Do Dogs Ruin Your Lawn? My Lawn is Ruined!

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Is It Possible That Fido Ruined My Lawn?

Hello everyone. I don’t want to alarm you, but the lawn isn’t looking it’s picture-perfect best. And before you say anything to me about me and my lawn…take a look at your own!! Is your yard a mess, honey? Is it unsightly? Odoriferous? If yes, let’s get into it!

Exactly What Happened?

I just don’t know, exactly. It is a mystery. Sophia’s potty runs are supervised. I mean, there I go. She needs relief, I pop out of the door with poo bags in hand, looking left and right for danger. Big dogs off of the chain, and the little dogs that got away just now, piles of poo left behind by rude dog owners [how inconsiderate, you know?] You know what I am talking about. If she needs a little service afterward- a quick pickup and disposal is all it takes, and then back into the house. That’s a quickie. She isn’t prone to digging and prefers playing chase [other small animals] to playing catch [I can retrieve the dang ball for all she cares], and then the third hole of the golf course – which is right there – is waaaayyy better than the lawn before the house. So, this mess – and how it got here – remains a mystery.

I for one, am not putting up with this crap. Add to this situation, the disapproving stares of the gardener who has aided me in tending to the lawn for years… and you have yourself a winner. Is that a brown spot? Off to Home Depot we go! But not just for lawn care items. No. Give me one exterior residential cam to mount and catch the offender. [Do you see that thing on the lawn? Even on her worse day, Sophia’s little body couldn’t possibly have produced this!]

This may seem extreme. I did take a friendly approach. You see, I hang potty care products outdoors near my garden, that way everyone is prepared. None of this ‘I am so sorry!’ when you purposely stroll my way with your dog in tow [man, that’s a clean lawn – perfect!] and allow or encourage its usage. Who could be mad the dog did? No one. The animal has got to take care of business. But you! Here is an extra bag I just happen to have. Even with these kindnesses extended, those energies just aren’t returned to me with any regularity. Holes in the lawn from digging and brown spots are unsightly and can become expensive to repair. The bacterial growth from the poo left behind is dangerous not only to animals but to humans as well. A lawn that is besotted carries with it the smell of urine.

Urine is naturally rich in nitrogen. And high concentrations of nitrogen can and do actually cause the grass burns. It’s this that turns the grass brown. Highly acidic or alkaline urine may also contribute to grass damage.

How do we get back on track after these offenders have allowed their animals to abuse our lawns? How do we return from unsightly and unsanitary?

Tools! Tools! Tools!

Once your resolve is built up, get yourself some tools. If the neighbors are disrespectful and uncooperative, you’ll find yourself handling the piles of dogs you don’t own. Tools are a great way to distance yourself so that you never have to come into contact with the waste and to keep germs at bay. [P.S. Don’t forget to sanitize your shoes. Slip them off at the door. Rinse them down and wipe them up with anti-bacterial wipes. It helps keep the bacteria from catching a ride on your shoes and then making the trip through your home where it could infect you and your family].

Anyways. What tools are good tools?

I’d say a poop scoop. For me, a pooper scooper means that there isn’t any bending to scoop or ever coming into contact with the poop. These scoops come in several styles, and usually, there are different styles for using it on grass or on concrete.

I found a couple of good scoopers to share:


About These Items

My goal here is to accurately provide a bit of insight into these items. I have not purchased both of these items, but, I do feel this comparison is honest, you know?


For the Petmate 70067, what can I say? We all know, love, and trust Arm & Hammer. I mean, that box of Arm & Hammer has resided inside of the refrigerator my entire life. Lol! Don’t you have a box of this someplace in your home?

This item is just practical. It isn’t attractive or flashy in any way. It is utilitarian. It has its own ‘little bucket’ and Arm & Hammer included scented… laaaavender-scented poo bags. Not bad.

