Beat The Heat Month With Your Dog

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Beat The Heat Month

Spring and Summer are right around the corner. If you reside in the Eastern states of the US, then you know what I am speaking about. The snow meltdown is occurring shortly and you’ll want to be ready for Spring fever. With the flowers in bloom and the trees producing fruit, it’s an exciting time. Being happy about the return of the warm weather usually leads to lots of skin exposure. The warm weather means relief from the heavy layers of clothing we have been wearing since Fall. Unfortunately, this can mean overexposure to the sun and heat while returning to our favorite outdoor activities. That goes not only for you, but this goes for your dog as well. Let’s learn about the basics of staying cool this Spring and Summer and Beating the heat with these tips for Beat The Heat Month with your dog.

The Usual Suspects

The rules for helping your dog stay happy and healthy, and comfortable during the heat of Spring and Summer.


  • Don’t leave them in cars. There are many examples of pet parents who have accidentally been responsible for losing their pet’s life during extreme heat this way. A few minutes in a hot car is all it takes.
  • Don’t forget the water. Everyone will need to stay hydrated. Bring your dog’s travel dish and water supply.
  • Don’t overdo it. Remember to take short breaks, preferably in shaded areas.


  • Groom your dog appropriately. A nice tight cut helps to keep them cool. No offense to all of you short haired dogs. This is more for those dogs that are usually much longer and furrier.
  • Get your dog a pressure-activated cooling pad. It works!
  • Invest in a wearable. Try a cooling hat or vest depending upon your chosen activity.
  • Freeze treats and ice cubes to feed your dog and cool them down.
  • Stay indoors in the air conditioning.

I am sure that you could think of a few more of these usual suspects to lengthen the list and ensure your doggo is comfortable. If you are new here, begin with these and see how you and your dog do during the heat.



About These Cooling Mats

The cooling mats are my favorite for keeping Sophia’s body temperature where it should be. It’s a nice addition to her care items that does not require much maintenance at all. Add a cover to it if you like. I just lay hers out for her and that is that. The mats last a long time. It’s a durable item and Sophia’s mat is already 3 years old.

I am typically present while the mat is in use. The mat is filled with a gel that makes it cool when she lies on the mat. The gel inside is not toxic but, if your dog is destructive and actually ingests any parts of the cooling mat I’d seek help from the veterinarian. Again, if your dog likes to chew, be sure to monitor them while it is in use.

Another nice feature is the fact that you don’t actually have to do anything to get the mat to begin cooling your dog. It’s activated by the pressure from the dog’s body and will provide cooling for as many as four hours if being used continually. I know what you are thinking here. Four hours? The dog will get up way before then. Hey, these are available for and used for the insides of pet crates and pens. This is good information to know if you are traveling or maybe completing a project that will require you to confine your pet for a short while. Once the dog leaves the mat it begins to recharge itself. Again, there is nothing special that you need to do. The mat does this all on its own.

And oh yea, you cannot put this into the refrigerator, and you can clean this cooling mat really easily just by wiping it down with a soft cloth and a bit of a mild soap. Use water to wipe your dog’s cooling mat clean and air dry it.

Extra Care

Okay. I am revisiting Epi-Pet. Last year during the heat of the Summer I recommended Epi-Pet as a great source of sun protection for your dog while you are out and about, exposed to the sun…directly and indirectly.

Did you try it yet? No? Really? If you didn’t, jump on it right now. This doesn’t have to be pricey right? But, once you see how well this works you will wish that you had invested in the full-size version of this product. It’ll go quickly if you are active like Sophia and I.

Are you into water sports? Again, this is a winner! This is the equivalent of SPF30+ but it is safe for the dogs. Now, I know that some of us will be tempted to protect the dog with the same stuff that the family uses on their skins but I am telling you that is not safe for your pet. This sun protection product is safe for the animal from the head to the toes. So go ahead and grab your Epi-Pet SPF today. It’ll keep well in the dog’s reception basket, carryall, backpack or your satchel.

High points of this product:

  • Non-Greasy and Non-Oily Solution
  • Ultra-Water and Ultra-Sweat Resistant
  • Contains Skin and Coat Conditioner Ingredients

Because this product contains skin conditioners, don’t forget to treat the tips of the ears and in between the toes, plus on the nose too.

Speaking of the dog’s toes, remembering that it is hot out there, keep their paw pads moisturized with soothing balms and creams for their toes and noses. And do you want to know what I’ve discovered? These balms are great for dry skin issues elsewhere on the dog. It’s true. Ever seen any dry skin on the dog’s belly? Just give them a quick tummy rub and when they are relaxed and open apply the balm to the skin and massage in. You’ll see the difference immediately.

I have a white dog and because I do, I am no stranger to tear stain removal, brightening shampoos, and lutein supplements. There are tons of great products on the market and a few of those are standouts. Those of us among the white dog group know Eye Envy products. Well, now Eye Envy has added a really economically priced On The Nose Therapy Balm to their lineup. Check it out for extra care when considering a new nose and paw balm. It’s available in two sizes and is packaged as a stick. Nice and neat, easy to use and to keep. This balm features sweet almond oil, coconut butter, beeswax, jojoba, calendula oil, and shea butter.

