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Guess who loves dogs?

Hello and welcome back to my blog, thedoggyperspective.com. Today, I am inspired by those who really have the power to spoil their pet. Not just the minimums and bare necessities, but the Crème de la Crème of care and spoilage. I ask myself often, how can I possibly spoil my dog more? More grooming? More toys? More outings? More play dates and trips to day camp? I have learned something new about myself and my relationship with my dog. I am constantly concerned with how to care for her more. If owning multiple pets were feasible, and I could own more pets without struggling … I would. So, why is this on my mind? Let me tell you.

I do not watch much television. But, when I do I enjoy comedy. Laughter helps me to feel good. I always feel less stressed after a good laugh. There are days when a chuckle will do. But when you want a guffaw, you’ve got to go to a professional! I find that type of laugh at a sitcom called 30 Rock. Thank goodness for subscription streaming services! This way, I get my hit of laughter for breakfast, the most important meal of the day, and then it’s back to the grind. 🙂

Why I like this show? “Hey, Jackie D!” . Man! I thought … ” is he talking to me?” Those who know me have lovingly addressed me as said name for a lifetime. Celebrity Tracy Morgan and 30 Rock just made it REAL. No kidding, Jackie D is truly my nickname.




I talk about Pet Assure all of the time because pet care costs. I feel Tracy Morgan is a great example of why this type of pet plan is important. Let’s take a look at Tracy’s celebrity pet profile. I will start with my favorite.



Hey look! A Sea Otter Celebrity look-a-like!

Tracey Morgan has two dogs, one is named Max who is most often seen with him and Sugar. Check his dog out below under ‘Pet Worth’. But after the dogs it gets more interesting. Tracy Morgan has his own personal zoo. Several years ago, it was reported that Tracy’s personal collection had reached 18 animals and his collection was still growing. Morgan has a custom $400,000 shark tank that includes 1 octopus, 7 sharks, 2 stingrays, 2 tiger fish, 2 moray eels, jelly fish and more. Who thinks Tracy and Pet Assure should hook up? Me!


Wow! How much do you believe it costs to feed a collection of pets this vast for one month? Let me know in the comments section below. That is a lot of love, isn’t it?











Here’s Tracy with one of his beloved dogs. Tracy has value. Big time. If you stripped Tracy of everything, his pets would love him right back to the tune of one cool million. Dollars. American. Cash. ……….. I am just saying….



Pet Worth : $1 million

Now if I pump the brakes right here, I gotta look at the man in the mirror. Me and Sophia need to assess our goals. I gotta have the right stuff to get Sophia an eel for a friend! Lol! So, what is Pet Worth? Pet Worth is defined as being:


A pet’s value. A pet’s value would be equal to the market value or the cost to “repair or replace,” whichever is lower. If the medical bills exceed the value of the animal, the company would probably pay the market value.


Sophia and I are proud to announce our own Pet Worth: $ 73.50

Now, I admit that to quickly come up in value, I’ve added a few choice things which boosts us up immeasurably. But, when I multiply times the time, and reverse Sophia’s love quotient plus the woofing, slobbery kisses, and food stealing affection factor…that does the doo! So, essentially, our pet worth is the same. Hmmph!

Alright everyone! It’s time for From Our Table!

From Our Table

Todays’ product is a lovely little find I discovered while tackling a newly developed doggy behavioral issue. Introducing CHILL + OUT. BROAD SPECTRUM HEMP :: 5MG CBD PER CHEW.

What you’re’e gonna get is 6 chews equal to up to 12 servings for you’re pet. Unless, you want the big one. This is for use in dogs and cats only. Give you’re pet just 1/2 soft chew per 25 lbs. If you’ve got a 12 – 15 lb dog like I do, just cut the chew in half, and then slice that half a piece in half and serve you’re pet that. The maximum dosage is 1-2 times per day.

With just one quarter of one chew, Sophia is a smooth operator. A little high, not too goofy, interested in her own personal space and admiring me from afar. But more importantly, no obsessive eye swiping with the dewclaw. For me, no more tear stain from an irritated eye. This is Veterinarian Formulated and comes in a variety of flavors. I purchased CHILL + OUT & PLAIN JANE. Hands down, CHILL + OUT is the best of the two from our table. With this selection, Sophia enjoyed Chamomile, Passion Flower, L-Tryptophan, Broad spectrum Hemp Extract, and then there are more ingredients that I won’t mention. Please read the label for yourselves. Your results may be different. I feel assured that she is calm, and happy 30 minutes after ingesting this chew. And good to go for say…three to four hours. Okay guys, I am not being paid to share this information. And I paid for these products with my own money. I found mine at the local pet store with the aid of the clerk. But, for you, I have provided a link. I think you are gonna like it too! CLICK!


That does it for today’s blog post. Please come back for more posts. Remember to pick up after your doggo out there! ❤️

We want to hear from you! Remember, leave you’re comment in the box below:

Do you believe Tracy Morgan could benefit from a Pet Assure plan?

How much do you believe it costs Tracy Morgan to feed a collection of pets this vast for one month?



Jackie D! lol…




  1. Wow Jackie, I never considered CBD chews for our dogs, but we may give it a try! We have 2 dogs, a sheltie and a miniature schnautzer. The sheltie is very energetic and is hard to calm down sometimes. Our schnautzer is a bit high strung and suffers from separation anxiety. Maybe this product can help us. Thanks for letting us know that this prodict exists and can potentially benefit dog owners like me. One question I had, any significant side effects? Thanks!

  2. Hi Jacquelyn, Quite an interesting website you have here. It was fun to see all the names you came up with for your pups. I am a cat person and enjoy putting some catnip on her scratching pad or giving her catnip toys. I guess I have lots to learn of everything available to pets today! All the best!

  3. Hi Jackie and thanks for sharing this. It so happens that we are exactly 15 hours away from picking up our mini Labradoodle puppy. The owner tells us she will grow to be about 20 pounds so I guess a tad larger than Sophia. I don’t think we will start her off on CDB chewables, not just yet anyway. This is definitely an interesting perspective on the value of the doggy relationship in our lives. For me, this will actually be my first. My wife has had dogs before when she was growing up so I will be learning from her. It is really for our daughter though who is barely able to contain her enthusiasm. Almost as good as an episode of 30 Rock maybe. Anyway, thanks for this very fun read just before we embark on our new doggy journey. Best regards, Andy

  4. Wow! A pet worth $1million is simply absurd and crazy to see. Even some humans and seniors are not that much worth. Whoa! It actually seems like the dog enjoys the very best of everything there is too. I actually value the details here and the narrative technique actually got me drooling and engaged. Thanks

  5. Hello Jacquelyn, this is a very fun filled article and somehow we all have always wanted to see some really fun things about celebrities and seeing it here is really fun for real. I have had a lot fun reading this article and I can really say I’d like to come back here for more details. Thanks for sharing. 

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