The bucketed side does swivel and the user may have to bend a bit while cleaning. But not that much! The handle is a full 32 inches tall. So, we definitely have good reach here. You will need two hands to work with this item. It is most likely going to be cumbersome to manage this item and the dog simultaneously.

It’s cheap too! And when you are ready to put this pooper scooper away, the handles snap together, making this tool compact and easy to put away.


PIK-A-POO 7 Scoop seemed interesting because of its sturdy appearance and one-handedness quality. It’s got a good length to the handle [28 inches] so you and I aren’t bowing to the poo, and then there is no touching the waste either because it can be loaded with a bag. Now with this bag on there, a person does not have to hose this baby down.


Nice choice. And oh! It comes with 15 bags.


The packaging says the design is improved with jaws that make picking up on different surfaces easy. Those surfaces are:

  • Grass
  • Flat surfaces
  • Stones
  • Snow

These range from $13.98 or a little less to $22.00 depending on the style you select.

Personally, I went for the Pik-a-Poo Scoop. I only picked this one because it claimed to work good for both concrete and grass, plus I had the distinct advantage of one-handed operation. Besides that, it stays clean because it works with the bags.

I can’t really say how long this pooper scooper will last because ours is relatively new and it remains in great shape.


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Now that we have the piles managed, let’s move on to the lawn itself. Well, I asked some pretty heavy questions when shopping for solutions to lawn restoration. Like, first of all, can my lawn even recover from something like this? I heard that a brown patch will recover on its own, but who has time for that?


I didn’t see any dead leaves out there. No need to rake anything. I am applying fungicide to the lawn to aid in its full recovery.


To be fair, there are a few reasons the lawn may be brown. We can’t blame it all on Fido again.

1. Dog waste

2. Dormancy

3. Drought

However, if your lawn has turned brown all over due to drought, there is no way to revive it.

So, if the lawn is turning brown or has already turned brown because it has gone dormant, that’s not that bad. The lawn will absolutely come back to life all by itself and then turn back to green again once it’s growing season.

But now, the worst offender is the poop. The fecal matter actually is an environmental hazard! The poop carries a large large range of pollutants and parasites. Big deal! Okay. But, the parasites aren’t limited to dogs either, you yourself could catch them too!

So watch out!!

Dog poop is not only dangerous to you, it is dangerous to your family too. And poop overload can infect whole waterways like the ponds, streams, rivers, pools, waterparks, and spas your family likes to swim in. After that it might lead to algae blooms. A toxic algae bloom kills plants, sea turtles, people….whatever.

But the end all be all of this mess is that these bacteria, when left to their own devices, will spread their way throughout your yard and house if you are unlucky enough to land in a mine.

A Little Help

Pick up the poop before you get going on mowing the lawn! That is your directive.


Fecal bacteria have several means of spreading. If you have already developed the habit of manicuring your yard before picking up the poop, chances are that when the s@!# hits the blades on the lawnmower, the fecal bacteriaZZZ are slung all over the place and IN EVERY DIRECTION throughout your yard. In the corners too.

This bacteria also travels. It can be airlifted on insects and other pests. And then there aren’t any bugs or pests near they will just catch the wind, and then settle in your soil or groundwater where they can stay for a year or longer!

One more thing here. This is why your friends and neighbors may be treating you some type of a way. If you don’t pick up the poo, and you mow the poo down, and the good lord provides us a windy day, now your contribution has become fecal dust on the wind in any and every direction possible.

Poop hosts the following:

Whipworms and hookworms, tapeworms and roundworms, and it hosts earthworms too. The dog poop has got all of these.

From there you’ll get:

E. coli, salmonella, and Campylobacteriosis all of which are horrible, and can be transmitted to humans.

Alright, I believe that I’ve made my point.


If your dog does end up with an infection that was caused by dog poop, you should consider treating your yard. If you do decide to go ahead with a lawn treatment, this will prevent your dog from getting reinfected, by killing any parasites that may be there.

