-shirts, shoes, and doggy sleepovers. Yes, they may have birthday cake and party favors. This does not make pet parents psychotic! Pets have gone on to have their own social media pages and by the way – those pages are not simply for pet fanciers… they are good and are inspirational for all sorts of individuals.

Well, it seems that this topic is actually interwoven into what I am speaking about today AND THAT IS – Dogs dumped for kids.





You know- it’s really not fair. Nope. Not to the animal. The animal has become your constant companion and confidant. Fluffy didn’t mind the funny haircuts and the goofy outfits you lavished it with. Heck, the dog even responded to and appreciated the mushy pet names you called it and endured lots of kisses, petting, car rides, and visitations with you while being your ‘babe’ the entire time. Now that pregnancy and family growth is occurring they [these dogs] are tossed aside. That’s gotta hurt. That’s gotta hurt like… a lot.







If you have ever been left, abandoned, broke up with, fired, and just, in general, told that it is over – then you know how this feels. It’s harsh. It’s ugly. It’s memorable. And it doesn’t just go away. In fact, you can’t wish it away, or work out and forget it. You can’t travel to escape it, and even in your sleep, you can recall the relationship dynamics. You may even miss what you had before it came to a screeching halt. What am I saying? The dogs remember. They really do. What a turn their lives have taken because you refused to embrace new skills. Seek new coping skills that actively help you to adjust to life with the dogs and now with the children too. Because if you are not, I believe it is more humane to not adopt them in the first place if you were going to flake out. I am just saying.

So, at the end of the day, this is more of a gripe. Right? Think pet ownership all the way through. Or leave it alone.


See https://www.fatherly.com/play/how-to-childproof-your-dog

See https://amzn.to/3dbWkui Easy Peasy Awesome Pawsome
The must-have book for any family with a dog and kids living under the same woof – ahem – roof!

From Our Table

Here is a super fun treat that I discovered while searching for a worthwhile treat to reward my Sophia with that would not disturb her tearstains. Whew! The battle of the tearstain is an expensive one but … I am winning! And that is what matters here. And no sir … I am not being bragadoshish when I say that grain-free treats are simply what the doctor ordered.

There is no reason to deny my sweet Mini Schnauzer an occasional treat just because of a little tear stain. Oh no. Fido’s Food Truck Treats On Wheels pulled up just in time to deliver these plain-looking dog biscuits inside of a cute little food truck box.  First of all, 10 outta 10 for style points on the packaging. I let the package hang out on the desk for several days just on general principle because it is good-looking. That’s right. Sophia’s nook is anything but boring. Next, inside of the little food truck, you are going to get 1 clear cellophane pouch of nifty little bone-shaped dog biscuits flavored with Bacon and Cheese.

This is not a luxury purchase and there aren’t tons of treats in the little food truck. It is just enough to sample really well, which I liked. A sack of 100 pieces of these would be a bit ridiculous to start out with but you can tell the quality, and understand if these treats suit your dog. Since I selected them for the ingredients or lack of certain ingredients, these went over well. It’s taken Sophia and I just over one month to get to the end of our single box of treats and may I just say that these little treats are quite snappy. I saw zero worsening of Sophia’s tearstains during this time and in fact, her tearstains drastically improved during this month. Now…I am not crediting Fido’s Food Truck Treats On Wheels with all of this because I certainly am employing an arsenal of products to attack and destroy that tearstain BUT I am saying that these were not contributory to new staining, allergic reactions, and overproduction of tears. So there! Get some and see for yourself.

We also had the privilege of sharing these treats with other pet parents and fur babies at three separate dog parks. Sophia and I shared with a Yellow Labrador, a Pit Bull,  an Irish Terrier, and 1 very smart and very tall mixed breed who was too big to be in the small dog park and sensed my treats! She came right up to me to go straight for my Fanny Pack to her pet parent’s surprise. Good to have a diversion! lol! I coughed up a treat and she happily trotted the other way across the park.

Pet Insurance Plan

Exclusively Dog

Until next time, Happy Pet Parenting…




  1. I love my fur babies and totally agree that dog dumping is terrible.  I wish all those people that dumped their dogs were fined then the money could be used to help support them.  I do believe though that more people are starting to not have children but prefer the fur baby. I have personally taken in and rescued homeless dogs and I love them to bits they shower me with unconditional love.  I love giving them treats and cuddles as well. Keep posting so we can stop or prevent dog dumping.