Doggy Dermatologists recommend butters and coconut oils as excellent remedies for your dog’s dry skin. In the heat of Summer and Spring, treat your dog like the pampered pooch they are with moisturizing mists made at home which refresh and perk them up anytime you feel they could use this. Don’t be shy. Daily use is fine. I make mine at home but of course, you could purchase a blend ready-made. The price for hydrating sprays varies greatly and most will get you the moisturizing effect you desire. Petology makes a high-quality hydrating spray with a pleasant scent. Click the link to visit the product.


Even More Care



Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Contains phenolic compounds that act as antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties.


Coconut Oil


Contains medium-chain fatty acids which are antibacterial, anti fungal, and antiviral. Improves digestion, reduces allergic response, and speeds healing.


Sunflower Seed Oil

High oleic, organic

Excellent source of mono­unsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs). Helps absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.




Humidifiers help beat the heat too.


So how do I do this with my little Sophia? I picked up a plastic spray bottle from the dollar store. One of the ones that you’d find useful for your cleaning products or for tending to your houseplants. I poured in one cup of the coconut oil that I purchased at the dollar store for one dollar and then filled the spray bottle all the way up one inch from the top with water and capped then closed the bottle off. After that, shake real hard to blend together because as you know – oil and water don’t mix. And then I spritz her liberally and rub the oil and water solution in. After that, I refresh her throughout the day. Eventually, after a day or two or three if I feel that she is too oily it’s bath time with a moisturizing oatmeal shampoo and a thick coating of matching conditioner. At bath time I pay special attention again to her toes and paw pads with the oil blend so they look healthy.

Is this overkill? Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! Grab the paw balm butter and apply it to her paw pads and nose. Check the skin on the tummy with a quick moisturizing application, and voila! Youthful skin, paw pads, and nose.

Now depending upon how severe the crop of the ears and tails are pet parents, you will have to do your due diligence there because these doggy parts matter too. We don’t want sunburned ears and bums. You know what to do. Apply, apply, apply.

And finally, I must say that yes this is for the dogs but you have to admit that if this treatment is for you….all of this feels good.

From Our Table by Jacquelyn Alford

From Our Table

A yummy new experience today. It’s edible but it’s not food exactly.

It’s multivitamin time at From Our Table. Exciting times around here at the DoggyPerspective.Com. I would much rather give my girl multivitamins and supplements than pain killers and medications. How about you? Is your dog healthy?





Healthy aging: As we age, our nutritional needs climb higher…

Good for your heart: Studies show that taking a high-quality multivitamin may reduce disorder. …

Reduces cancer risk: Vitamin use has been related to a decreased risk of some cancers.

Boosts immunity

Supports eye health

Water-soluble vitamins

Healthy hair and skin

Feel better

    See 8 Reasons to Take a Multivitamin Every Day by TespoVitamins


    Therefore, — Fluffy over there can use an infusion of great supplements to treat for what you know you can fend off ahead of time. They are not much different except that they depend on you for all that they need in this life. Am I right? They simply cannot go out and market for these things themselves.

    Preventative medicine is way cheaper than diagnosis and intervention. So let’s embrace a healthy lifestyle for our pets.


    • Bones, teeth, skin, and coat care
    • Helps keep dogs in peak condition

    Well & Good Multi-Vitamin Paste For Dogs

    The website will tell you that this is a gel. It isn’t. At least it is not a gel to my eyes guys. This is a paste that you serve your dog similar to the manner in which you’d serve them peanut butter. For my girl, I combine it with a good little dog biscuit as a topping so that I can get the amount of the multivitamin correct. 2.5 inches is a single daily serving size. At first, I was nervous but there I was with this multivitamin product and the ruler from my office, measuring and cutting off the ribbon of vitamin paste at just the right point. lol! Man!!.

    It’s easy enough to serve and the packaging is super neat. A word to the wise though, because if you are not curious or inclined to fiddle around a little bit, this may not be for you. There are other forms of multivitamins that are simpler to administer. Tablets, powders, chews, and of course liquid forms of multivitamins for your dog do exist and are equally effective in their respective forms.

    The product reviews on this item are positive, actually. Most of the published reviews are positive and sing the praises of this product touting how their doggies love the taste of the gel and how it is ‘lickable’. You’ll see how much like peanut butter this is from the moment you expose the first serving from the tube. And before you give your pet multivitamins check with your dog’s veterinarian first. After all, you are here to help and not hurt them. There is such a thing as too much vitamins. Ask yourself – because you are a rookie at this – what happens if my dog consumes too much multivitamin product? Can the dog overdose? Well…similar to what happens within the human body is the most likely end result. The vitamin the dog ingests can be stored for a long period of time and it just builds up. If hypervitaminosis does occur the vitamins simply exit your doggy’s system through urination. That’s looking at the situation on the bright side.

    On the grim side of vitamins overdose, the dog may experience appetite loss, constipation, or the opposite of constipation…diarrhea. Stomach pain goes along with that and over an extended period of time, the animal may experience weight loss from extended overconsumption of vitamins.

    Star Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars.

    Am I seeing any results yet? The results of using this product are inconclusive right now. Sophia has been consuming this multivitamin for exactly 11 days. Because seeing results can take as long as 30 days, I will follow up with you again later on this. Let’s expect the best possible outcome.

    Wow! That was a lot! But beating the heat and staying healthy with your dog are like peas in a pod. If you found this information useful please leave us a comment below. We love hearing from you. See you soon at YouTube.com. If you are not into YouTube we’ll see you back at the blog.

    Pet Insurance Plan

    Cuddles and Wags,YouTube.com




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