Everyone, I’d like you to pay attention at this point to an excellent reference point⭐ – HAPPY DIY HOME. They know grasses and can get you going on the right path. Here is their address. https://happydiyhome.com/ /// GREEN AND ORANGE COLOR SCHEME BRAND

Go there, hit the Gardening tab, then knock yourself out. Because you will find a plethora of how to do it yourself solutions with those folks there. https://yourdogadvisor.com/dog-urine-spots-on-grass/#more-3308

Write this down. I repeat, write this down.

I want you to use a combination of⭐ HAPPYDIYHOME + YOUR DOG ADVISOR to resolve this issue. I have left you the links for these sites, plus links to a??  previous video where the perfect solution for killing off the bacteria on your animal resides. Be sure to get it. By it, I mean the product.

By the way readers, I recommend you also go there for the skinny on the healthiest dog food. Again, they are an excellent resource.

Anyways, back to the subject at hand…

I don’t want to harp. But I do hope this motivates you to clean and tidy up after your fur baby. So, now that you understand specifically THAT what is going ON out there in your lawn is waaaaaaay more serious than just a brown spot in the grass.

What Do We Do?

1 Simply scoop your dog’s poop with a small plastic baggy, tie it up and throw it away, it will only take a moment. Okay?

2 If you don’t like and disagree with the idea of throwing the crap away, consider an in-ground digester system.

3 If you don’t want to clean it up you can always get someone else to do it for you.

4 Also, you have to remember to keep your doggy away from the poo poo of other dogs whose pet parent left their piles behind – and for goodness’s sake no mulching the poop into your yard!


From Our TableAcana +Wholesome Grains

ACANA / +wholesome grains

Alrighty now, this is new! And it has new space-aged packaging too. Sophia went to town on the RED MEAT RECIPE. This is made with FRESH RANCH-RAISED BEEF, YORKSHIRE PORK & GRASS-FED LAMB.


The kibble here is extra hard. And she really had to crunch into it to get it going. This is truly unlike the Wild Game Fromm Dog Food Feeding I transitioned her in on.

And, nope. This is not smelly at all. There is no aroma. In fact, this reminds me of Rye Bread. It’s a quiet smell. Acana has a proprietary blend of essential nutrients and vitamins comprised of seven forms of vitamin B, vitamin E, taurine, and choline. All of this combines to provide your dog with optimal support for a healthy life.

Once again, you must carefully watch the daily ration of this dry dog food. Every dog is different. Vary the feeding amounts with dog age and activity.

With this food go for two feedings per day rather than the daily dish.

Sophia gets 3/4 to 1 1/4 cup daily. For those of you who know me, what do we do? I keep towards the low end of the recommended feeding amount to compensate for hand feeding of organic snacks and such.

Calorie Content Food Facts:

  • 29% from protein
  • 28% carbohydrates
  • 43% fat

Acana is trusted everywhere! They do not outsource and they have qualified nutritionists and scientists overseeing the formulation of their foods so that they can maintain their mission, which is to be trusted by pet lovers everywhere.

You can get it online at Amazon.com for $17.99

Now, how are they [Acana] doing?

♥ No recalls. Ever. Not once.

Acana is produced by Champion Petfoods, a Canadian company. *The products, including dog and cat food and treats, are designed to be biologically appropriate for pets.* [See the little star-asterisk thingy? That line is from the label on the packaging.]

Acana Dog Food Review (Dry) Rating: Acana Dog Food receives the Advisor’s second-highest rating of 4 stars, HOWEVER, ACANA customers review this food higher. Pet parents give it 4.8 stars of a possible 5 stars.

Ok. In my opinion – I say it is above-average dry dog food. This is very grainy and very very dry. If you do decide to invest in this ACANA dry dog food, be sure to keep a handful of toppers in your dog’s pantry. After 48 to 72 hours of feeding just this, Sophia’s stools were more difficult to pass. And actually, with this, she simply held on to her meal longer. She ran, jumped. played chase with the other dogs in the park, and walked 1.5 miles on the nature trail. In the 60 minutes time she spent engaging in physical activity, she shed exactly one pile vs her usual 3 to 4 piles in a trip to the park lasting the same amount of time and exercising vigorously.