    • It’s funny you mention fining those pet parents that dog dump, Ruth. There actually is a fine of up to $500 for the perpetrator of this crime. This is a class C misdemeanor that may also come with a maximum jail time of 15 days. That is just enough time to ruin one’s plans, isn’t it? This falls under animal neglect & abandonment. We have found that the best approach is a simple one…If you see something, say something. We believe that is one of the ways to correction of dog dumping. Thanks for rescuing those dogs and lessening their suffering Ruth.

  2. Good morning Jacquelyn, interesting article, and a shame. I agree completely, pet parenting isn’t just when it’s convenient, it’s a long-term commitment. If you’re not in it for the long haul, go buy a stuffed animal, they have more your mentality. 

    I think your article will bring awareness to people on how and when to adopt pets, it’s a long-term commitment. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to relinquish a pet, find it a good home, don’t drop it off at the shelter, the furbaby will appreciate it and you’ll feel better about yourself. A new good home can be found pretty easily.

    We are strongly opposed to animal cruelty and abuse. We rescue, foster, and adopt animals regularly, always have an extra dog with us who is looking for a new home, and we place them regularly.

    Wish you the best in all your endeavors!

    • Right on Rogerbm52! Here at thedoggyperspective.com we share and educate pet parents with the goal of assisting fur babies. A forever home is possible. It’s lovely to know that you are actively assisting with permanent placements for adoptable dogs. Your ongoing efforts are appreciated and are confirmation that the dream of finding a forever home can be a realization for these animals. Thank you for all that you do. Happy pet parenting!

  3. My wife and I love animals.  Our “first child” was a dog LOL.  At least that is how we treated him.  Those who dog (or cat) dump should be brought to justice.  It just is terrible.  What are some ways you suggest that we can help STOP this practice and help support the rescues that try to help these animals?

    Also, what would you recommend for anyone who is thinking of adopting an animal to do in terms of educating themselves on what to expect?  Is a vet a good place to start? on.

    Thank you


    • Hello Mike. Thanks for your comment. First- report all instances of dog dumping to your local authorities. Next, keep a short list of local area emergency shelters and foster pet parents to offer as a resource to those you speak with who are in need. Third, lend a hand if possible. If you are not able to provide housing for the animals yourself, then perhaps offer to transport them to the shelters or standby until animal control can pick them up.

      For those individuals considering becoming pet parents, we here at thedoggyperspective.com recommend doing your homework first. Visit your neighborhood library to gather literature on what to expect before adopting the dog. If prospective pet parents would rather avoid the trip to the library, online resources are bountiful. Go to http://www.akc.org dog breed selector for simple informational tips to help with informed pet parenting decisions. Finally, we do not believe that the Veterinarian is the best place to start educating yourself on pet adoption. Read up first, and then begin life with your fur baby. You’ll be glad you did.

  4. I SO completely agree with you! I have a couple of friends who just had a baby and thus decided they would give the cat to their parents, because they could not spend time cuddling him (and he is a cuddler) as they had the baby. I felt SO bad for the cat! Given, it is not a dog, but still, I think it would have the same impact on them. The cat only wants to be cuddled by his mistress, not by his mistress’s mother… 

    Well anyway, I am a HUGE dog lover but I never got a dog because I am not in everyday life I could handle it (I love to travel). So I agree with you  : dogs may be cute and all but it is work and life goes on (babies…) so you are planning on flaking out. (same goes for the horrible people who abandon their dogs on the highway during holidays!)

    • Oh my gosh Diane! There is so much truth in what you have just stated. And yes, this goes for the cuddly cats too. Kudos to you for knowing who you are, what you like, and recognizing your limitations. Your perspective on why bringing a dog in is not appropriate is sharp and in focus. Thinking it through lessens the possibility of heartbreak or disappointment for the prospective pet and pet parent. Good job! We wish you well Diane. Safe travels. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Wow your article made me so sad! I rehomed 13 stray dogs while my husband was deployed to Afghanistan 11 years ago and one dog I found that I thought had been lost had just ended being kicked out by the people that owned him! Now we have 2 kids of our own but we could not imagine ever getting rid of our original dog baby, although now she in such more an old lady but even then. I mean we just had to move to a new place and it cost us an extra thousand bucks just to be allowed by the landlord to have her here. i agree with you completely that people take on pet and child responsibilities much too lightly and then bail when things get tough, thank you for your article!

    • We understand how you feel. We are pleased to learn that your original fur baby was allowed to stick with and to see their family grow. Their life would not have been the same without you. All the best Randi, and happy pet parenting. 

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