Also, she ignored breakfast most days and left her a.m. meal for late afternoons, after the initial introduction to this feed. She preferred – instead – tons of water. I will say this for ACANA, a little goes a long way. When Sophia did consume her meal in the afternoon, she stayed full until well into the evening. With this ACANA she is far less enthusiastic about mealtime and much less gobbly. No snacking, and no asking of me to share my lunch portion. But guys, you know I offered it to her anyway….oh well.

Alright, guys, we are out of here. I gotta go. Thank you for visiting. Remember to share this article. And your comments are most welcome! If your yard is in need of a makeover, be kind to yourself and get her done! Your yard isn’t ruined! You can easily landscape with your dogs in mind. You and your fur babies deserve a clean and healthy environment in which to enjoy one another. That’s it! Take care…

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  1. Very interesting article, you highlighted the issue through a great post. I always say it’s not the dogs ’fault, it’s the owners’ fault. And it is necessary to educate the owners, but unfortunately, this is mostly not in our domain.
    That is why we must be an example ourselves. If we have a dog, we need to clean up immediately after him (on a walk, on the lawn, in the yard).
    I didn’t know that dog poop has so many harmful factors, I learned a lot of interesting things in your article.
    And I was impressed by the poop scoop tools, which are useful on a variety of surfaces.
    Thanks for this very elaborate post.
    I wish you all the best

  2. And here I was thinking, all this time, that dog poop was just…gross.  Now I find that the dogs’ person is not just a lazy, inconsiderate, egocentric a-hole BUT he is also trying to ruin my lawn, endanger my life and my pups’ health!!  I have always sort of turned a blind eye to “someone else’s poop” but now I’m going to have to get a PIK-A-POO and take care of it.  Thanks for this info.  I guess. 😉

    • lol!🔑I love your comment. Awareness is the key. But Cynthia, now you know enough to change your course of action. 

      Cuddles and Wags🐾

  3. Well Jacquelyn, if anyone ever said you don’t know $@!#, they were wrong!

    I mean, commonly one would say, TMI but I think it is something that folks should be aware of. Most just want to not talk or even think of it because it is disgusting. That is exactly why we need to know these things. Yes, it’s gross but it can also be hazardous to one’s health and yard. 

    That thing about the lawnmower, YUK! But again, TRUE! And walking in the house after! I can’t unhear that! 

    I am so lucky I don’t have to deal with the unknown leaving presents and my dogs are very polite and like to use the same area for their business. 

    I do use some of the tools you have described and that is key! Clean up regularly and all the time. In other words, don’t leave the crap there.

    Thanks for having the courage to share this information! 


  4. Very interesting article. And the only answers for the main question is “yes, my dog can ruin my lawn”. Thank you for detailed and clear review, definitely I will use your tips and advices. Also looking forward to test some of tools you recommended. It seems that it can make my life a bit easier, and I have no other choice because I would never resign from having a dog.

  5. I love your post. We have a dog ourselves. A 6 kg Japanese Spitz called Nemi. She is a doll, and luckily, as she is quite small, she doesn´t make much of a mess when she has to go, and it is an easy task to pick up her stool.

    But there are other dog owners in the neighbourhood that is not so good at picking up the stuff after their dogs, which is a very bad habit of theirs. Your tips about the stool pickers are great. I didn´t know that such tools existed. I might sneak in a word or two about the stool pickers to the neighbours I mentioned.

    Our dog eats for the most part only dry food from Royal Canine, which is a great brand, although a bit expensive. There are other alternatives that are a good match for her as well and cheaper than Royal Canine. I haven´t heard about Acana, but I will check if our pet supplier has Acana in their inventory. It seems like a good, quality food brand.


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